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Hiya folks! With all of the things going on (or should I say NOT going on) this Summer in terms of Kingdom Hearts news, I'm doing my own fan fiction, as I've said for a while now, so nothing new about that. However, my adventure for Sora and Co. not only takes them across Disney worlds, but Video Game worlds as well like Mario or Megaman. With that said, I need some advice about my "Sonic World" (not official name), should Sora and Co. be anthropomorphisized to look like the characters of the franchize themselves or should they stay the same as there are all ready humans on that world and Donald & Goofy fit in well enough already? Most fan fic cross overs seem to use this kind of theme but I'm wondering just how necessary it will be in my story. So what do you think: Sora the Keyblade-wielding Hedgehog or Sora the not-so-Hedgehog?
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as a long time sonic fan, I say anthro them, and give Donald and Goofy slightly more Sonic-Y forms. I think it would be great If you changed their forms for most, if not all worlds they were in for the videogames. Plumber outfits for the Mario World, Megaman style outfits for the Megaman world, etc, as for the Sonic world, why not call it Mobius? that's what the old cartoons and the comic books all call it!Mobile rikukh1.png Mechajin I fight for my friends!