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Hey! My name is Roxx! I'm new to Kingdom Hearts, but my friend got me into it, and it seems pretty cool. I'm going to be buying the most recent game, DDD for the 3ds.

My Kingdom Hearts experiences

I believe I played kingdom hearts 2 a while ago... but I dont remember much about the game. Just the main characters: sora, riku, kairi, etc. Two of my good friends love the game, they got me wanting to play it again. I don't usually go crazy for one particular series but its a new experience My friend's twin sis got me into it somehow.......

About Me

Personality wise, I'm very nice, but shy. I'm usually really quiet unless i'm with friends, in which case, i'm extremely talkative. :) I have my moody days sometimes and can get easily annoyed. I rather avoid trouble than getting into trouble. My actions and response vary from how you treat me I'm polite regardless And I have the natural feeling of forgiveness.


My current friends on this site (well, friend) is Raxime.L.S. Very critical, strict and sometimes mean but means well in what she says