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Anybody know? Seems like he should since his heart was consumed by darkness and all.

Hmmm...from what I guess, after Xehanort's heartless was killed, Riku gained back possession of his body, and somehow materialized in the other side of the door to darkness, probably because Ansem was in there trying to get a source of darkness, leaving an illusionary copy behind him as he was getting it. From what I can tell, Riku's body never was destroyed, so he never spawned a heartless nor a nobody. Unless the game editors were totally dumb and forgot to realize something, that, for the most part, covers it.--Pkthis 03:42, January 4, 2010 (UTC)

No, don't think so.--Lord Captain Cecil Harvey 00:52, January 5, 2010 (UTC)

NobodyXIII Talk! — Riku, are you sure your not jealous of Sora?

Pitiful fools — 02:34, January 5, 2010 (UTC)

Wasn't he just possessed by Xehanort's Heartless? I don't think that counts as turning somebody into a heartless. As for the main question, no, I don't think he had either of the two.

Actually, wasn't Riku swallowed by the darkness when Destiny Islands was lost its heart in the beginning of KH1? Either that or he simply "opened his heart to darkness". I believe the game says the latter, as Riku's heart is incredibly strong and resilient as evidenced by his ability to wield the Keyblade.

Arzis: I would have to say he has to have at least a nobody, because his heart did fall to darkness. I think that even if you lose your heart, you still can come back like Riku did. Basicaly the rule is this: If you loose your heart to darkness (by Heartless, letting darkness in your heart, getting destroyed by someone with some allignment to darkness, or otherwise) your heart becomes a Heartless, and if your heart had a strong sense of will then your left behind body would become a Nobody (the more powerful or stronger your heart is, the more stronger and more humanoid your Nobody would be). So, no heart-loss, no Heartless, and therefore no Nobody. This is Riku's case. Although he did let darkness into his heart, his heart was and is very strong, so the darkness didn't consume him as easily as it would anyone else, even Maleficent. So, "Ansem" saw him as an idial vessil for him and his dark powers, that, along with other more "personal" reasons (BbS hint hint). Just when Riku's own darkness had almost worn him out completely, "Ansem" convinced him to alow the darkness and himself to completely enter his heart to become Darkness Itself, "Ansem" The Seeker of Darkness. Once Ansem obtained his full form, Riku's body had no more use, and was cast to the dark end of The Door, his soul, heart, and body still intact, but just barely. So let it be known to all that throughout the entire series so far, Riku is and always has been Whole. Though I suppose you could call Ansem his "other", as well as Xemnas to some extent. Also, lately Nomura has been hinting at quite a few Axel-Riku relations, but their quite hidden (in ReCoM Axel holds out his hand similar to how Riku did in the opening, and the several obvious scenes of Axel with Xion and Roxas in Days). Hope that answers all of your questions. AROS 20:42, May 11, 2010. (UTC)

This old thing. No, Riku has no Nobody nor a Heartless. While he was possessed by Xehanort's Heartless, his heart was not lost to the darkness. If Riku did produce a Nobody, the Organization would have found it in Twilight Town and use him instead of Sora since Riku was the original Keyblade wielder and a more competent fighter. Plus the addition of the fact that we have already seen Axel's human form completely erases any supposed connections between he and Riku. Allusions? Just for the sake of allusions of the big brother role, but there are no connections. The only Organization member who makes any blatant allusion is Xemnas since he's technically Terra. The whole reason Axel treats Roxas special is because of Ventus, not because of some convoluted 'influence' that Riku might have had on Axel. Kaihedgie 21:24, May 13, 2010 (UTC)