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September 2009

Crazy idea given by HeartofOblivion (2009.09.16)

Okay, sort of a quiz on which WikiFauna one would be...

1. Are you okay with anonymous IPs making constructive edits onto pages?

  • Yes
  • I'm annoyed

2. Do you welcome new users?

  • Yes
  • Only if I have the time
  • No

3. If anyone asks you for help, you...

  • Gladly help them
  • Say that you'd like to, but you don't have the time
  • Snap at them

4. What is your most edited domain?

  • Main
  • User
  • Template
  • Category
  • MediaWiki
  • Kingdom Hearts Wiki

5. You have a penchant for...

  • thinking fast.
  • proper grammar.
  • proper colour combinations.
  • translating Japanese into English.
  • searching for pictures.
  • making Category Trees.
  • socialising!!
  • two or more of the above.
  • all of the above.

6. Do you love making your own userboxes?

  • Yes
  • I'd love to, but I don't know how to make one
  • No

7. While editing...

  • you ask for others' opinions before putting the information in question into the article
  • you don't ask for opinions, but cite a source
  • you just put it right into the article!

8. How are you towards other users?

  • Mild-mannered
  • Can be a bit snappy if I don't have enough food/you get the point.
  • Downright rude
  • I don't *bleep* care if people don't speak 1337, I'm gonna use it!

9. You are...

  • an introvert
  • an extrovert

10. Which of these animals/creatures appeals to you?

  • Fish
  • Otter
  • Sloth
  • Octopus
  • Jaguar
  • Cat
  • Dragon
  • Mercenary
  • Knight
  • Gremlin
  • Imp
  • Giant
  • Troll
  • Goon
  • Princess
  • Ogre
  • Gnome
  • Fairy
  • Zombie

11. Your goal on the wiki is...

  • to make constructive edits based on the sources I have
  • to obtain adminship
  • to help others in the editing process
  • to spoil the work that has already been started
  • to make theories and counter them
  • to socialise!

You know, I seriously think we need 19 responses per question, to comply with the 19 types of WikiFauna available, so we can easily choose which one the user corresponds to.

Different Fauna

I found out that there are 25 types of Fauna on the regular Wiki.

  • WikiElf
  • WikiFairy
  • WikiGnome
  • WikiOgre
  • WikiTroll
  • WikiCat
  • WikiDragon
  • WikiFallen
  • WikiGiant
  • WikiGoon
  • WikiGremlin
  • WikiGryphon
  • WikiImp
  • WikiJaguar
  • WikiKnight
  • WikiKraken
  • WikiMercenary
  • WikiMinnow
  • WikiOtter
  • WikiPrincess
  • WikiSloth
  • WikiTrout
  • WikiVampire
  • WikiWizard
  • WikiZombie

- HeartOfOblivion 03:54, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

Whoa ! So wait a minute : can you pass me the link to each ? So that I can see what types of personalities they have ? TNÉ En avant Bravo ! 04:00, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

Here is one page and then all the others are in a navigation box at the bottom. [1] - HeartOfOblivion 04:10, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

OMG. Now here's to thinking what characters should be placed into the userboxes. TNÉ En avant Bravo ! 04:14, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

Hello there, mind if I barge in :P I happen to have a Quizilla account, and I'd love to try to make this WikiFauna test for you :D I think that we should set it up as 24 questions, with (at least) 10 answer possibilities, defining the answer. Each question would be about a single WikiThingy's specialty, like How do you treat newbies? (the best answer would be for WikiOtters, while the worst would probably be for the WikiVampires). Get it? could we do this? - IceboySvalur! 14:34, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

Sweet! But for 25 WikiFauna possibilities, what should we do? TNÉ En avant Bravo ! 14:36, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

This has been awhile but I agree. I don't think we should have a question like #10 up above. I always hate that when I take a quiz and I feel like I know what I'm going to get as a result because of questions like those. It should be about the person's personality and editing style. - HeartOfOblivion 05:00, January 30, 2010 (UTC)

Possible Image Choices

  • WikiGryphon: Wyvern?
  • WikiFallen: Wight Knight
  • WikiMinnow: Flounder and make WikiTrout an Aquatank?
  • WikiVampire: Sora's Vampire form
  • WikiWizard: Yen Sid or Merlin
  • WikiElf: Santa Elves from Christmas Town
  • WikiFairy: Tinkerbell We already had it just wasn't on the Userbox page.

Another problem: categorisation. See Category talk:Users by WikiFauna. TNÉ En avant Bravo ! 04:26, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

Well, we'll have to wait for an admin to help because we can't move categories and it would take awhile to go through all of them and then have to delete them. - HeartOfOblivion 04:29, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

They have the Move button. We normal users used to have it but when Wikia changed its policies here and there, they decreed that we can't have the move button. See how much trouble it creates for us. I used to be able to move articles at my own will. Now I can't. TNÉ En avant Bravo ! 04:32, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

EDIT: We do have the Move button, but not for Categories. Damn. TNÉ En avant Bravo ! 04:34, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

Or files. I'd love to stay up and help but I have classes tomorrow. So night! - HeartOfOblivion 04:35, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

G'night then. See ya soon. TNÉ En avant Bravo ! 04:43, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

Once again, sorry this has been so long. Did we ever fix this problem? If not, I shall ping an admin. - HeartOfOblivion 05:00, January 30, 2010 (UTC)

May 2010

Screen project

To get :

  1. Roxas's Struggle, HD.

Anything else in HD is greatly appreciated ! TROISNYX Area segue for La Cité des Cloches AMDG 08:54, May 12, 2010 (UTC)

June 2010

Deflect statistics - KH1 : List

R&D, Xion4ever and I are currently working on this project together. I'm specifically handling FM Heartless, if there ever is a way to deflect them. If you'd like to join us, please help out ! TROISNYX Area segue for La Cité des Cloches AMDG Sulu mata engkudu ! 00:45, June 10, 2010 (UTC)

NOTE : The reason why experience varies in the Beginner Mode is because of an EXP-enhancing ability, Tech Up, which Sora has by default from the Awakening. After Level 11, EXP just goes up. Without Tech Up, the Tech Points received will be the same as in Kingdom Hearts. Consider that towards the end, I have had at least three Tech Ups equipped. I must replay these files and see what happens when only one, or two Tech Ups are equipped.

The stats I put in for FM Heartless before Kairi's rescue use one Tech Up.

Name KH Deflect EXP (Before Kairi) KH Deflect EXP (After Kairi) FM Deflect EXP (Before Kairi) FM Deflect EXP (After Kairi) Card number used (REC)
Tidus N/A Before Level 11 : 2
After Level 11 (Beginner), 14 (Standard) (1 Tech Up) : 4
Riku N/A Destiny Islands :
1 for deflection of thrust attack
N/A N/A (playable)
Wakka N/A Before Level 11 :
1 for normal deflection
2 for midair deflection
After Level 11 : (After Level 11 (Beginner), 14 (Standard) (1 Tech Up) : )
2 for normal deflection
4 for midair deflection
Selphie N/A 1 for deflection
1 if jump rope hits Selphie's head
(After Level 11 (Beginner), 14 (Standard) (1 Tech Up) :)
2 for deflection
1 if jump rope hits Selphie's head
Air Soldier 1 27 2 135
Large Body 2 for deflecting running charge attack
1 for deflecting arm swipe attack.
72 for deflecting a belly bounce.
24 for deflecting a slap.
2 for deflecting running charge attack
2 for deflecting slap
2 for deflecting when it throws itself onto Sora
Shadow Deflectable, but no Tech Points received Deflectable, but no Tech Points received Deflectable, but no Tech Points received
Soldier 1 for deflecting kick 9 for deflecting slap. 2
Defender 13 for blocking shield thrust 12 for deflecting the Fire attack
25 if it hits the shield
48 for deflecting the Fire attack
13 if it hits the shield
180 for deflecting the Fire attack
19 if it hits the shield
Powerwild 1 (all attacks) 9 (all attacks) 2 (all attacks) 30 (all attacks)
Bouncywild 2 for deflecting slingshot attack 1, 2, 4
Red Nocturne 1 for deflection
2 if it hits Red Nocturne
12 for deflection
9 for using Blizzard
2 for deflection
2 if fireball hits Red Nocturne
2 for using Blizzard
2 for using Gravity
1, 2, 4
Blue Rhapsody 2 for using Fire 12 for deflection
9 for using Fire
2 for deflection
2 for using Fire
1, 2, 4
Yellow Opera 1 for deflection 12 for deflection
9 for using Gravity
2 for deflection
2 for using Gravity
1, 2, 4
Green Requiem 9 for using Gravity 2 for using Gravity 1
Search Ghost 36 for deflecting normal attacks 35 2 for deflecting normal attacks
2 for defeating it when it is oversouled
4 for deflecting it when it is about to use Drain
120 for deflecting normal attacks
13 for defeating it when it is oversouled
Gargoyle 6 for deflecting energy ball; 36 for deflecting a energy ball
12 for deflecting a tackle
Darkside Destiny Islands :
Deflection of energy attack : 1
Energy attack hitting the Darkside : 2
Hitting the head instead of the wrist : Every third hit landed will give you 2 Tech Points if it is a ground combo. Air combos take longer.
Deflection of energy attack : 39
Energy attack hitting the Darkside : 82
Hitting the head instead of the wrist : 82
Awakening :
Hitting the head instead of the wrist : Every third hit landed will give you 2 Tech Points.
Destiny Islands :
Deflection of energy attack : 2
Energy attack hitting the Darkside : 2
Hitting the head instead of the wrist : Every third hit landed will give you 2 Tech Points.
Fat Bandit 6 for blocking a hand swinging attack
4 for preventing fire projectile attack.
72 for blocking an attack
24 for fireballs being hit back at the Fat Bandit
4 for blocking a hand swinging attack
4 for hitting the Fat Bandit with a finisher before it casts a stream of Fire
8 for guarding fire projectile attack
2 if the fire projectile is deflected at the Fat Bandit, throwing it backwards
90 for blocking an attack
Hercules 19 for blocking headblock attack N/A
Black Fungus 7
White Mushroom 1 for casting the right spell
10 if the same spell is cast thrice
1 for casting the right spell
10 if the same spell is cast thrice
In Atlantica, since all of the White Mushrooms need Stop cast on them, the first one gives 3 EXP, the second gives 2 and the last one gives 1. After that they call the Pink Agaricus.
Pot Scorpion N/A N/A 360 for deflecting its sting attack
240 for deflecting its pincers
Pot Spider 1 for guarding an attack 6 for guarding an attack
15 for guarding an air attack
2 for guarding an attack
4 for guarding an air attack
45 for guarding an attack N/A
Barrel Spider 4
Wizard "Tech 45" and "Tech 16" both show up when you hit a Wizard while it is casting Fire and/or Blizzard, so I am taking this to be 61 EXP. Unless the 45 refers to the experience. 16 for hitting it when it is about to cast Fire and/or Blizzard
Ice Titan N/A 24 N/A 120 N/A
Red Armor 1 each for blocking Gauntlets, Hammerlegs, Torso attacks 9 each for blocking Gauntlets, Hammerlegs, Torso attacks N/A
Bandit 2 27 2 for almost all attacks
4 for blocking it while it hurls the scimitar at Sora
45 for blocking a normal scimitar attack
90 for blocking the "scimitar dance"
135 for blocking whilst it is guarding (or is it while it is preparing to hurl the scimitar at Sora ?)
Air Pirate 13
Leon Coliseum :
15 for deflection
2 if fire ball hits Leon
Traverse Town :
2 for deflection
2 for deflecting fireball
1 if fireball hits Leon
Coliseum :
Pegasus Cup :
14 for deflection (fireball and sword)
1 if fireball hits Leon
5 if Lionheart is successfully deflected and changes back into the normal sword
Yuffie 11 for deflection
7 if shuriken hit Yuffie
Pegasus Cup :
14 for deflection
4 if shuriken hits Yuffie and stuns her
Wight Knight 6 for deflecting arm spin attack 27
Cloud 9 for deflecting a normal sword swipe 19 for blocking a normal sword swipe.
11 for blocking Sonic Blade attack twice.
Preliminaries : 2 for blocking a normal sword swipe
Pirate 2 for deflecting any sword attack 9 45
Battleship 25 for removing sail; 10 per removing a side cannon 10 for taking out the mast
24 for taking out the turret
10 if homing missiles hit the body of the ship, rather than Sora
60 for taking out the mast
24 for taking out the turret
Gigas Shadow N/A N/A 50 for deflection
10 for the first one, 20 for the second one --> 60 for the last one
Darkball 3 for deflecting "charging chomp" attack 6 90 for deflecting the "charging chomp" attack
Guard Armor 9 for every attack First battle :
4 for blocking any body part
Opposite Armor 7 for blocking charge attack 11 for deflectin the tackle and hand spin
30 for deflecting a head spin
6 for blocking charge attack
6 for blocking "Hammerlegs"
14 for blocking "Gauntlets"
Cerberus 6 points for deflection N/A
Pot Centipede 2 for blocking antennae attack
1 for knocking out/preventing Pot Spider to join Pot Centipede body
4 for deflecting head ram
N/A 4 for blocking antennae attack (if I'm not mistaken)
8 for deflecting head ram (Beginner)
14 for deflecting head ram (Standard)
8 for deflecting pincer attack
Cave of Wonders Guardian 8 for blocking eye lasers. N/A 8 for blocking eye lasers (Beginner)
4 for blocking eye lasers (Standard)
4 if they hit the Guardian's head
Sea Neon 4 150
Ansem N/A For deflecting the energy disks: 99 (1st and 2nd battle)
For guarding the aerial tackle: 199 (2nd battle only)
Parasite Cage First fight :
6 for blocking Left Tentacle/Right Tentacle
Second fight :
12 for blocking Left Tentacle/Right Tentacle
When he swings his left and right tentacles, it's deflectable, but no Tech Points are earned.
Artillery (World of Chaos) N/A 1 point for delfecting the small blue shots N/A N/A
Sora's Shadow 12 for blocking downward kick N/A
AntiSora 39 for blocking a Keyblade strike N/A
Dragon Maleficent 119 deflect fireballs N/A
Captain Hook 67 for blocking sword swipe N/A
Riku 1 (Sword; Hollow Bastion) 4 for blocking regular sword strike N/A
Riku 2 (Keyblade; Hollow Bastion) 39 for deflecting Strike Raid; 17 for blocking Keyblade strike N/A
  • Leon - 15 EXP is earned when you block an attack. If you deflect the fire ball back at him, you recieve an extra 2 EXP
    • When you deflect his Lionheart (the blue sword) while he walks at you, you gain _____ EXP.


For the Powerwild I'm getting 9 EXP for both inside and outside Deep Jungle..difference between KH and KHFM?--Xion4ever 01:52, June 10, 2010 (UTC)

When I was doing that, I was playing KH, not KHFM.... Weird ! Unless it's a different attack. Was it the slide attack or the claw ? TROISNYX Area segue for La Cité des Cloches AMDG 01:21, June 11, 2010 (UTC)
I do believe it was the claws..I might be mistaken. Hang on, I'll check again..
Okay, weird... I'd better check Deep Jungle again. In the meantime, mark it as 9 EXP for all places. TROISNYX Area segue for La Cité des Cloches AMDG 02:33, June 11, 2010 (UTC)

EDIT: Both the slide and claw attacks give you 9 EXP.--Xion4ever 02:11, June 11, 2010 (UTC)

Okay, weird... I'd better check Deep Jungle again. In the meantime, mark it as 9 EXP for all places.

EDIT 12:00, June 11, 2010 (UTC) : For all these stats, are those after Kairi's rescue ?TROISNYX Area segue for La Cité des Cloches AMDG

Yes, after Kairi's rescue...that's probably why. All the ones I've added have been from Kairi's rescue. Think we should put something like (AKR) to show the stats are after Kairi is rescued? Also, I have another save file that is before her rescue, I'll start getting some stats from it.--Xion4ever 15:16, June 11, 2010 (UTC)

I don't know if it's the same before and after the rescue but the Bandit tech ponts after the recue are also 27. User:Redeemer & Destroyer/Sig

I'll check the before rescue part here directly (I'm about to start Agrabah in the save file). Anyways, I've added Redeemer's information under the appropriate section.--Xion4ever 19:33, June 12, 2010 (UTC)

Ok... The World of Chaos itself does not provide tech points. The Artillery does and the heartless you fight during teh battle does too. But I'm not sure. Maybe someone should double check. I find it hard to deflect while flying.User:Redeemer & Destroyer/Sig

I know ; deflection doesn't usually happen while flying. Even harder to trigger in FM. And I also think I should restart FM in normal or Proud Mode (I'm playing in Beginner, and I'm advancing too fast). TROISNYX Area segue for La Cité des Cloches AMDG 00:48, June 26, 2010 (UTC)
I apologize for not adding to the project as of late. However, I will pick up in Agrabah and add everything I get the next time I am on. Sorry for the delay.-Xion4ever

Thanks a lot. ^_^ I'm counting on you. In the event that I have to go on WB or worse (Let's pray the worst doesn't happen !!), do ask ShardofTruth to help out, because he has KHFM. TROISNYX Area segue for La Cité des Cloches AMDG 13:45, June 30, 2010 (UTC)

MA Template

Almost everyone and anyone gets into the MA warning templates - though this is only but a suggestion. I will only put it up when everyone says yes.

First Warning

Return my friend's heart or pay the price!
This is a warning for not adhering to the rules of the Mirage Arena.
Your edits have been reverted; please do not attempt to repeat them.

This is a Mirage Arena warning, and is separate from warnings accumulated in the mainspace of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, thus not counting towards a block or ban, but counting towards the revoking of voting privileges.

Now I need ideas for Warning 2, Warning 3... I'll attempt Permanent Loss of Privileges. :P Though this one risks being hard because I can't get to align the text to the centre. If all else fails I'll take a cue from KHFR...

Permanent loss of privileges

The privileges you know will be gone forever.
VanitasCGITalk_zpsecfa2612.png For inadherence to the rules of the Mirage Arena,
your voting privileges have been irretrievably revoked.

Main Page

The things that I shall copy and paste here are things which I found fascinating from other wikis — I'm not going to copy them outright, but I must see if there's anything that needs to be tweaked first before I go any further.

Things I've liked

  • The header for WiKirby.
    • My idea is that we can lower the main page a bit, and have the header base itself off the BBSFM wallpaper, and then we change the background colour to a solid colour based on the BG. Search bar will be in the middle, but I only know this much.

To do

  • Learn up Greasemonkey.
  • Pay attention to Forum:Aesthetics.
  • Take a look at [2].
    • Pay attention to Rounded Blue Edition. The header can definitely be modified, and the search bar looks as if it's in the right place. Now all we need is to change the design of the buttons which say "Discussion", "Edit" etc.
    • Okay, so I've downloaded the PSD files for Rounded Blue Edition — now to get to the code.

EDIT 05:26, 12 February 2011 (EST) : Can someone help me at least find the code, please ?

  • Modify MediaWiki:Monobook.css. NO WAIT IT'S [3]
    • This is to enable even our templates to use BGs.
  • How do we EVEN modify Monobook.css ?!

OUCH. [4]

For Common.css

To be modified

/* CSS placed here will be applied to all skins */

.daysstrip{ background-color:#FFDEAD; background-image:url(/images/3/3f/WKfelt.png); }

.bbsstrip{ background-color:#90EE90; background-image:url(/images/0/0e/BGStars.png); }


  • Header : 2000 x 750
    • The skin from which I'm copying the layout has two PSD files, one 2000 x 250 and one 2000 x 500.


File:Header prototype.png
Please see this in full. The rest of the wiki will have a BG colour similar to the bottom of this image — dark blue, that is.
Please test it against the dark BG.


Open for editing ! Here, you decide where the boxes on the main page should go, and how they should go. If you're okay with the current layout, tell me at the bottom of the second line — be sure to sign with the four tildes (no templates for obvious reasons).

I'll also need someone to help me tile the wiki background like, say, 15 x 5 (considering each tile is a square). Never mind — this was for the header, and I thought I'd make it look almost exactly like the BBSFM wallpaper, but now less is more... I guess.

I could possibly help with the tile background, but I'd need directions for it first. Erry 14:02, 12 February 2011 (EST)

03:45, 20 February 2011 (EST) - The skin is up! I have made some heavy adjustments here (to see them, copy the contents of that page, change your skin to Roundedblue in preferences, and paste the coding from my page into yours - User:<yourusernamehere>/roundedblue.css. Then save, and clear your cache. Please do this.), and we've got a couple of things left to do before the skin is done... (Taken from IRC)

[08:30:01] <LegoAlchemist> I see it!
[08:30:03] <Auror> I DONAT SEE ANYTHING.
[08:30:04] <SilverCrono> Lego dun did it.
[08:30:06] <SilverCrono> Lego lieky?
[08:30:14] <LegoAlchemist> Whoa, that's actually sort of badass.
[08:30:15] <SilverCrono> Auror: WHAT BROWSER DO YOU USE
[08:30:16] <LegoAlchemist> But.
[08:30:18] <SilverCrono> Thankies, Lego.
[08:30:23] <SilverCrono> But there are a few problems.
[08:30:24] <Auror> FIREFOX GODDAMIT
[08:30:30] <SilverCrono> Like I don't know how to make the logo(s) right.
[08:30:38] <LegoAlchemist> The header pic.
[08:30:43] <SilverCrono> Auror: Hold Ctrl+F5
[08:30:45] <maggosh> Fine, fine, I'll look at your damn ...
[08:30:48] <SilverCrono> Lego, Jyes?
[08:30:51] <LegoAlchemist> It contrasts horribly with the logo.
[08:30:58] <SilverCrono> Yeah, I know
[08:31:01] <LegoAlchemist> IMPO, it should be put on the right, not the left.
[08:31:06] <SilverCrono> Tried to fix that
[08:31:08] <SilverCrono> Epic fail'd
[08:31:10] <LegoAlchemist> Second:
[08:31:18] <SilverCrono> So I ping'd Trois about it, so she could do that
[08:31:23] <LegoAlchemist> Just flip the image around.
[08:31:25] <SilverCrono> And I don't know how to fix the sidebars
[08:31:26] <LegoAlchemist> I can do that.
[08:31:28] <LegoAlchemist> Piece of cake.
[08:31:28] <SilverCrono> LegoAlchemist: I TRIED THAT
[08:31:30] <LegoAlchemist> Second:
[08:31:31] <SilverCrono> AND TRUST ME
[08:31:33] <SilverCrono> IT FAILED
[08:31:35] <LegoAlchemist> Fool!
[08:31:35] <Auror> it does not work.
[08:31:36] <Auror> ;(
[08:31:38] <SilverCrono> Crono no is dumb.
[08:31:40] <LegoAlchemist> Second:
[08:31:47] <SilverCrono> Auror: Don't know what to say, then. Restart browser?
[08:31:49] <LegoAlchemist> The "Search This Site" words are garbled.
[08:31:52] <SilverCrono> Jyes.
[08:31:53] <SilverCrono> I know.
[08:31:56] <SilverCrono> Tried to fix that too.
[08:32:00] <LegoAlchemist> That isn't REALLY a problem, but it looks weird.
[08:32:12] <SilverCrono> See, the main problem is actually two problems.
[08:32:14] <LegoAlchemist> Third:
[08:32:19] <LegoAlchemist> THe boxes are square.
[08:32:23] <LegoAlchemist> This is ROUNDED blue.
[08:32:23] <maggosh> Good night.
[08:32:27] <LegoAlchemist> Not square blue.
[08:32:30] <LegoAlchemist> Night!
[08:32:31] <SilverCrono> 1) Rounded Blue isn't an official skin, thus, Wikia doesn't have manuals for installation.
[08:32:53] <SilverCrono> 2) None of the NEIWA wikis have MediaWiki:Roundedblue.css pages, so I don't know how they tweaked theirs.
[08:32:59] <SilverCrono> LegoAlchemist: [08:31:25] <SilverCrono> And I don't know how to fix the sidebars
[08:33:01] <SilverCrono> READ
[08:33:08] <SilverCrono> I already know about the sidebars
[08:33:13] <SilverCrono> But I don't know how to fix them
[08:33:14] <LegoAlchemist> Holy shit.
[08:33:17] <LegoAlchemist> You have to chill.
[08:33:24] <SilverCrono> facepalm.png
[08:33:31] <LegoAlchemist> ^that
[08:33:33] maggosh shoves a sucker in Crono's mouth
[08:33:37] <maggosh> GOOD NIGHT.
[08:33:38] <SilverCrono> That's why I asked for help at Forum:Aesthetics.
[08:33:38] <LegoAlchemist> This isn't srz bzns
[08:33:42] <Auror> AKD;FKD;FDKF
[08:33:44] <Auror> I SEE IT!
[08:33:51] maggosh [461f4cc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[08:33:52] <SilverCrono> I'm a handsome, magnificent genius, but I can't do this alone.
[08:33:55] <SilverCrono> Eh? Auror lieky?
[08:34:13] <Auror> The original looked better. >>
[08:34:16] <LegoAlchemist> Why why why.
[08:34:17] <SilverCrono> :(
[08:34:19] <LegoAlchemist> I have no clue.
[08:34:24] <LegoAlchemist> I just don't get you at all.
[08:34:29] <SilverCrono> Who, me? Or Auror?
[08:34:39] <LegoAlchemist> *movie ends*
[08:34:41] <SilverCrono> ._.
[08:34:45] <LegoAlchemist> CLIFFY!
[08:34:47] <SilverCrono> oloswut
[08:35:00] <LegoAlchemist> Question.
[08:35:03] <Auror> It needs some work..
[08:35:13] <LegoAlchemist> What, in the coding, is the image name for the header?
[08:35:17] <SilverCrono> Auror: Like what, please.
[08:35:21] <SilverCrono> Not to be offensive.
[08:35:25] <Auror> Kudos to you though, SilverCrono, I could never do anything as close as that.
[08:35:28] <SilverCrono> But I could use some honest critism.
[08:35:32] <LegoAlchemist> Is it "Logotest1.png" ?
[08:35:33] <SilverCrono> So I can improve.
[08:35:35] <SilverCrono> Thanks :)
[08:35:43] <Auror> Well, for one.
[08:35:47] <SilverCrono> LegoAlchemist: No, that's the yellow logo behind the BBS Wiki logo
[08:35:59] <SilverCrono> I couldn't get the BBS logo to disappear and the yellow one to take it's place
[08:36:02] <SilverCrono> the header is...
[08:36:05] <Auror> The light sky blue crypt is conflicting wtih the dark blue background.
[08:36:08] <LegoAlchemist> Well, what is it then?
[08:36:16] <SilverCrono>
[08:36:27] <SilverCrono> Auror: Crypt?
[08:36:33] <SilverCrono> wtf is dat?
[08:36:43] <Auror> The big letters at the top, that says, "SEARCH THIS SITE" barely appear at all.
[08:36:57] <LegoAlchemist> Leave it, Crono.
[08:37:00] <LegoAlchemist> Don't get angry.
[08:37:00] <SilverCrono> [08:31:49] <LegoAlchemist> The "Search This Site" words are garbled.
[08:37:00] <SilverCrono> [08:31:52] <SilverCrono> Jyes.
[08:37:00] <SilverCrono> [08:31:53] <SilverCrono> I know.
[08:37:00] <SilverCrono> [08:31:56] <SilverCrono> Tried to fix that too.
[08:37:02] <LegoAlchemist> Irritated.
[08:37:04] <Auror> The logo is covering up Terra's chest, and most of his face.
[08:37:04] <LegoAlchemist> We all know.
[08:37:06] <SilverCrono> LegoAlchemist: What?
[08:37:17] <SilverCrono> Auror: Please scroll up.
[08:37:23] <SilverCrono> And please only state problems Lego didn't state before.
[08:37:25] <SilverCrono> >.>
[08:37:38] <Auror> Did he state the sidebars?
[08:37:40] <SilverCrono> Also, please, guys -
[08:37:44] <SilverCrono> Post your concerns here
[08:37:48] <SilverCrono> Auror: Yes
[08:38:03] <Auror> Oh, than I have no other concerns to mention.
[08:38:11] <SilverCrono> kk
[08:38:14] <Auror> Other than that, it's fricken awesome.

kk? --Ag (Silver) - 47 107.8682 amu ~Crono Vsymbol1.png 03:45, 20 February 2011 (EST)

The site notice... looks a little awkward. Could the background color be changed or made transparent? KRCCFNF is tired of being STEPPED ON. 16:54, 20 February 2011 (EST)


June 2011

List of franchises and single games for SEIWA

See also:

So we know the wikis to contact. Their status with SEIWA as well as their wiki status may be noted at the side of each name. This list also includes games once made by Squaresoft, Enix, Taito and Eidos, as the four former entities now belong to Square Enix.

Links are provided for ease of contacting them, whether they are independent or otherwise. What matters more is the spirit of getting wikis into SEIWA. If contact fails, SEIWA shall have its doors open to them nonetheless, in the even they wish to join us.

As SEIWA only has us at this point, a forum is highly necessary, since we are the only people interested wikis can contact. It may be under The World That Never Was. But 17master suggests this, and I concur — it'll make it easier for interested parties to see previous discussions. Also, it'll make things a lot easier when I announce it on KHW's Twitter.

Also contact:


Part 1
URL 	irc://freenode/SEIWA 	Mode 	+cnt 	Users 	7, 0@, 0%, 0+
	-->|	YOU (troisnyxetienne) have joined #SEIWA
	=-=	Topic for #SEIWA was set by DoorToNothing! on 19 June 2011 06:11:53
	-->|	the17master (7da0c71c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #SEIWA
	-->|	Organization13 (562d92a1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #SEIWA
	troisnyxetienne	So, as we were saying...
	-->|	Sove ( has joined #SEIWA
	troisnyxetienne	Three candidates for Seiwa — Chronopedia,
	ShirubaKurono	Yep.
	ShirubaKurono	3 candidates.
	troisnyxetienne	WikiRaider and Dragon Quest Wiki.
	ShirubaKurono	So far, DTN has a draft of the About page.
	troisnyxetienne	Okay.
	ShirubaKurono	which I probably shouldn't leak but will anyway~
	troisnyxetienne	Go right ahead.
	ShirubaKurono	Let me just consult my logs...
	ShirubaKurono	And we've got some rules established, but Prodi hasn't gotten them down yet.
	troisnyxetienne	Okay.
	troisnyxetienne	*reads*
	troisnyxetienne	Good.
	Organization13	So is FFWiki joining since its still a wikia?
	troisnyxetienne	I support this wholeheartedly, though I only don't want it to be seen as an attack towards Wikia.
	troisnyxetienne	OXIII: Not that we know yet.
	ShirubaKurono	Right, right, I said that too, TNE.
	troisnyxetienne	Some of FFW's admins have been hostile to the idea, but some have supported.
	troisnyxetienne	So we'll give them time, I suppose.
	ShirubaKurono	No, I'm 99.9% sure FFWiki is not moving.
	troisnyxetienne	Oh?
	troisnyxetienne	How come?
	ShirubaKurono	Whether or not they join SEIWA is unknown now, but them being at Wikia and joining an "independent wiki
        alliance" sounds kind of redundant.
	ShirubaKurono	Well, the community have generally been against it. And the admins consider the matter closed.
	troisnyxetienne	Okay.
	troisnyxetienne	Well, we'll just keep our doors open to them if they want to cross over.
	ShirubaKurono	k.
	troisnyxetienne	As for KHFR, I suppose they'll need time — at least a year or two — before they even consider moving.
	Organization13	How come?
	the17master	Wait, if FFWiki took part in making the alliance why won't they join?
	troisnyxetienne	I discussed with Unbirth and he said no; I discussed with the other admin, he seemed okay to the idea
        but we ultimately decided we wouldn't move yet because our articles are far from complete, and getting an audit...
	troisnyxetienne	will be even more troublesome at this point.
	troisnyxetienne	And we took six months to complete our audit.
	troisnyxetienne	We don't know how long KHFR will take.
	the17master	And seeing Tomb Raider isn't related to SE, will we accept other wikis that are not related to SE?
	troisnyxetienne	Tomb Raider IS related to SE.
	troisnyxetienne	Eidos has been taken over by SE, thus making Tomb Raider part of the SE franchise.
	the17master	Oh.... I didn't know that
	troisnyxetienne	Look at this:
	troisnyxetienne	That already speaks volumes.
	the17master	Okay, sorry about that.
	the17master	Oh, about the rules, who will make them?
	troisnyxetienne	Not sure...
	troisnyxetienne	Should we have a separate discussion about them?
	the17master	Wait, I mean requirements
	Sove	._.
	troisnyxetienne	Does that make any difference..
	troisnyxetienne	All we know for now is that the wiki has to be at least 75% related to an SE franchise.
	-->|	Pea14733 ( has joined #SEIWA
	troisnyxetienne	And for this reason, Super Mario Wiki, however much it did get input from SE for at least two of its 
        games, won't work.
	troisnyxetienne	The franchise has to be one which has been done by SE or a subdivision of SE.
	-->|	The17master_ (7da0c71c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #SEIWA
	The17master_	Sorry about that.
	Organization13	Might help a bit:
	The17master_	Wait, what?! SE took part in making Persona 4?!
	|<--	the17master has left freenode (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
	troisnyxetienne	Yes.
	Pea14733	Mario Hoops 3-on-3 is SE's
	troisnyxetienne	Yes, but that doesn't make Super Mario Wiki qualify.
	troisnyxetienne	You see:
	The17master_	No wonder it was so awesome...
	troisnyxetienne	The franchise has to be MAINLY done by SE or a subdivision of SE.
	troisnyxetienne	Super Mario Wiki would properly fit under NIWA, and not SEIWA.
	The17master_	What about Full Metal Alchemist?
	The17master_	It was released by SE
	troisnyxetienne	That would fall under SE.
	troisnyxetienne	Because it was originally done by Enix, and now SE.
	Pea14733	Well, they even include White Mage Black Mage and Ninja as secret character.
	The17master_	I'm guessing Persona doesn't count, huh?
	Sove	FMA goes to SEIWA
	troisnyxetienne	17m: Who is Persona's main developer?
	The17master_	Atlus
	=-=	The17master_ is now known as The17master
	troisnyxetienne	Atlus....
	troisnyxetienne	No link with SE.
	troisnyxetienne	So it doesn't count...
	The17master	Right, it was only 1 game too.
	The17master	What about Call of Duty?
	troisnyxetienne	Call of Duty's main developer is...?
	The17master	SE took part in the development of Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, and Black Ops
	Sove	But no other link
	Sove	Doesn't count
	The17master	Actually.. it's multiple
	troisnyxetienne	Well.....
	troisnyxetienne	Let me see...
	Sove	And I definitely don't want CoD infection to SEIWA
	The17master	Black Ops is Treyarch, and MWs is Infinity Ward
	The17master	Right... fanboys
	troisnyxetienne	Well....
	troisnyxetienne	Three installations out of more than ten.
	Organization13	An army of fanboys...
	troisnyxetienne	Doesn't count.
	Organization13	shudders
	The17master	stares at ShirubaKurono
	ShirubaKurono	huhwut?
	troisnyxetienne	FMA, KH, FF, DragonQuest, Tomb Raider, Hanjuku Hero...
	troisnyxetienne	Front Mission,
	ShirubaKurono	We're supposed to be about Squaresoft, Square-Enix, Enix, or Eidos
	ShirubaKurono	considering SE recently aquired Eidos
	troisnyxetienne	Yes.
	ShirubaKurono	returns to his epic game
	troisnyxetienne	I'm listing the franchises now.
	ShirubaKurono	does FMA count?
	troisnyxetienne	YES
	Sove	Parasite Eve
	troisnyxetienne	YES
	ShirubaKurono	that's Square's manga/anime line
	The17master	Yep
	troisnyxetienne	FMA, KH, FF, Dragon Quest, the Mana series, FMA, Tomb Raider, Parasite Eve, Hanjuku Hero, Front
	ShirubaKurono	kthen.
	troisnyxetienne	TWEWY...
	Organization13	Deus-Ex?
	ShirubaKurono	Chrono Trigger/Cross
	The17master	Doesn't Star Ocean counts?
	ShirubaKurono	^
	The17master	and TWEWY
	troisnyxetienne	Star Ocean...
	troisnyxetienne	YES
	troisnyxetienne	Deus Ex, I think so, but just make sure.
	troisnyxetienne	Nier...
	The17master	Wasn't Nier a single game?
	troisnyxetienne	Nier has a predecessor, actually.
	Sove	The Last Remnant
	The17master	Oh... right, I just realized that
	Sove	Oh but it's not a franchise
	The17master	If we includes single games
	Sove	Valkyrie
	The17master	There would be a lot of them
	troisnyxetienne	Yes.
	The17master	*include
	troisnyxetienne	Single games count.
	Organization13	SE made all 3 Deus Ex, I checked.
	troisnyxetienne	Yes.
	Sove	Drakengard
	troisnyxetienne	OH YES
	Sove	Itadaki Street
	troisnyxetienne	Drakengard > Nier.
	The17master	Musashi, Nier, MindJack,
	troisnyxetienne	TWEWY?
	troisnyxetienne	Oh yeah.
	troisnyxetienne	Anything else?
	Sove	Kane & Lynch is published by Eidos
	troisnyxetienne	Good.
	troisnyxetienne	Also, guys:
	troisnyxetienne	Have you asked the FFXI wikia?
	The17master	Soul Eater:Monotone Princess
	troisnyxetienne	They are separate from FFW as far as I know.
	The17master	Infinite Undiscovery
	ShirubaKurono	no, TNE, we haven't
	ShirubaKurono	The FFXIV wiki was supposed to move, but it kinda...died
	troisnyxetienne	Go give them a try.
	troisnyxetienne	FFXI.
	ShirubaKurono	not now >>
	troisnyxetienne	Why not?
	ShirubaKurono	playing epic game
	ShirubaKurono	somebody else do it plz?
	troisnyxetienne	.......
	ShirubaKurono	:3
	troisnyxetienne	I need to list the franchises down first.
	The17master	You're free to slap him, TNE
	troisnyxetienne	slaps Crono.
	The17master	Better yet, let me do it for you.
	ShirubaKurono	D:
	troisnyxetienne	heals Crono's slap mark
	The17master	slaps Crono with an iron glove
	troisnyxetienne	.
	Organization13	slaps Crono
	The17master	slaps him more
	troisnyxetienne	POYO
	troisnyxetienne	STOP THAT
	The17master	raises hand
	Organization13	Sorry, I got caught up in the moment.
	troisnyxetienne	heals Crono's slap marks.
	troisnyxetienne	Enough.
	The17master	Can I slap him one more time?
	The17master	Awww.
	troisnyxetienne	NO, ONE WAS MORE THAN ENOUGH.
	The17master	sits on the corner
	troisnyxetienne	Okay, time for me to list the wikis.
	troisnyxetienne	Now, we need to see if other versions of KHW will be willing to get on the bandwagon.
	troisnyxetienne	I know Xabryn has got the Portuguese version in his list of wikis, Uxie has the Spanish version, and if
        we can get them together, that will also be good.
	troisnyxetienne	It'll work about the same way as Bulbapedia.
	troisnyxetienne	But we can't expect it to be instantaneous.
	The17master	Bulbapedia... wow that site is both horrible and good
	troisnyxetienne	We're talking about the language linking.
	troisnyxetienne	More than anything else.
	troisnyxetienne	Obviously we wouldn't want to take after any other wiki too much.
	troisnyxetienne	>_>
	The17master	Oh... right...
	troisnyxetienne	Stick to the topic, guys.
	troisnyxetienne	We are talking about 1) which franchises and single games we're going to affiliate,
	troisnyxetienne	2) how we're going to get language links.
	The17master	Well, 1) Those that is qualified by the requirements earlier and is willing to join the alliance
	The17master	*are
	Sove	2 is harder if the wikis don't use the same database
	The17master	man I really need to work on my grammar >_>
	Sove	Which they don't
	The17master	So... make a front page that gives link to each language's wikis?
	Sove	That'd work
	Sove	But where do we get a page
	The17master	Something like that "Select Language" screen on games
	Sove	And the portal and all
	The17master	Uhh... make one I guess
	The17master	with the other languages wikis
	Sove	Where
	Sove	Who covers the costs
	Sove	Etc.
	troisnyxetienne	Sove: Most wikis have done it at the front page.
	troisnyxetienne	In small links, just like we once have.
	The17master	Wait, it needs money? ._.
	Sove	If you make a seperate website, yes
	troisnyxetienne	17m: Porplemontage was willing to cover the costs for KHW.
	Sove	Or not if a freehost but they suck
	The17master	Or maybe picture of countries with links
	ShirubaKurono	IMPORTANT
	troisnyxetienne	?
	ShirubaKurono	NAO
	troisnyxetienne	Got it.
	The17master	....I closed the link to the site a while ago
	Sove	What SEIWA site
	Sove	._.
	troisnyxetienne	-__-
	The17master	Can someone copy-pasta the link for me?
	troisnyxetienne	I mean
	The17master	Sorry ;-;
	The17master	Thanks!
	troisnyxetienne	Don't mention it.
	Organization13	Bookmarked.
	Sove	Ah, we already have a page
	troisnyxetienne	Yes, we do.
	Sove	Then there are no vosts
	The17master	Okay, who wrote the rules -_-
	Sove	costs*
	troisnyxetienne	Not that we know of.
	troisnyxetienne	And also:
	The17master	Shouldn't we change it?
	troisnyxetienne	The wikis that are planning on joining us are already independent, and it is assumed that our costs are
	ShirubaKurono	No.
	troisnyxetienne	17m: Not yet.
	ShirubaKurono	Rules are being debated but haven't been confirmed yet.
	Sove	Those rules can only be changed by the person who ahs access to the control panel
	troisnyxetienne	We haven't decided on any at the moment.
	ShirubaKurono	We've got about 3 in the works.
	Sove	Probably a person fro strategywiki
	troisnyxetienne	Yes, but we need to tell him what we've decided on.
	troisnyxetienne	So in that case...
	The17master	But seriously... "ANARCHY!" ...?
	troisnyxetienne	We're the ones ultimately changing them.
	ShirubaKurono	>.>;
	troisnyxetienne	17m: Does that even matter now?!
	Sove	17m, it's just a joke -_-
	Sove	Placeholder with a joke
	The17master	Sorry...
	troisnyxetienne	-__- It's alright.
	troisnyxetienne	But yeah — as of now we are the ones proposing SEIWA, and three wikis intend to join us — let's hope 
        they do.
	troisnyxetienne	Also,
	troisnyxetienne	See the list of Taito games.
	troisnyxetienne	Taito has also been acquired by SE.
	The17master	Well, here's a complete list:
	troisnyxetienne	I'm on it now.
	troisnyxetienne	Hitman is officially an SE franchise.
	The17master	If I remember correctly, Taito usually makes Arcade games
	The17master	And not many of them are really famous.
	troisnyxetienne	Yep, except perhaps Hitman.
	The17master	I think Space Invaders is also an SE franchise
	The17master	It belongs to Taito and SE took part in the development of some of its games
	troisnyxetienne	Space Invaders... Alright.
	troisnyxetienne	Wait...
	troisnyxetienne	Space Invaders?
	troisnyxetienne	How come it's not in the list? D:
	Organization13	Bottom of it.
	The17master	Bust-A-Move series, Rainbow Monkeys series
	The17master	It is
	The17master	Space Invaders DX
	The17master	SE Took part in the development of Space Invaders Extreme
	troisnyxetienne	I see.
	troisnyxetienne	Also:
	troisnyxetienne	That's them.
	The17master	But the main developers is Taito, so... it still counts I guess.
	wolf5000	hm
	troisnyxetienne	Yes.
	wolf5000	So are you guys doing only SE wikis based on their games?
	troisnyxetienne	Yes.
	troisnyxetienne	Based on their main franchises.
	The17master	Cooking Mama series
	troisnyxetienne	Not based on their games solely.
	troisnyxetienne	Cooking Mama??
	The17master	It's Taito's game.
	troisnyxetienne	I see.
	wolf5000	So will you guys have wikis based on Nintendo and other stuff?
	wolf5000	In the group of wikis
	The17master	But SE never got involved in the development of the series, does it still count?
	troisnyxetienne	Yes.
	troisnyxetienne	It's just like WikiRaider.
	troisnyxetienne	But as for Wolf:
	troisnyxetienne	No.
	troisnyxetienne	Look at Super Mario Wiki for instance:
	troisnyxetienne	Two or three of their games (including Mario Hoops 3 on 3) had SE in the development team.
	troisnyxetienne	But they are mainly a Nintendo franchise, and their place would rightly be in NIWA, and not SEIWA.
	wolf5000	hm
	wolf5000	needs a place to add the spyro wiki
	The17master	Doesn't Spyro belongs to Sony Computer Entertainment?
	wolf5000	I'm not sure
	The17master	ALong with Crash Bandicoot
	wolf5000	It gets moved a lot
	wolf5000	Activision
	troisnyxetienne	Okay, list is done. Please tell me what to add or take away.
	The17master	Sorry, I think there are no wiki for Bust-A-Move
	troisnyxetienne	Well, if there isn't, we just leave it on the list.
	troisnyxetienne	So if there is one in future, we can ask them.
	troisnyxetienne	But as for those who do have wikis...
	troisnyxetienne	Please pass me links to them.
	The17master	Okay then.
	troisnyxetienne	Independent or otherwise.
	The17master	Okay, wait a sec.
	The17master	Space Invaders Wiki (Wikia):
	The17master	Coking Mama Wiki (Wikia):
	The17master	Infinite Undiscovery Wiki (Wikia):
	troisnyxetienne	Thanks.
	troisnyxetienne	Anymore?
	troisnyxetienne	I've got the link for the Mana series...
	The17master	Hitman WIki (WIkia): (Neoseeker):
	troisnyxetienne	I've got the link for Star Ocean too.
	troisnyxetienne	Thanks. More?
	The17master	I'm still looking for some more
	Organization13	gtg guys sorry
	|<--	Organization13 has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
	The17master	I think Itadaki Street only has articles...
	The17master	on FFWiki and Dragon Quest Wiki
	troisnyxetienne	I see.
	troisnyxetienne	On a more pressing note...
	wolf5000 Drakengard (Wikia)
	The17master	Parasite Eve Wiki (Wikia):
	troisnyxetienne is only number 10 on Google Search.
	troisnyxetienne	When Kingdom Hearts Wiki is searched, it's still the Wikia page at number one.
	The17master	At least we're doing a better job than them
	The17master	Wait... there's a SE Wikia
	troisnyxetienne	Yes.
	troisnyxetienne	Square Wiki.
	troisnyxetienne	But 17m:
	troisnyxetienne	That is not the point.
	troisnyxetienne	The point is, if we want people to be directed to the OFFICIAL wiki and not the fan one,
	troisnyxetienne	We have to be number one on Google Search.
	troisnyxetienne	At this rate, people will hit what's at number one, and not what's at number ten.
	troisnyxetienne	Do you understand?
	The17master	Should we ask them to join?
	wolf5000	Yes
	The17master	I do.
	troisnyxetienne	Yes, I trust we should.
	wolf5000	I think we need to get the wiki a little more better
	troisnyxetienne	Much more, actually.
	The17master	Wait, we even lose to Neoseeker wiki D:
	wolf5000	is willing to help just doesn't know how
	troisnyxetienne	We need it to have more hits.
	The17master	We need more activities.
	wolf5000	Right
	troisnyxetienne	The one way can go up Google Search is by having MORE HITS to the wiki.
	troisnyxetienne	It doesn't matter whether or not we have more activities.
	troisnyxetienne	The more a site is hit, the more popular it gets.
	wolf5000	But for us to be good we need to get the wiki to good with out stubs
	troisnyxetienne	So we need to promote it.
	troisnyxetienne	Thing is, we left with the same condition as Wikia.
	troisnyxetienne	Dont' get me wrong.
	troisnyxetienne	Editing is good, but for us to be THE OFFICIAL KH source...
	troisnyxetienne	We need to promote it A LOT MORE.
	troisnyxetienne	So as to get us at number one.
	wolf5000	We could also see about getting SEIWA to work as seen in the about
	troisnyxetienne	Yes, but stick to the point.
	troisnyxetienne	How are we going to promote it?
	The17master	Maybe SEIWA could help us spread the words
	troisnyxetienne	How are we going to get it across?
	troisnyxetienne	And we're talking about we ourselves, at this point.
	wolf5000	"We help cross promote each others' wikis."
	troisnyxetienne	Because so long as SEIWA has only one wiki, we're not gonna go too far.
	wolf5000	We need to build on SEIWA
	wolf5000	then go for getting hits
	troisnyxetienne	Well, about those three wikis...
	troisnyxetienne	joining SEIWA...
	The17master	I suppose putting an announcement on the Wikia is not an option.
	troisnyxetienne	What are we waiting for now?
	The17master	Wolf's right.
	troisnyxetienne	17M: Yes.
	troisnyxetienne	Point is, what ARE we waiting for?
	The17master	The others could help us spread the words around
	troisnyxetienne	Has no one told Kryten or Neumannz about this yet?
	The17master	I don't know... I've been on this discussion only once
	wolf5000	Haven't seen them today
	troisnyxetienne	DARN IT.
	wolf5000	KK is at work i think
	The17master	ShirubaKurono
	troisnyxetienne	It's only when they say yes that we can get them in, and when they do...
	wolf5000	Neumannz might be away
	troisnyxetienne	Actually, I've seen him on Skype.
	The17master	Have you told Kryten and Neumannz yet?
	troisnyxetienne	I can get him.
	troisnyxetienne	No, but if no one has told them, I will.
	troisnyxetienne	Because otherwise, what are we waiting for, really?
	The17master	Crono or DTN should've told them...
	troisnyxetienne	We can already get this thing on the road!
	troisnyxetienne	And for our part...
	wolf5000	is ready to help
	troisnyxetienne	once SEIWA is up, we can promote them, and KHW's Twitter should have a feed about it — I trust I will 
        be able to help on that level.
	The17master	And so do I
	The17master	Although I doubt I can do much...
	wolf5000	Same here
	wolf5000	But i will try!
	The17master	Yes!
	The17master	We have 327 followers
	The17master	The thing is, some might missed the feed.
	troisnyxetienne	I have told Kryten on his talk page.
	troisnyxetienne	On Twitter, I've said something along the lines of:
	troisnyxetienne	"Plans for a Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance (#SEIWA) are under way."
	troisnyxetienne	Should I say more?
	The17master	Well... for now, I don't think so.
	The17master	Since we only made a small progress.
	wolf5000	Yes
	troisnyxetienne	Okay.
	The17master	Maybe we should say something when we get a new member for the alliance
	wolf5000	Users and followers will be wondering what SEIWA does and is
	troisnyxetienne	Also,
	troisnyxetienne	Is there an avenue for wikis to contact us if they want to join SEIWA?
	The17master	Like "We have a new member for our SEIWA alliance, please visit the site to know more about the 
	The17master	Uhh... By contacting the admins?
	troisnyxetienne	Right.... >_>
	wolf5000	......
	troisnyxetienne	It ain't gonna be clear cut for some, 17m.
	wolf5000	User voting?
	wolf5000	We did leave for the users
	troisnyxetienne	If we even think of doing that, wolf, we need a forum.
        wolf5000	hm
        wolf5000	How about one users that that wiki picks thats in the SEIWA talks with the otehr one user from each 
        group in SEIWA about that wiki?
	wolf5000	In short you get one user from each SEIWA wiki
	wolf5000	They get to pick
	troisnyxetienne	Hm....
	wolf5000	those users talk about the new joining wiki
        The17master	And those users bring along their communities?
        troisnyxetienne	Well, here's the thing:
	troisnyxetienne	Right now, we are only KHW.
	wolf5000	Yes
	troisnyxetienne	So to attract them at this point, since we're the only wiki,
	troisnyxetienne	contact has to be made to us.
	troisnyxetienne	Only in the later stages can we consider doing something of the sort.
	wolf5000	Right now i think we need another wiki
	troisnyxetienne	Now, as far as contact on KHW is concerned,
	troisnyxetienne	we don't have a clear-cut measure.
	troisnyxetienne	And that's the whole problem.
	troisnyxetienne	If that's going to be the case, we can't lure other wikis right now!
        troisnyxetienne	So first things first!
        troisnyxetienne	We need a clear-cut page, forum or user to handle SEIWA activity.
	troisnyxetienne	And then later, we can move it out of KHW.
        The17master	I think a forum would be better so others with interest may see the previous discussions
	troisnyxetienne	Alright.
	troisnyxetienne	Under The World That Never Was, then, or elsewhere?
	troisnyxetienne	I'll just put the idea in the Mensa right now, and have Kryten take a look at it.
        The17master	Since picking some users might be troublesome to explain the same thing over and over again.
	The17master	IMO we should put it on The World That Never Was
	troisnyxetienne	Okay.
	troisnyxetienne	I've thrown the idea into the Mensa for now.
        The17master	Or maybe even a new one like we did for The Keyblade War, since it's only temporary.
	Pea14733	^That's what I'm thinking.
	The17master	But.. yeah, we should wait for Kryten
Part 2
-->|	DeyvidP (45cccf41@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #SEIWA
	troisnyxetienne	Oh hello there.
	DeyvidP	Hey
	troisnyxetienne	What brings you here?
	DeyvidP	Haha. Sorry for the lack of introduction. I saw this channel at Chronopedia, and I'm interested in the SEIWA
	troisnyxetienne	Oooh, yes.
	troisnyxetienne	I recently got the news.
	UxieLover	She did, y'know
	troisnyxetienne	Let's not state the obvious
	troisnyxetienne	Anyway.
	troisnyxetienne	I'm only waiting for one of the Staff members' feedback on this, and then, I trust we might be able to
        get this show off the road.
        UxieLover	Sorry
        troisnyxetienne	'Tis alright.
        troisnyxetienne	ShirubaKurono, are you there?
	DeyvidP	Awesome. So, how is it all going to work? Are we going to be porting page, starting all over? I'm exactly clear
        on that. I read around the KHWiki and it seems to be similar to what they did.
	troisnyxetienne	Well, what we did to go indie was this:
	troisnyxetienne	We had our pages copied/pasted onto the new site, so there wasn't much effort in copying the 2000+
	troisnyxetienne	But only some things did not get copied, and we had to do a wiki audit to get them all through.
	troisnyxetienne	And yes, we're going to be porting pages.
        DeyvidP	Okay. That doesn't seem to bad. It's hard to image everything would port perfectly.
	troisnyxetienne	In our case, we could just login as usual, if we were coming from Wikia.
        DeyvidP	And our usernames and everything else will remain the same?
	troisnyxetienne	Yep.
	troisnyxetienne	Even our edit count.
        DeyvidP	Awesome.
        UxieLover	It feels good to get away from Wikia!
	UxieLover	Even I was amaised when I could log in as normal at the KHWiki!
	troisnyxetienne	amazed*
	troisnyxetienne	Well, going indie has its perks, surely.
	UxieLover	That's true
	Sove	But cons too
	Sove	Google ranking
	Sove	Which should het higher after SEIWA is really formed
	Sove	get*
	troisnyxetienne	Yes.
	troisnyxetienne	So the whole point of SEIWA is for us to get together and stay strong.
	UxieLover	That's right!
        DeyvidP	Which wikis are forking from Wikia to join SEIWA?
	UxieLover	WikiRaider is one of them
	troisnyxetienne	Thus far we've had three interested parties apart from KHW.
	troisnyxetienne	WikiRaider, you guys and Dragon Quest Wiki.
	troisnyxetienne	WikiRaider and Dragon Quest have already gone indie.
        DeyvidP	Cool. So are we going to have separate portals for each wiki or are all the pages going to be on one wiki?
	Sove	If I want to do something, I wanna help with that website
	Sove	Due to my web technology experience
	troisnyxetienne	Well, imagine the SEIWA homepage as the portal to all the wikis.
	troisnyxetienne	Then each wiki homepage will link to the other SEIWA wikis.
	troisnyxetienne	So there's a portal for each wiki.
        DeyvidP	Makes sense.
        troisnyxetienne	The concept can be likened to NIWA, which does the same for Nintendo wikis.
        Sove	I'm not good at PHP etc. stuff but I can edit existing code and can do XHTML
        Sove	It's just that I lack creativity
	troisnyxetienne	I can handle images, but then, I may not be the best.
        Sove	Well ErryK can help with that
	Sove	I guess
	troisnyxetienne	Yep.
        troisnyxetienne	And if there are any people from the partner wikis willing to chip in, it'd be nice too.
        DeyvidP	Unfortunately, my experience with web design is very minimal, but I'll help out where I can.
	troisnyxetienne	Okay.
        Sove	How does the community interact with each other
	troisnyxetienne	We're only waiting for KrytenKoro's feedback on the thing.
	Sove	Only IRC?
	troisnyxetienne	At this point, yes, since we're starting small.
	troisnyxetienne	But surely, once we've set up everything,
	troisnyxetienne	There may be a separate forum or something.
	UxieLover	True
	troisnyxetienne	Like I mentioned before,
	troisnyxetienne	the only people they can contact right now is us.
	troisnyxetienne	are* us
	UxieLover	I'm not in a joyful mood like always
	Sove	Well, seperate forum is good
	troisnyxetienne	So we have to make use of the Forums and the IRC on our side.
	troisnyxetienne	Yes.
	UxieLover	Hm
	Sove	But there's a problem with users
	troisnyxetienne	17master suggested that.
	troisnyxetienne	So...
	UxieLover	Right'
	troisnyxetienne	The best way right now would be the IRC.
        UxieLover	That's... true
        Sove	I can help with the forum part, maybe I'll find a way to do a little synching with the wikis
	troisnyxetienne	That'll be great. ^_^
        Sove	So no registering seperately is needed
	troisnyxetienne	Oooooh, nice.
        Sove	You make a wiki account and you get a forum acc too
	Sove	It is possible, but no idea how to do it
	troisnyxetienne	I trust we'll find out.
	Sove	Sone people really do it
        Sove	I think it needs a single database
	troisnyxetienne	I believe so too.
	Sove	That means the databses must be merged
	UxieLover	Yeah
	Sove	Long task
	Sove	But not impossible
	troisnyxetienne	But what will happen to the wikis themselves?
        Sove	Nothing
	troisnyxetienne	Oh good.
        Sove	They need to be locked for some time
	Sove	But they can stay readable
	troisnyxetienne	Yeah.
        UxieLover	Good idea
        troisnyxetienne	But will that mean the whole wiki, or just the userspace?
        Sove	I have no idea about that
	troisnyxetienne	I see.
	Sove	I'd rather try the users only
	troisnyxetienne	Okay.
	troisnyxetienne	Which is what Bulbapedia is going through at the moment.
        UxieLover	Well, I think we should not let IPs edit. Bulbapedia and Spyropedia does that
	Sove	Maybe because of high IP vandalism?
	troisnyxetienne	Block every IP... We can do that manually, but I'm not sure if there's a short method to do that for 
        all pages.
	UxieLover	Not much edit on userpages over there. It's because of the recent release of Black and White
        troisnyxetienne	I see.
        Sove	TNE, easy way to do that
	troisnyxetienne	?
        UxieLover	We should only do that for large wikis, in case
	Sove	Block the ip range
	Sove	And it's done
	troisnyxetienne	Aaaaah.
	UxieLover	There are many bad people
	troisnyxetienne	Thanks!
        Sove	But I'd rather use a different method
	troisnyxetienne	What do you have in mind?
        Sove	Wait a bit
        Sove	It takes a while for me to login to my own testing website's control panel
	Sove	And find my wiki
	troisnyxetienne	I see.
        Sove	$wgGroupPermissions['*']['edit'] = false;
	troisnyxetienne	That's the way to do it?
	troisnyxetienne	Where do we type that?
	Sove	$wgGroupPermissions['user']['edit'] = true;
        Sove	Well, you can't do that
	Sove	As I said, I needed to login to my website's control panel
	troisnyxetienne	I see.
        troisnyxetienne	Erry: Have you got an archive of all that's taken place?
	Sove	$wgGroupPermissions is a variable that can be used to set userrights
	troisnyxetienne	Oooh.
	troisnyxetienne	ErryK?
	Sove	the enxt part
	Sove	['*'] means it's affecting everyone
	troisnyxetienne	I see.
	ErryK	I think I do.
	troisnyxetienne	Great.
	Sove	The next, ['edit'] means it's affecting the editing right
	troisnyxetienne	^.^
        ErryK	Are you asking me for one or... ?
	Sove	"false" means the group, in this case everyone don't have the right
	Sove	Basically the first line disabled ediitng for everyone
	troisnyxetienne	ErryK: No, I'm just asking you if you've read it.
	troisnyxetienne	Sove: I see.
	ErryK	OH. Do you mean earlier today?
	Sove	While the enxt line gives it to the group users
	troisnyxetienne	Yes.
        Sove	Since all registered users are in that group, only registered users can edit
	ErryK	No, I left really early today.
	ErryK	At around 9am.
	troisnyxetienne	I see.
        Sove That will block IP editing
	-->|	DeyvidP (45cccf41@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #SEIWA
	troisnyxetienne	I see.
	troisnyxetienne	Hey again, DeyvidP.
	Sove	They will get an error that they don't have the right to do that
        Sove	Not the block message
	troisnyxetienne	I see.
        DeyvidP	Hey there again. Accidentally closed the window *facepalm*.
        UxieLover	Alright
	troisnyxetienne	We're taking a look at how all of this can work — Sove is looking through wikicode.
        Sove	Hey I know how mediawik works >:3
	Sove	I have the same tools as wikia
	Sove	Basically
	troisnyxetienne	Yes I know
        Sove	I could easily make a self-installation of a forum, not one hosted by a service, they usually block database
        backups etc.
	troisnyxetienne	*nods*
        Sove	Too many times I have encountered one
	Sove	"This function has been disabled"
        troisnyxetienne	Which function has been disabled?
        Sove	Database backup, usually
        Sove	Forum hosts usually block access to the backup tool
        Sove	Mainly because there's no need for it because they take their own backups when they want to and they don't
        accept customer backups
	troisnyxetienne	I see.
        Sove	Well, I can't backup that testwiki
	Sove	Through normal means because my webhost doesn't give shell access to its users
	troisnyxetienne	I see. 
        Sove	Mediawiki doesn't have its own backup function that can be run from a special page
	Sove	It's a maintenance file that can only be run from a command line (Shell)
	Sove	While forum softwares usually have a backup function in the ACP
	troisnyxetienne	So what do we do about that, then?
        Sove	About what?
	troisnyxetienne	If Mediawiki doesn't have its backup function, then how's the actual SEIWA site gonna function?
        Sove	Mediawiki does have a backup function, it's just not a special page
	troisnyxetienne	Right.
        Sove	Porple can do the backups as long as the wiki is in his servers
        Sove	Users can get a backup from the export page but it takes insanely long
	troisnyxetienne	I see....
        Sove	Wikia actually gives a backup
	Sove	It can be downlaoded from a special page
	troisnyxetienne	Aah/
	troisnyxetienne	.
	Sove	By anyone
        Sove	Sometimes I feel so nerdy ._.
	troisnyxetienne	Well, it's much needed.
        Sove	But that's one thing people like in me
	troisnyxetienne	*SMILE*