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Randomnessity But I will be reborn once more. So even if you die, again and again, I shall return. Born again in this endless cycle I have created! — {{{time}}}
Randomnessity I, Garland, will knock you all down! — {{{time}}}
Randomnessity The Fiend of Earth, who drains and decays the soil itself. — {{{time}}}
Randomnessity The Fiend of Fire, who uses the many limbs of her serpentine body to wield deadly weapons. — {{{time}}}
Randomnessity Ho, Ho, Ho.... How foolhardy you are to dare challenge me, KRAKEN the FIEND of the Water! — {{{time}}}
Randomnessity The Fiend of Wind, who dominates the heavens from her lofty perch — {{{time}}}

[21:57] <TheSols> I have to go.
[21:58] <Randomnessity> No Solly! If I can't have you...
[21:58] <Randomnessity> No one will!
[21:58] <JFH|VorpalSword> o.o
[21:58] <Randomnessity> That lacked a bit of the punch I was going for...
[21:59] <JFH|VorpalSword> still unexpected
[22:00] <TheSols> <.< But Random...I'm not Solly. Im his evil twin brother Solzey!
[22:00] == TheSols has changed nick to Solzey
[22:00]  * Randomnessity gasps
[22:00] <Randomnessity> What have you done with Solly you fiend?
[22:00] <SquareEnixRocks> Woah, amazing. </sarcastic>
[22:00] <Randomnessity> How did you escape the Institution?
[22:02] <Solzey> Solly... Lets just say he is on Ice...(Shows scene where Solly is in a Freezer)
[22:03] <JFH|VorpalSword> hey... is that MY freezer?
[22:03] <Randomnessity> Stay out of this James.
[22:03] <Solzey> <.<
[22:03] <JFH|VorpalSword> but he's in my freezer D:
[22:03] <Randomnessity> My heart will never mend...
[22:03]  * Solzey shoots JFH
[22:03] <JFH|VorpalSword> ugh....
[22:03] <JFH|VorpalSword> oh damnit
[22:03] <Randomnessity> First Patricia and now this!
[22:03]  * JFH|VorpalSword dies
[22:03] <Randomnessity> James!
[22:03] <Randomnessity> You fiend!
[22:04]  * Randomnessity quietly sneaks something into his hand
[22:04]  * Randomnessity throws a knife at Solzey
[22:04] <Solzey> I'm tired of Solly getting all the glory! I'm just as smart as he is!
[22:04] <Solzey> I will---damn.
[22:04] <Randomnessity> But you're heart is rotten!
[22:05]  * Solzey dies*
[22:05] <Randomnessity> My Solly may never come back...
[22:05] <Randomnessity> But at least he can be in peace now.
[22:05] == Solzey has changed nick to TheSols
[22:05] <TheSols> Ugh, what happened?
[22:06] <Randomnessity> Solly? IS that you?
[22:06] == JFH|VorpalSword has changed nick to JFH|Ghost
[22:06] <JFH|Ghost> even in the afterlife you get headaches =\
[22:06] <Randomnessity> James? You're a ghost?
[22:06] <JFH|Ghost> i am?!
[22:06] <JFH|Ghost> oh c'mon!!
[22:06] <Randomnessity> That wicked Solzey killed you.
[22:06] <Randomnessity> But I got him good.
[22:07] <JFH|Ghost> I figured I'd be in heaven
[22:07] <JFH|Ghost> or hell
[22:07] <JFH|Ghost> it all depends on the great truth really
[22:07] <JFH|Ghost> but now I'm just intangible
[22:07] <Randomnessity> Guess you ain't right for either.
[22:07] <Randomnessity> But back to Solly... You're alive?
[22:08] <JFH|Ghost> maybe he's mute
[22:09] <TheSols> Yeah
[22:09] <TheSols> I'm a bit cold though
[22:09] <JFH|Ghost> damnit, i can't eat my ice cream if i'm dead
[22:09] <SquareEnixRocks> Ice cream? Where?
[22:09] <Randomnessity> Oh Solly!
[22:10] <JFH|Ghost> it was in the freezer that Solzy shoved Sols into
[22:10] <Randomnessity> But now he is home.
[22:10] <JFH|Ghost> lucky him >.>
[22:10] <JFH|Ghost> i'm a ghost
[22:10] <Randomnessity> It's a shame you can't be James.
[22:11] <JFH|Ghost> i'm weighing the pros and cons of this right now
[22:11] <Randomnessity> See you someday James.
[22:11] <JFH|Ghost> i'm not going anywhere o.o
[22:11] <Randomnessity> But I'm afraid you can't stay like this.
[22:11] <JFH|Ghost> how do i leave then?
[22:11]  * Randomnessity places James on a Go-Away-Ghosty Machine
[22:11] <Randomnessity> This is how.
[22:11]  * Randomnessity pulls the lever
[22:11] <JFH|Ghost> wtf?
[22:12] <Randomnessity> Bye Jamesies.
[22:12] <JFH|Ghost> bai
[22:12] <TheSols> Byez JFH
[22:12] <Randomnessity> Your supposed to be swirling away...
[22:13]  * JFH|Ghost swirlz away
[22:13] == JFH|Ghost has changed nick to JFH|Gone

IRC Statistics

R Hand: Vorpal Sword
L Hand: TBD
Head: TBD
Armor: TBD
Accessory: TBD

Main: Sexy
Secondary: Assistance
Reaction: Box
Support: Safeguard
Movement: Query

JFHavoc Stamp of Appreciation

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Crono's Story

[00:15] <SilverCrono> Okay, anyway. I was once a soldier for the US Army, in the 1960s.
[00:15] <SilverCrono> I led the assault at the Bay of Pigs.
[00:16] <SilverCrono> I had a secret mission to assasinate Castro.
[00:16] <SilverCrono> So, when I got to his chamber, I shot him.
[00:16] <SilverCrono> But it was a double!
[00:16] <SilverCrono> So, me and my friend Woods were ambushed.
[00:16] <SilverCrono> Woods and the team escaped, but I was captured.
[00:16] <SilverCrono> I was sent to a Russian prison called Vorkuta for 2 years,
[00:16] <SilverCrono> *.
[00:17] <SilverCrono> I met a Russian soldier who fought in WWII.
[00:17] <SilverCrono> Named Reznov.
[00:17] <SilverCrono> We escaped together.
[00:17] <SilverCrono> Then... I believe I went to Vietnam.
[00:17] <SilverCrono> I reunited with Woods.
[00:17] <SilverCrono> We were drafted to fight the Viet Cong.
[00:17] <SilverCrono> Before we left for our mission, I was wanted at the Pentagon.
[00:17] <SilverCrono> I went, and met JFK.
[00:18] <SilverCrono> After getting the briefing (my secret mission was to stop some Soviet called... I forget.
[00:18] <SilverCrono> Anyway, we went to Vietnam.
[00:20] <SilverCrono> Okay, so we were in Vietnam. Our team was assaulted.
[00:20] <SilverCrono> We left, and I went with hudson (a CIA agent) to the TET Offensive.
[00:20] <SilverCrono> We found Doctor C-sometihng.
[00:20] <SilverCrono> He worked with Dragovich (the Soviet guy whose name I forgot).
[00:21] <SilverCrono> So, Hudson and I got C-something and left, but C-something was shot.
[00:21] <SilverCrono> He talked about Project Nova, a Soviet bio-weapon.
[00:22] <SilverCrono> I talked with Reznov
[00:22] <SilverCrono> He told me about Nova...
[00:22] <SilverCrono> It was a Soviet weapon that caused instant disintegration
[00:23] <SilverCrono> So we traveled to a compound where Steiner, a scientest working for Dragovich, was held
[00:23] <SilverCrono> The US had orders to keep him aliv
[00:23] <SilverCrono> But he had to die.
[00:23] <SilverCrono> Him and Dragovich.
[00:23] <SilverCrono> They caused mass murder, and betrayed Reznov in WWII.
[00:23] <SilverCrono> So they had to die.
[00:23] <SilverCrono> So, Reznov shot Steiner just as hudson and his men came.
[00:23] <SilverCrono> They knocked me out.
[00:24] <SilverCrono> I awoke in a torture chamber.
[00:24] <SilverCrono> Numbers...
[00:24] <SilverCrono> Numbers were in my f*cking head!
[00:24] <SilverCrono> F*CKING NUMBERS.
[00:24] <SilverCrono> Hudson approached, and demanded to know what the numbers meant.
[00:24] <SilverCrono> I couldn't remember... I needed to know where Reznov was!
[00:24] <SilverCrono> We had to kill Dragovich!
[00:24] <SilverCrono> Hudson said something about Reznov being dead...
[00:24] <SilverCrono> But he lied! Reznov killed Steiner!
[00:25] <SilverCrono> Hudson reveals that it was all a lie...
[00:25] <SilverCrono> Back in Vorkuta, Dragovich brainwashed me!
[00:25] <SilverCrono> He programmed me to kill Kennedy, in conjunction to Project Nova being launched on the US.
[00:25] <SilverCrono> But Reznov knew...
[00:25] <SilverCrono> He redirected my programming to kill Dragovich!
[00:26] <SilverCrono> So, I knew the truth. Project nova was hours away from being launched.
[00:26] <SilverCrono> But the numbers said the coordinates!
[00:26] <SilverCrono> We had to stop the numbers from being broadcast.
[00:26] <SilverCrono> We spent 2 hours tracking it down, until I deciphered the numbers...
[00:26] <SilverCrono> I recognized them!
[00:26] <SilverCrono> Back in Vorkuta, Reznov said them every night.
[00:26] <SilverCrono> Every goddamn night..
[00:26] <SilverCrono> They were in my head! I couldn't get them out!
[00:27] <SilverCrono> And.. I recognized a place.
[00:27] <SilverCrono> A name...
[00:27] <SilverCrono> Ruslaka.
[00:27] <SilverCrono> The broadcast center.
[00:27] <SilverCrono> A ship... in Cuba.
[00:27] <SilverCrono> Hudson and I, along with hundreds of troops, tracked the ship down.
[00:27] <SilverCrono> We only had 20 minutes until the coordinates for Nova to be shot were broadcast.
[00:27] <SilverCrono> We shot the ship down and found a secret tunnel...
[00:27] <SilverCrono> A secret rig under the ship!
[00:28] <SilverCrono> Hudson and I infiltrated.
[00:28] <SilverCrono> 5 minutes left...
[00:28] <SilverCrono> We came to a central room and fought for what seemed like hours.
[00:28] <SilverCrono> We came to the central terminal.
[00:28] <SilverCrono> And there was.. Dragovich!
[00:28] <SilverCrono> He took my gun. Hudson was still fighting.
[00:28] <SilverCrono> We wrestled, and I assaulted him.
[00:28] <SilverCrono> I yelled at him, for everything...
[00:28] <SilverCrono> For Reznov dieing in Vorkuta...
[00:29] <SilverCrono> For killing so many people..
[00:29] <SilverCrono> For trying to make me kill my own President!
[00:29] <SilverCrono> As I chocked him to death, I could swear I heard him say "Tried...? I succeded..."
[00:29] <SilverCrono> Hudson stopped the broadcast 6 seconds before schedule.
[00:29] <SilverCrono> We saved America.
[00:29] <SilverCrono> I blacked out, and awoke in a dark chamber.
[00:30] <SilverCrono> I was hooked up to wires, and seemed to be in a surgical chamber.
[00:30] <SilverCrono> I broke free, and looked around.
[00:30] <SilverCrono> My head hurt, and I could swear I still hear the numbers
[00:30] <SilverCrono> The f*cking numbers!
[00:30] <SilverCrono> I looked at the table across from me..
[00:30] <SilverCrono> And I saw...
[00:30] <SilverCrono> Myself.
[00:30] <SilverCrono> I was lying there, on the table.
[00:30] <SilverCrono> It was me.
[00:30] <SilverCrono> Sleeping.
[00:30] <SilverCrono> I looked to the glass.
[00:31] <SilverCrono> There was a glass window, unbreakable.
[00:31] <SilverCrono> no exits.
[00:31] <SilverCrono> Hudson and Woods were there.
[00:31] <SilverCrono> And they said...
[00:31] <SilverCrono> "Thank you, Crono. For everything."
[00:31] <SilverCrono> "But... it's to late."
[00:31] <SilverCrono> "You're gone too far."
[00:31] <SilverCrono> "Now... it's time for you to be reborn".
[00:32] <SilverCrono> They had cloned me.
[00:32] <SilverCrono> The window suddenly broke, and I was tranquilized.
[00:32] <SilverCrono> I next awoke in my house.
[00:32] <SilverCrono> And... I didn't remember.
[00:32] <SilverCrono> That was 40 years ago.
[00:32] <SilverCrono> Bits and pieces came to me over the years...
[00:32] <SilverCrono> And, last year, I remembered it all.
[00:33] <SilverCrono> And, every year, on the anniversary of the day I broke out and Reznov died...
[00:33] <SilverCrono> I stand on my balcany, watching the sunset.
[00:33] <SilverCrono> Watching for my clone to one day show up.
[00:33] <SilverCrono> For the army to kill me because of what I know.
[00:33] <SilverCrono> For Reznov to smile at me, one more time...
[00:33] <SilverCrono> <end>
[00:33] <SilverCrono> And, there we go. That's the end.

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