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It has been three weeks since Birth by Sleep's release in Japan and I am still freaking out! I have decided to watch walkthroughs on each story up until their middle points so I don't completely spoil myself. So, I have been trying to keep my self saine by watching walkthrough videos on youtube and I even found some good ones with english subs but now I can't find them anywhere and I forgot the exact wording of their titles and the log-name of the guy who posted them. So, I need some help in finding any links that would lead me to any BbS walkthrough videos with ENGLISH SUBTITLES so I can keep my self destracted until there is AT LEAST official news on an official release date for the U.S.!!! - AROS Jan 29, 18:21 OC

This should be in Twilight Town...
Randomnessity Looks like you're already prepared.