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Thinking of having something completely unrelated to the game up here on each page rambling on some random thing in my life.

I haven't had a haircut in about 4-5 months and if I had not clipped some of about a month ago myself I would be looking like a total hippy.....true story.

Okay, back to the walkthrough. This one's gonna be about Day 2 and Day 3, since Day 2 is incredibly short.

Roxas dreams about him again

One identity confusion with Sora and Roxas a cutscene with a man with the red bandages again and the guy in the Black Coat.

After another batch of fresh dreams of a kid in big dorky clown shoes, a talking duck and a Along with Squall/Leon Seifers rival from FFVIII, Aerith and Yuffie from FFVII and the Keyhole??? Roxas wakes up muttering to himself showing some confusion other than Sora's mindless gibberish so far.

Roxas goes to the Usual Spot but with some minor distractions Inside everyone is eating ice cream so an unknown hand reaches out to Roxas with one. The club starts talking about many things... I'm not paying attention to it as there are about 200 cutscenes in this game and all of them about 2-7 minutes long and I have watched them all about 10+ times by now but I do remember something about a fortune cookie, growing up, ice cream and some other crap... oh and they are going to the beach. Self-proclaimed genius Hayner decides we get some odd jobs, so get to it.

We need about 800 munny each to go to the beach and get some pretzels. We need to do some odd jobs to get the munny. There are six odd jobs but I only use two: Mail Delivery and Poster Duty.. .hehe, duty.

The Mail Delivery for me at least takes about 10 seconds and gives me 50 munny but the Poster Duty takes me a minute and gives me 100 munny so its about 6x times more time then Mail Delivery for 2x as much munny you do the math (oh wait...damn it) although you should try all six jobs to see which one you like. You can also skip this but we get an extra AP or 2 (if you get 1000+) for doing this so start working until your palms are bleeding.

After about 2 minutes and 40 seconds - 8 minutes later you can go to the Station Heights and talk to Hayner to get your AP boost and to get a cutscene to find out from Olette that we have 5000 munny (no)thanks to these guys.

Inside we find out that apparently Roxas lost the 5k we made, I wonder how?

Back at the Clock Tower Roxas keeps on mumbling. Now the scene switches to the man in red robes named DiZ and the man in the black cloak, the man in the coat asks if its really that hard to make a beach... the hell is he talking about?? DiZ replies that they would be giving the enemy another entry point, whatever that means, and suggests that they splice the 5k on sea-salt ice cream... money well spent!

Now enjoy the cutscene cause I'm too tired but overall lazy to write besides your watching it yourself...right? If not and you are just reading this while not playing the game you must be BORED!

Day 3

Yet another freaky dream goes by in Roxas's mind but this time with DISNEY characters (yay Disney, I love Disney). And then yet again the scene flashes to DiZ for a few seconds and then to a girl so close to being albino - I could see her from 10 miles away she's shining so bright. Then we see Roxas getting out of bed and in his room is a GIRL but not just any girl, no - it's the girl we just saw. Roxas semi-notices her but she disappeared before he could make sure.

Back at the Usual Spot there is a note from Hayner telling Roxas to go to the Station Heights.

On the way we run into Pence and Olette who then STOP!! Hammer time *plays music* well no but they do stop in the middle of walking and that blond girl appears again for a tiny bit, awkward hello, and to tell him her name which just happens to be Naminé... hmm strange name indeed. As Naminé walks away time starts anew and Pence and Olette start walking and talking again. Hmm we are supposed to go the Station Heights? But just for fun lets follow Naminé to the forest shall we? We get attacked by more circus freaks... aww man another one... well Roxas runs to the Sandlot and meets Seifer and gang. Anyway the freaks follow Roxas and Roxas, Seifer, Rai and Fu fight the freaks while Vivi runs away -_-.

This is just like the battle back at the mansion so just do the same thing until Roxas finds that its no use and suddenly time freezes again *hears Hammer time in the background* and Roxas is warped to some strange place with creepy opera.

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