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Sean - Sean Wheeler
TALK - 20:21, 1 November 2017 (UTC)
You guys remember Atlantica? The undersea world based on The Little Mermaid where Sora was a merman and had vertical swimming controls and brought a musical to Kingdom Hearts II? Well, that world is in my wishlist for Kingdom Hearts III. Why I want it back? Because KH2's take was so disappointing. Why is Atlantica the only musical world in the Kingdom Hearts series if just about every Disney movie is a musical? Why does the game let you explore only two small areas? That isn't much room for exploration. The cutscenes and musicals show more areas that are inaccessible. Including the surface! I want to explore Eric's kingdom. It would be interesting to see Sora being able to change between his default form to his world form. Ursula's return was poorly done. The only explanation is Jiminy's Journel saying that she used the power of darkness to return. But Ariel said her father banished Ursula. What? No! You defeated Ursula. And how could Ursula trick Ariel into signing the contract like that? Ariel acts like she didn't know her. But Ariel knew Sora, Donald and Goofy. Ursula was the Atlantica antagonist in the first game. That doesn't make any sense. And why didn't she bring the Heartless back with her? I liked fighting Sea Neons, Screwdivers and Aquatanks. Her boss fight was a musical minigame, which as a musical really doesn't fit Kingdom Hearts. The vertical controls moving from Circle/Square to the right analogue stick would have been fine, if there were any battles! The carpet segments in Agrabah benefitted from the control change because it let Sora jump off the carpet and guard. But the camera control was also moved to the right analogue stick. KH2 made First-Person View more fun because you can move Sora while in his POV. In Atlantica, when you move the right analogue stick vertically, you move Sora up and down in the water instead of looking. The R2 button could lock Sora's vertical position to allow you to use vertical camera angles, but you still can't look up or down in First-Person. The right analogue controls would have benefitted Atlantica in the first game because then it would let you guard and so that you wouldn't accidentally activate Mermaid Kick when trying to move up or down. Too bad the HD remix stuck with the original controls. You know what was awesome in KH2? The Limit Combos. When Sora and one other teammate attack together. I would have liked to see Ariel's Limit but because there's no battles, there's no party. Donald, Goofy and Ariel are just NPCs in KH2 Atlantica. Atlantica was great in KH1, but KH2 showed dry land that wasn't accessable. So here's what I want to see in Atlantica in KH3: Eric's Kingdom accessable, a mechanic that changes party members from land forms to water forms, Ariel back as the fourth party member, Ursula back so that we can have a scene where she tries to make a tempting deal only to be punched in the face by Ariel because she learned from the past games to never trust her. Demyx from the original Organization XIII could return as his original self (we can call him Edym). He can have a boss fight with water attacks that turn Sora and his allies into their Atlantica forms, struggling helplessly on the dry floor for a few seconds before growing their legs back. The vertical controls in the underwater areas would be on the right analogue stick with R2 locking Sora's position for the camera like in KH2. But this time, you can look up and down in First Person POV. Square are abilities like Guard and Dodge Roll, Circle is the Mermaid Kick. Anyway, if you want Atlantica in KH3, how would you want it to be like?