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Character render

Homeworld Swashbuckler's Island
Game Kingdom Hearts V CAST

Caw is a character exclusive to Kingdom Hearts V CAST. He is a parrot who lives on Swashbuckler's Island and guides Sora on his journey.


Kingdom Hearts V CAST[edit]

Caw is there to guide Sora when he mysteriously wakes up on Swashbuckler's Island. Caw instructs Sora to collect materials for a raft to escape the island. When Sora is poisoned by a tendril of darkness, Caw recommends visiting The Caterpillar, but he and Sora eventually get separated from one another in Wonderland.

As Sora fights his way through Maleficent's Castle, he finds Caw trapped in a prison cell. However, it was actually Maleficent using Caw's appearance as a guise to steal Sora's Keyblade.


Caw is a parrot with predominantly red feathers. His wings are red at the base and blue at the tips, and his tail feathers also are blue at the end. His coloration does not match any real-world parrot species, but it is most similar to a scarlet macaw, red-and-green macaw, or Moluccan king parrot.