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This will house a draft for my Kingdom Hearts walkthrough so it may or may not be deemed worthy. Please note this is simply an outline. The wording, grammar, punctuation, and sections are simply a basis. I also still have research to do.


Thank you and hello. You have stepped onto the plain of my walkthrough. Enjoy some tea, and read along with me.

First, how do you play this game? Well, if you are here and you don't know that is sad. X is attack, O is jump, square is to guard or dodge roll (possibly more, research needed). You move around with the left analog stick. Triangle does (research needed). R1 and L1 control the camera. R1 is right, L1 is left. You can lock-on by pressing R2.

Start Menu

This features many accessible options, which I will delve into when I add on to my research.

Dive to the Heart


Sora is the only playable character in the game. (much more to this with extra time and research)