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« I contribute. »
Etymology BraviarySymbol - Crown.png + I dunno
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Role Contributor, Keyblade Master, Pokémon Trainer, bullet dodger, etc...
Homeworld The World That Never Was
Radiant Garden
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I am BraviDunno (Bravi for short). I'm a black orb with white glowy eyes. Sometimes that avatar has a human body wearing a hood with those same eyes, but oh wait that's not important, and maybe you'd imagine it looks like that Nightmare. Yep, my favorite KH character is that dream eater who makes just one single appearance in the whole series, as a pre-boss, and whose defeat means nothing to the plot. I mainly contribute about things related to KH3D, but also other games' gameplay stuff and, less often, story-related articles.


December 2014 Featured User Medal.png
The Featured User for the month of December is Braviaggron! He's made 223 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, and though he's a fairly new editor on the wiki, he's shown great ability and knowledge in the Kingdom Hearts series. He's helped with updating galleries to use the most recent renders of characters, and he's begun to help out with the Dream Drop Distance pages, too. He's also great to have on the wiki's IRC, and has even taught some of us a little French!
Written by KeybladeSpyMaster
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This Wayfinder has been awarded to Braviaggron
for being part of Team Éclair, who were the winners of
the user trivia contest of the 2014 End of Year Event.

Silly meme

Jebaited Riku face from Re:CoM PS4.