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Finish (Terra)

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(フィニッシュ Finisshu?)
Finish (Terra) KHBBS.gif
Smite foes with a powerful jumping attack.
Attack No. of Hits Power
Finish 4 1.0[1]
Element Status Level
Attack icon Physical 1

(フィニッシュ Finisshu?)
Powerful jumping attack.
Attack No. of Hits Power
Finish 2 6.5
Element Status Level
Attack icon Neutral Regular
(フィニッシュ Finisshu?)
Attack No. of Hits Power
Finish 4 1.0
Element Reload Speed Command Gauge
Magic icon Physical 1 seconds +10

Finish is a technique in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It allows the user to execute a powerful jumping attack.


Finish is a Level 1 Finish command that is exclusive to Terra. It consists of two spinning slashes, followed by a powerful overhead strike. It deals Physical damage.

A stronger version of Finish is used as the regular Finish command of Terra's D-Link. It deals Neutral damage, and only consists of the powerful overhead strike.

When playing Versus Mode with preset decks, Finish is also available as a Friendship command. It has a reload time of 1 second.

Learning Finish[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

  • Terra has Finish as his default Finish command.
  • Terra's D-Link has Finish as its default Finish command.
  • Terra has a 10% chance to obtain Finish from a pot during a Versus Mode match with preset decks.

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Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ 2.5 in Versus Mode when playing with preset decks.