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Entry Pass

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Entry Pass
Entry Pass
"A ticket required to enter the games at the Olympus Coliseum."
Japanese エントリーチケット
Rōmaji Entorī Chiketto

Translation Entry Ticket
Item Rarity Buy Sell
Entry Pass

The Entry Pass (エントリーチケット Entorī Chiketto?, lit. "Entry Ticket") is a key item that appears in Kingdom Hearts. It allows a person to enter and participate in the Coliseum Games at Olympus Coliseum.


Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Shortly after arriving in Olympus Coliseum, Philoctetes sends Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy to train. After passing both trials, Phil tells the trio they still cannot participate in the games because they are not heroes. He gives them the spell Thunder to train with, but sends them away. Upon leaving the coliseum, Hades approaches the trio and gives Sora the Entry Pass. The three head back to the lobby and give Phil the pass, who questions how they got it, but ultimately allows them to participate in the games, starting in the preliminary rounds.