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As a fellow user, I've noticed that the fourm system we have is quite flawed. More specifically, I believe that there are a few too many fourm topics on the wiki that are floating around. Why is this, you ask?

To begin with, I believe there should NOT be a fourm topic about appealing warnings or actions taken against another user. I believe that if a player receives a unjust warning or ban, they should appeal by either using the administrator's talk page to whomever gave the warning or ban, or do so on their own talk page if they cannot edit the administrator's talk page. Doing so will ensure good communication between players and administrators and better response times, as most any user will receive a notification when a message is left on their talk page. Having a fourm for appealing warning or actions would not be a good idea for this wiki as it often leads to slow response times and perhaps leads to improper reactions on both the user and administrator side when it comes to appealing.

In addition, The Gummi Garage could probably be mixed with The World That Never Was, as both fourms cover suggestions on improving the wiki. While The World That Never Was covers improving content, and the Gummi Garage covers software changes, I feel there is little or no reason to split up wiki changes into two seperate fourms, as the activity on the fourms is not high enough to justify so. The Usual Spot is a bit questionable as well; I 'think' there is a better way for the wiki to receive news about the Kingdom Hearts series besides the fourms, and even so, when the source is confirmed, most players will often read the main page of the wiki and click on a link to access the trinity archives for more information on a news article than read the fourms.

Overall, what I ask for is to simply get rid of the Heartless Manufactory thread, and 'maybe' The Usual Spot as well, not to mention merge the Gummi Garage thread with The World That Never Was thread, simply to make the fourms a more organized place to access when you have a question or want to give an answer. Of course, I can understand the wikia wanting to provide a more diverse fourm for players to access, and the only thing I could possibly suggest would be an 'off-topic' thread for players to access. You could name it "The Beach" or "The Islands" in Kingdom Hearts fashion if you would like as well, but I can totally understand if you wish not to put an 'off-topic' thread on the fourms, since the community tends to get awkward at times.

Discuss? Your thoughts? Pkthis 02:10, 28 January 2012 (UTC)

I'm mostly responding to your thoughts on the Heartless Manufactory. It's meant for personal attacks between users, and those users are forced to work together to work out issues to remove their warnings, while also being productive in the process. It's a system that I feel, while seldom used, works well. So, yeah. Keep that. Chitalian8 02:23, 28 January 2012 (UTC)
...yeah, the Heartless Manufactory is not for "unjust warnings or bans". It's for "totally just warnings for which your sorry rear is being given a second chance to make it up to the community". And having gone through it works to actually get work done, rather than just encourage more drama on talk pages. That said, imy time here, I've not seen any unjust bans or blocks, including the ones that were given to me...and, as an admin myself, I can tell you that I totally ignore any changes to user and user talk pages, so if you complained about my actions on your talk page, I wouldn't ever see it. Forums, though, I make sure to keep up with.
The Gummi Garage is for a totally different issue than the World That Never Was, and most of the issues in it need to be monitored by a totally different userbase: namely porple, the sysop, and any of the code gurus. Mixing in stuff like "hey, should it be spelled grey or gray" makes it harder for them to keep track of what they need to deal with, and also turns off regular users from contributing, since they have nothing to respond when there's a request to fix a bug.
Off-topic forums are being handled at the Keyhole, which is being morphed into basically the "break room" of the wiki conglomerate: at this one, you have your nose to the grindstone, and need to be pretty much professional. At the other, you can kick back, have fun, and talk about non-work stuff both in the forums and articles (where reasonable)."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 03:24, 28 January 2012 (UTC)
In the name of every great chef to have ever lived: fat = flavor. Fat is your friend. KRCCFNF is tired of being STEPPED ON. 03:34, 28 January 2012 (UTC)