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Hello! My name is Rick (Full Name: Rick Novile) and I do a lot of Kingdom Hearts stuff (Obviously). I haven't beat every game yet (Waiting til II.5 to beat II) but I know the story! I also do theorizing a bit.

About Me

Just a kid from Central Florida!

  • Been a fan of Kingdom Hearts for 6 years
  • Play a lot of PC games.
  • I play osu!. A lot. Probably my most played game.
  • I go to school online, which means I get done with my work by about 1100. Really fun!
  • Best Girl is either Sekibanki, Cirno or Kagerou. For those who don't understand, it's Touhou Project!


Links to Things


  • Not much of a theory but "Ansem" is an anagram of "Names"
  • It's called a Keyblade because of the X-Blade, not because it's shaped like a key.
  • Other stuff that's a bit bigger. I'll make a subpage when I get it all organized!