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Here is the Gummi Garage. Place here what features you think should be added to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki.

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Stickied Threads - please read these first
TopicLast editLast author
Visual changes proposal01:58, 10 February 2012Soxra
Suggestions for the New Skin: Roundedblue02:39, 26 May 2011SilverCrono
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TopicLast editLast author
Aesthetics14:19, 17 December 2022TheSilentHero
Wiki-wide Roleplay Opportunity14:41, 30 July 2021PorpleBot
KHII Walkthrough Templates23:18, 29 July 2021PorpleBot
Wishlist: A notepad/textbox on which to save personal notes!18:35, 6 January 2020KHWikiBot
"Allusions" namespace\section17:25, 2 June 2019Porplemontage
Can we get a relationships section for character pages?11:16, 14 August 2018KrytenKoro
Visual Updates17:52, 15 February 2018KeybladeSpyMaster
Official WebM Support15:48, 16 January 2018DogLover314
3DHD and 0.2 userboxes02:42, 20 November 2017KeybladeSpyMaster
Discord Channel13:50, 17 August 2017DogLover314
Discord widget22:22, 26 April 2017Byzantinefire
Welcome to the Gummi garage!22:03, 27 July 2016KHWikiBot
Rollback problem19:14, 3 March 2016TheSilentHero
Social Media Accounts03:55, 25 December 2015Coldasfire
Mobile Issues20:16, 12 September 2014Porplemontage
Gummi Ship Blueprint Pics20:52, 26 February 2014ShardofTruth
Oasis15:04, 8 August 2012KHWikiBot
DLink Namespace06:06, 14 March 2012KrytenKoro
Contribution Tab04:00, 14 February 2012Soxra
Visual changes proposal01:58, 10 February 2012Soxra
A quick question on external images16:36, 9 February 2012Troisnyxetienne
Steam group?20:21, 30 January 2012LightRoxas
Suggestions for the New Skin: Roundedblue02:39, 26 May 2011SilverCrono
My Home14:53, 17 March 201117master
Slideshow extension for galleries22:31, 6 March 2011Neumannz
Monaco02:48, 24 February 2011The Inexistent