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I truly do not see why Axel should have an origin section when no other Organization member has one. His origin can be clearly explained on the Lea page. I'm for removing it from his article. And if someone disagrees then it should be added to every article. I am personally against that, but I say either all or nothing.


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Interdiction KHD.png Makes sense to me. No reason to have the section if we have Lea's page, like you said.

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TerraCharm.pngNow that Lea's page is there, it should be removed, as was the case with the apprentices. On the other hand, we should still try to merge the idea of Lea and Isa's relationship turning hostile in the article, along with the relevance Lea had in Days (how the plan as well as the name and bond were mentioned). Simply put : Merge the paragraph into Lea's article as best as possible.