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A lot of character pages have the official images for a character from each game. As I remember policy, we don't keep duplicate images, so a lot of these (like x different versions of Hades) are redundant. In contrast, what we have at Sora would be more appropriate - having different images if there are major design differences. It also looks really tacky to have five images of the same guy in slightly different poses.

I had kind of talked with DTN earlier about instituting a "Gallery:" namespace, like this, with a header link to it like this. We could then keep the main articles clean and professional looking, but still have a place to put all the official art so that it can be perused. Depending on the legality of it, we could also think about posting gameplay videos or If anyone has any major objections to this (I can't think of any), please state them, but otherwise, we just need to show that we agree on this to get Central Wiki to add it in.

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Keyblade-Blk.png You already know that I agree, but I'll just make it known. So if multiple poses appear of the same subject in one particular appearance/costume, we put the extras in the Gallery: page, correct?
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Sounds like a solid idea. I say go for it. Though, I'm interested, will there still be a gallery on the main Article page for, say, official artwork?
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I can't see why there would be. It's just another image of the same thing. I really think we should keep the galleries for costume changes and forms.

@DTN: Yes.

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FA icon.png Agreed. =] You guys pretty much addressed everything.

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