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Does the appearance in secret endings credit a character that appears in said videos in a game? I've seen so many different answers to this. Mainly yes and no. Can someone please enlighten me? Particularly someone who knows what they are talking about.
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Interdiction KHD.png I was under the impression that they did not. EDIT: This is where I got that mindset from, a discussion Cococrash was having on his talk page about Ventus that BebopKate helped with. Here's the first half of what she said (the only half relevant to this):

"Hey, Cococrash, saw you had a question. We count the first work where a character has a major role as their "First Apperance". For Disney characters, this is, of course the movie or cartoon they first showed up in. For game characters, this is the first time they had an active role in the main part of the game itself; therefore, teasers don't count."

Ok. Anyone else have anything else to say? I want a wider variety of answers here just to be sure.
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For first appearances: this was pretty much decided for sure on Talk:Ventus, I believe. We should add it to the MoS, if it isn't already ...

However, it's certainly okay to mention cameos, secret endings, and the like elsewhere in the article.

ETA: Okay, MoS is updated. Hope this clears up some confusion.