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Superdog I'm going to say my name to EVERYONE so they NEVER forget me EVER!!! Got it MEMORIZED?! — 22:39, December 14, 2010 (UTC)
Hello, and WELCOME! This is my talk page! Please leave a comment! Oh, and please be courteous to other users. While I personally don't mind mild cursing, etc, please keep it to a minimum, as other users (and Staff policies) don't have the same view. :D Thanks for dropping by!

Also, until I create an Archive Template, my first Talk Page archive can be located here :D

Finally... I plan to be active on both wikis. If you want to find me on the other wiki, please contact me here ([1]). THANKS!

im so sorry[edit]

dude im so sorry i didnt even relise i deleted your comment, could we be still friends. heres my box
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