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  • Name: Lykyme Telinyu
  • Current Age: 21 (still don't feel like it, though)
  • Gender: Male
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: USA (Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA; normally live in Fond du Lac, WI)
  • Occupation: Student (aiming for Bachelor of Arts in Music, minor in Computer Science)
  • Other Likes: Pokémon, Metroid, Zelda, Nintendo in general, drawing, writing, composing, making people laugh
  • Mental/Physical Issues (You Know You Have Some): ADHD, Asperger's (obsession: cartoons), "slight" depression
  • Phrase: "When all else fails, use a really big stick!!"

I got found on the old Wikia site by someone and complimented for how professional my contributions sounded, and they invited me over here. So, here I am!

I'm FerreTrip--call me "FT" (though "Ferre" is something I'm okay with, too). Some might know me as Carephrii. I identify myself as a furry--I know many of you won't listen, but I promise I'm not as perverted or otherwise disgusting as the general populace thinks furries are. (For one, I'd never don a fursuit...unless I was being paid to be a mascot. It's the heads. They're...They're just too dang silly.) I love Kingdom Hearts, and I can't believe how many contributions I've made already here, even though I haven't even played all the games. (I do know the story up through Birth by Sleep, however.)

On this Wiki (though I hope it won't be as much a case here as it is over at the old Wikia site), there is one thing you must know about me, a pet peeve: I HATE it when people misuse the term "Hidden Mickey". If it's in plain sight--as a simple, solid, clear symbol, no matter how small--it is not a Hidden Mickey. It is a Mickey Mouse Ears symbol/emblem. I think the closest I'd consider a plain MME symbol to be a Hidden Mickey would be the corners of the cards for Castle Oblivion, because it took me a while to realize those were part of the MME symbol.

Anyway, I'm here to edit whenever. Mostly, I'll probably do English stuff--grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. Heck, my Hidden Mickey peeve is this kinda thing. However, I'll add info if I have some and it's needed.

I've played all but Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, and the Final Mixes. However, I know the full story of Birth by Sleep.

I helped with the Re-Syncing project--meaning my section is DONE!...After 4-5 months!!

Merge Project Status

I'm now helping with the Merge project! My section is Accuracy to Aether. So far, I've merged 4/26 pages. I'm a bit intimidated, but I'll see this through as best I can amidst my copious spare time in college!

Below is a checklist. Crossed-off articles are merged and you can click them to see my handiwork. The others are just links to the current pages.


I'll be surprised if, after this, I haven't turned into...

*sunglasses* aerhead.

Audit Award

Promotional Art 02 KH3D.png

"This world has been disconnected. Severed from the darkness. As of now, no longer eclipsed."

As of today, June 11th, 2011, the audit resulting from the declared independence of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki from Wikia has been successfully completed! Thanks to work from users like you, all articles, images, templates, and other pages are now fully synced with the wiki, which has restored content that could have been lost forever during the move. Thanks to you, this wiki is now completely free from Wikia, as well as all of its forced skins, policies, and content that shunned encyclopedic content for contests and irrelevant material. Your invaluable work has forever separated the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, allowing us to reach higher, transcend the stars, pierce the heavens, and ultimately conquer the darkness, and shall never be forgotten. From the hearts of truly every user on this wiki: thank you.