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Journal entries[edit]


The content of the KH entries change drastically throughout the game, so please fill in the missing spots as you are able. KHCOM stays the same, and KHII "fills out".
Sora's Story

The Power of Kairi's heart was what saved Sora. The strong bond between them became a light that pulled him back from the darkness. Promising he would come back, Sora returned to Hollow Bastion to seal the final Keyhole and save Riku.
The Keyhole was sealed, but Ansem and Riku were nowhere to be found. Ansem had left to fulfill his final plan. Sora and company followed him to a world shrouded in darkness. Destroying Ansem could restore all the worlds taken by the Heartless, but it would also mean those worlds being disconnected, as they once were.
Once, every world was isolated, divided from the others by impassable walls. The power of darkness demolished those walls. If the walls return, traveling to other worlds will no longer be possible. Sora may never see his friends again.
Still, he resolved to fight his way into the very core of darkness, where Ansem lies in wait. He believes no matter how deep the darkness, a light shines within.


After falling through a deep hole, Sora and company arrived in Wonderland and followed a white rabbit all the way to the Queen of Heart's castle. There they witnessed a trial in which the unreasonable queen falsely accuses Alice.
Angered by this injustice, Sora rushed in and challenged the queen. He and his friends found evidence proving Alice's innocence. But the queen simply accused them next, and ordered her card soldiers to seize them.
After fighting them off, Sora noticed that Alice had disappeared from her cage. While looking for her, he and his friends ran into the Trickmaster. They defeated the powerful monster, but Alice's whereabouts remained unknown.

Olympus Coliseum

Hades plotted to destroy Sora and Hercules, but failed. First, Cloud failed to carry out his orders, then Cerberus was defeated. But Hades did not give up on his goal—to rule the worlds as the king of darkness. He hosted the Hades Cup to deal with Sora personally. Overcoming tough trials, Sora and Company defeated Hades.

Deep Jungle

Sora and his friends sought to reach the gorilla's nesting grounds, but Clayton, possessed by the Heartless, stood in their way. He abducted Jane and hunted down the gorillas. In their final showdown, Sora and company defeated Clayton and an invisible monster named Stealth Sneak.
Sora finally gained Kerchak's trust and was allowed to go to the nesting grounds. Tarzan led everyone to a cavern with a mysterious keyhole. When Sora sealed it with the Keyblade, he found an unusual gummi block.
Although Sora and the others couldn't find their friends, the new gummi block should help them get to another world. Sora, Donald, and Goofy said goodbye to Tarzan and the others and continued with their journeys.


Hoping to take over Agrabah, Jafar took Jasmine and the lamp with him to the Cave of Wonders. Sora and his friends followed him there, where they encountered Maleficent. They learned that Maleficent and Jafar were rounding up the seven princesses, Jasmine being one, with the power to open the final Keyhole.
With Genies at his side, Jafar attacked Sora and company. Somehow, they defeated him, but could not find Jasmine. She had been abducted by someone else. They returned to Agrabah, where Aladdin freed Genie with his final wish and asked him to help Sora find Jasmine. Genie agreed and joined the party.


Inside Monstro, Sora and his friends ran into Pinocchio and Geppetto. Pinocchio wandered off, and when Sora found him, he also found Riku. It was a strange reunion, and Riku suddenly ran off with Pinocchio. Baffled by Riku's behavior, Sora followed them.
Amidst all the chaos, a Heartless attacked Pinocchio and left him lying motionless. Did it consume his heart? No way! His heart survived, and will remain strong as long as I do my duty as his conscience. Pinocchio awakened when I called his name. Riku fled the scene; leaving Sora bewildered by the change his friend.

Hundred Acre Wood

Sora was whisked away to the world of the Hundred Acre Wood, inside a book in Merlin's house. There he met Winnie the Pooh, who said all his friends had vanished. Some of the book's pages had been torn out. Taking his friends with them. Sora collected all the scattered pages and brought Pooh and his friends back together. A happy ending.


Ariel, a princess of Atlantica, yearned to go to other worlds. But her dream could not be realized as King Triton, her father, forbade such notions. Ursula took advantage of this to coax Ariel into leading her to Triton's trident, which she the seized for herself.
To atone for her mistake, Ariel went to Ursula's lair with Sora, Donald and Goofy to retrieve the trident. After her morays were defeated, Ursula used the trident's power to become a giant, but was vanquished in the end. With the trident's power, Sora found the keyhole and sealed it.

Halloween Town

Jack, the pumpkin king of Halloween Town, worked with Dr. Finkelstein and created a heart to control the Heartless for the Halloween festival. Oogie Boogie, plotting to use the heart to take over Halloween Town, had Lock, Shock and Barrel steals it.
When Sora and company arrived at his manor, Oogie Boogie tried to summon a swarm of Heartless with the heart, but failed. Evidently, the heart was incomplete. After Sora and his friends defeated him, Oogie Boogie turned into a giant monster, becoming one with his manor. However, he was beaten yet again and disappeared along with the manor. Sora sealed the Keyhole in Halloween Town.


Sora and company, trapped inside Hook's ship, searched for Kairi and Wendy, who were locked away somewhere below deck. When they found them, they learned that something was wrong with Kairi. She remained dormant, as if she had lost her heart.
Just when Sora thought Kairi was within reach, Riku snatched her away. Sora and the others pursued them to the main deck, where Hook and his men waited. With Peter Pan's help, they defeated the pirates, but Riku and Kairi were nowhere to be found. For no, Sora could only hope to see her again.
When he sealed the Keyhole at the clock tower, Sora found a gummi block. Will he be able to find Kairi again with his new block? With Tinker Bell now in the party, Sora and his friends continued with their Journeys.


Sora's Tale I

Our friends my be here...

It was that thought that led us to Castle Oblivion, where cards rule over all.

A mysterious man gave Sora a card, and using it took us to Traverse Town—of all places!

It turned out the town was just a figment of our own remembrances, the first world of many that lie in Sora's heart.

And so our journey through these worlds begins.

ii) Sora's Tale II

It seems we're slowly losing our memories of what happened before the castle. And all my notes about the last journey have vanished!

But in exchange, Sora is remembering other things he must have forgotten until now-like a girl he knew when he was little.

While fighting Larxene, Sora finally remembered the girl's name...


iii) Sora's Tale III

Sora pressed on in his search for Naminé, and can you believe it? He found Riku, his best friend whom we thought was lost.

Sora was so happy, but Riku attacked him just like that, saying, "I'll protect Naminé!"

What could he mean? Will something happen if Sora finds Naminé?

Sora is chasing after Riku...and the answers.

iv) Sora's Tale IV

So Sora's memories of Naminé were false...

Marluxia wanted Sora's hear and the strength within, so he used Naminé to create fake memories and place them in Sora's heart.

Larxene is gone, so we're going to the top floor to finish Marluxia. We want our memories back.

And Sora-he wants to keep the promise he remembers. Namie may not be his friend, but in his heart, protecting her is the only choice.




Guided by a voice calling out to him, Sora awoke in a mysterious old mansion. He must have been sleeping there for a long time, but he couldn't remember a thing.

Stepping outside, he found the town strangely familiar, even though he had never been there before.

Sora was wandering around Twilight Town as puzzled as ever when he met Hayner, Pence, and Olette in the back alley. They said they'd seen someone at the station who was looking for Sora and his friends. From the sounds of things, it must be the King.

Sora and his friends hurried to the station, but suddenly found themselves surrounded by swarms of foes. The black-clad warrior who rescued them from their predicament was none other than the King himself! There was little time to celebrate their reunion. "You gotta board the train and leave town!" said the King, who gave Sora a pouch of munny before disappearing. But if the King had been locked away in the realm of darkness and was safe and sound, that meant Riku must be, too. Sora made up his mind to search for Riku: "He and I can go back to the islands together. Kairi's there waiting for us!" Donald and Goofy agreed to come along too, of course.

It was time for them to set out on their next journey. Just like the King said, they had to take a train out of town; they said goodbye to Hayner and the others, who had come to the station to see them off.

It was a tearful farewell, even though Sora had only just met the three friends... Still feeling strangely sad, they rode the train to the base of a lonely tower.

Donald and Goofy knew the fellow at the tower entrance - Pete, who was never up to any good. The King had banished him to another dimension, but the sorceress Maleficent freed Pete, who served her now. He was gathering an army of Heartless and had his eye on making a Heartless out of the King's teacher, Master Yen Sid.

The tower was overflowing with Heartless. Master Yen Sid was waiting for Sora and his friends when they finally made their way to the top: "Chosen wielder of the Keyblade! You are the key that will open the door to light."

According to Yen Sid, the light was under a new threat from the enemies called "Nobodies." These were the empty shells left behind when someone with a strong heart became a Heartless, yet they had purpose and will they could act on. A group called Organization XIII was controlling these Nobodies, although their goals are still unknown. The King is on a journey to discover what exactly Organization XIII is trying to accomplish, and if they find the King, they'll likely know where Riku is, too.

Sora decided to go out in search of the King, but needed to change out of his too-small outfit first.

The three good fairies gave Sora enchanted garments in preparation for his journey.

All that was left was to set sail in the Gummi ship Master Yen Sid had prepared. If they opened the gates as indicated by the beam of light streaming from the Keyblade, new paths should appear one after the other, connecting the worlds once mre. Yes, everything is connected, even hearts that are far apart and out of reach. A new adventure awaits!

They arrived in Twilight Town again to find Vivi desperately searching for help.

Sora and friends ran to the sandlot and defeated the Nobodies who were threatening Seifer and his gang. Saix, a member of Organization XIII, appeared to give the group a warning. It seems Axel had gone AWOL and was aiming to turn Sora into a Heartless. He then made a fleeting remark about Riku before vanishing into the darkness. Seifer tried to get Sora to accept a trophy proclaiming him the strongest guy in town. That's when a flustered Pence came by and asked, "You know somebody named Kairi?"

Kairi had come to Twilight Town in search of Sora, but Axel had kidnapped her. "I gotta help Kairi!" Sora exclaimed. Just then the crystal from Seifer's trophy began to glow, and a new road was opened. Surely this road led to Kairi and Riku - and so believing, Sora and his friends were on their way to find them.

The box found in the realm of darkness held some ice cream and photos of the old mansion in Twilight Town.

Sora and his friends came by the mansion searching for clues, only to find Hayner and his friends recovering after being attacked by Heartless. Olette said they thought the old mansion was some kind of gateway to an alternate Twilight Town. "What do you mean, alternate?" For some strange reason, Sora and friends found they had duplicates of the handmade pouch and crystals that had supposedly been one of a kind. This proved that there was a Twilight Town "out there" that closely resembled the one "over here." "That other town must be where whatever's missing from here went!" said Pence. If Kairi had disappeared from this Twilight Town... could she be waiting in the other one? That's when the King appeared. He was on the trail of Ansem the Wise, who was heading for Organization XIII's stronghold. Though he was pretty vague about it, it sounded like Sora might be able to meet up with Riku if he tagged along, too.

According to the King, the old mansion's computer was connected to the Twilight Town "over there," where they should be able to find a way into the realm of darkness.

The computer was password-protected, but Sora and his friends remembered a likely hint: the ice cream that had been in the box with the photos of the mansion!

Turns out the password was "Sea-Salt Ice Cream." Entering the name of Ansem the Wise's favorite treat activated the device, which shot out a beam of light. The road to the other Twilight Town had been opened.

Sora and his friends arrived in the other Twilight Town and joined the King in his search for a way into the dark realm.

The entrance was an eerie gaping hole in the basement hall of the old mansion.

Sora and his friends headed into the darkness, but were beset by enemies on all sides. Axel was the one who got them out of their predicament. He apologized for kidnapping Kairi and put everything he had into wiping out the marauding foes. When Sora asked why, Axel muttered, "I just wanted to see Roxas again. He made me feel like I had a heart," before fading away. Though it had cost him his life, Axel had used every last drop of his strength to open the final path Sora had to follow - the path that led to the kidnapped Kairi.



Once again we came to Hollow Bastion. Things were different, but peace remained as far-off as ever.

While wandering through a town still plagued by Heartless, we were reunited with Yuffie.

"Welcome to the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee!" We were led to Merlin's house and found Leon and all our old friends there. Apparently they had all only recently remembered us. We agreed to help rebuild the town, but some big obstacles remained.

In Villain's Vale the Heartless were swarming, as Nobodies darted about. Sora was ready to take the entire horde on, but just then Organization XIII appeared, mocking Sora with puzzling words. But with no time to reflect on this, the Keyblade shone, opening the way to another world. Remembering Yen Sid's words, we set off once again.

Guided by Merlin, we returned to Hollow Bastion. And what did he have? The Book of Pooh!

But the Heartless tore out the pages, and Pooh's memories with them. To put things back in order, we had no choice but to find all the torn pages.

Thorns had appeared in Disney Castle. If we didn't hurry, it would fall to the darkness.

With Merlin's assistance, we found out a way to save Disney Castle.

Thanks to Sora and his friends, peace returned to the castle once more.

The Heartless and Nobodies in Hollow Bastion continued to grow in number.

Upon returning to Merlin's house, we learned of a computer Ansem used in his research.

What's more, we found out the King was with Leon!

But when we got to Ansem's study, there was no King and no computer.

The door to the computer room was concealed by a hidden switch.

Hardly computer savvy, Sora and Donald pounded on the computer's keys, until a strange device activated and sucked us all into a strange world.

The world we found ourselves in was the computer system itself! With the help of a security program named Tron, we got back to the outside world and began looking for the password to a dataspace inside the computer. Inside that dataspace was all of Ansem's research data.

Back in the outside world, we used scribbles on a blueprint ("Door to Darkness") and the King's own hints to figure out the password: the names of the Seven Princesses that were used to open that very door.

We headed back into the computer world to keep our promise to Tron.

We unlocked the dataspace and returned to Hollow Bastion. Now we could get the data inside the DTD.

But nearly all the data was corrupted, and no entries on Riku or Kairi were to be found. While poking around, we dug up someone's portrait. The King said it was Ansem, but he wasn't the Ansem we knew! The Ansem we knew was just the Heartless of someone who was pretending to be Ansem, and the Nobody of that same guy was the leader of Organization XIII. Whew! The King said he was searching for the real Ansem, who would know who the fake Ansem was. With all that said, the room lurched with a loud noise.

Outside, the Heartless and Nobodies were swarming into the town.

Leon and our other friends confronted the enemy horde. Everyone charged fearlessly into the sea of foes pouring from the valley's great maw.

And who showed his face at the end? Xemnas, leader of Organization XIII. His true identity was Xehanort, pupil of Ansem the Wise. Sora tried to ask about Riku and Kairi, but Xemnas told him to "ask your King" and disappeared into the darkness. Then Axel appeared, warning Sora that the Organization was using him. Lost for answers, Sora was surrounded by Heartless -- and then a ray of light appeared... Amidst much speculation, the battle drew to a tentative close.

Hollow Bastion was supposed to be at peace...

But something was wrong.

The MCP hijacked the computer system and sent Heartless after Heartless into the town.

We headed off to see Tron again.

The source of the crisis was the MCP, which hoped to seize power. After destroying the MCP, we recieved a present from Tron. It was a picture of the town in its early days. Seeing the old sights brought back our friends' memories. When the name Hollow Bastion came into use, they did not know - but the town's true name was "Radiant Garden."



We stopped by the castle, but the Beast wasn't being very friendly. It seemed all he was interested in was his precious rose.

We asked Belle what was going on.

Belle told us the Beast had been acting strange lately, and had locked up the servants in the dungeon.

We went to the west hall to rescue the servants and learn more.

But a wardrobe was blocking the door to the basement.

When we tried to move the wardrobe, it talked! It was a human who had been magically transformed. When an enchantress turned the young master, a prince, into a beast because of his cruelty, she transformed all of his servants as well.

We defeated the marauding door and entered the dungeon, where we found the enchanted servants.

Having served the Beast for many years, they believed Heartless had caused the change in his demeanor. We stepped up to the plate at the first mention of Heartless.

The servants showed us to a secret passage.

We opened the hidden door and headed for the Beast's room.

Inside was Xaldin from Organization XIII, stoking the flames of the Beast's anger. Enraged, the Beast set upon us, but he recovered his senses with the servants' help. The Beast worried that he had done something terrible to Belle while his mind was not his own.

Wanting to talk to Belle, the Beast went in search of her, but she was nowhere to be found.

Just then, her voice came from the ballroom, calling for help!

We fought the Heartless that had come after Belle. She was unharmed, although Xaldin escaped. The Beast apologized for his behavior and the two became closer than ever. Still, it may be some time before the spell is broken.

Peace had returned to the Beast's castle - for now...

We visited the castle again. The Beast was restless and ill at ease.

It was a special day indeed, when he would enjoy an elegant dance with Belle. As the dance was beginning, however, Xaldin appeared and said he had taken that which the Beast held "very dear."

Xaldin had taken the Beast's precious rose. Brokenhearted, the Beast tried to send Belle and us out of the castle. The rose was the key to breaking the spell cast on the Beast and his servants; it was their only hope.

But there was no time to mope. "Don't throw away your last chance," encouraged Sora. The Beast found the strength to fight again.

The fearless Xaldin looked down upon the revitalized Beast. "When Kingdom Hearts is ours, we can exist fully and completely."

Xaldin tried to kidnap Belle as a way of trapping the Beast, but she fought back. We seized that moment to defeat Xaldin. The rose was returned safely, and the Beast realized what was truly dear to him. Their dance began. The spell will surely be broken any day now...



We arrived a short distance from the Coliseum and spotted Heartless closing in on a woman.

It turned out to be Hercules' friend Megara, who was on her way to ask Hades to give Herc some time off. We were worried for her safety, so we headed for the Underworld in her place.

Meanwhile, Hades was trying to make the warrior Auron, who had been summoned from the Underworld, go up against Hercules. Auron refused. We arrived in time to help Auron fight Hades, but the curse of the Underworld sapped our strength.

After a bitter struggle, we managed to contain Cerberus and escape the Underworld. At the same time, Hades was looking for a way to use Sora's Keyblade to unlock the Underworld's coliseum.

We met up with Hercules at the Coliseum. When we told him we wanted to "teach Hades a thing or two," Herc offered to get us the Olympus Stone, which keeps its bearer safe from the power of the Underworld.

While Hercules was away, we trained hard under Phil's watchful eye.

When Herc returned, it was with a heavy heart.

The Olympus Stone had been stolen by someone dressed in black. Just then, Hades arrived to say he'd dragged Meg down into the Underworld. Herc wanted to go save her right away, but he had a match with the Hydra to worry about.

Phil, too, was attacked by someone in black. We were the only ones who could unravel this mystery.

Still suffering from the Underworld's curse, we made our way deeper into Hades' lair.

We found and defeated a member of Organization XIII and won back the Olympus Stone.

The curse could no longer touch us. Sora discovered a suspicious lock deep within the Underworld and unlocked it with the Keyblade.

That's where Meg was! But why did Hades look so happy as he left the scene? Hercules caught up to the party and distracted the enemy so we could take Meg back up to the surface. Meg, however, was worried about Herc.

We went back to lend a hand and take down Pete, who had been working for Hades. Hades left the party with these chilling words: "Maybe you should go check on that Hydra..."

Hercules was sure he'd defeated the Hydra, but it had revived somehow - and now the Coliseum was in ruins. Though we managed to get rid of the beast for good, Herc lost his will to fight. We were concerned, but all we could do was trust Meg to take good care of him.

Something huge and mysterious had appeared at the Underworld entrance.

The Underdrome that Zeus had locked up had apparently been unlocked and put back in business.

All of us, including Hercules, were forced to participate in the Hades Cup.

If we made it all the way to the finals, we would have to face Auron. Hercules was still down on himself, but kept moving up the ranks.

The final challengers were decided! But what was wrong with Auron? He was acting stange.

Hades, the big baddie we'd all been after, had been controlling Auron with a magical statue.

If we could find that statue, Auron's will would be his own again. We headed for the Underworld as Herc's clash with Auron commenced.

We finally found the statue, which contained remnants of Auron's difficult past. His heart was strengthened by the very suffering he had had to endure.

We recovered Auron's heart, and Herc's feelings for Meg restored his strength as well. We all worked together to defeat Hades once and for all, and our heroism was commemorated in a constellation that will shine brightly in the night sky forevermore.


Story: We ran into Iago, former lackey of our old nemesis, Jafar. He swore he was a new bird, and so we took him along to the palace to see Aladdin.

We found Jasmine, who was surprised and upset to see Iago. She must've suspected he was up to no good. Walking into town, we heard a peddler shout "Stop, thief!" He was chasing after Abu and Aladdin. It looks like Abu had swiped a lamp from the peddler. Aladdin returned it to its rightful owner... but that was the lamp with Jafar in it!

We couldn't let things stand like that, so we tried to get the peddler to give us the lamp. However, his asking price was a treasure fit for a sultan. We couldn't just go looting the palace to buy a measly lamp, though. Iago pointed out that there might be an appropriate treasure in the Cave of Wonders.

We arrived at the Cave of Wonders, former home of the magic lamp, in search of treasure.

We disarmed the traps set within the Cave and moved further in.

At long last, a staircase appeared before us.

We opened the door.

Just beyond it was a room filled with treasure! We chose a suitable prize and returned to Agrabah, but the peddler's shop was empty.

The peddler was being pursued by Pete, who wanted the magic lamp.

Pete conjured up some Heartless to nab the lamp, but they were no match for us. The lamp was sealed away, deep inside the palace. Maybe Iago really had gone straight after all...

Things should have been back to normal in Agrabah...

Jafar had returned - the peddler let him out of the magic lamp! Iago said he was in the desert ruins.

Iago led us to an oasis. A sandstorm blocked our way, but Genie's magic helped us get through and continue toward the ruins.

But Jafar was nowhere to be found. In fact, Iago had tricked us into going to the ruins. It was a scheme of Jafar's to get them away from the palace!

We rushed back to the palace and put an end to Jafar's evil ambitions. Genie restored the battle-scarred town, and peace returned once more.


Story: We arrived in a bamboo grove and spotted what looked like a huge Heartless nearby. It turned out to be Mushu, who had journeyed with us before. Sora met Mulan, and learned that Mushu is a guardian dragon for her family. She was pretending to be a man so she could join the Imperial Army and face the Huns.

Mulan attempted to join the army under the name Ping, but she was turned away. Sora proposed a way for Ping to prove himself: he must complete the captain's assignments as a test of his worth.

Ping worked hard on his assignments and grew ever stronger.

Although Ping was allowed to join the army, he still wasn't recognized as much of a soldier. That's when Mushu spotted Shan-Yu walking into a cave. Ping would be a hero if he could defeat the mighty Hun leader.

We helped Ping search the cave for Shan-Yu, but he was gone. We cleared out a swarm of Heartless who had appeared in the cave instead.

When we returned to camp to tell the captain of Ping's heroic deed, we found both the village and the troops had been decimated by Shan-Yu's army.

We faced off against the enemy army at the mountain peak. Ping devised an ace strategy for defeating both Shan-Yu and his Heartless hordes, but she was revealed to be a woman and expelled from the army.

Mulan was ready to give up and go back home. Then she spotted Shan-Yu, who she thought had been defeated, heading for the Imperial City.

The Emperor was in real trouble!

We arrived just in tie to defeat Shan Yu (sic) and keep the Emperor safe. Mulan was praised by both the Emperor and the Captain as China's bravest woman.

Peace reigned in the Land of Dragons... or did it?

We stopped by the village again and spotted someone dressed all in black.

Mulan joined us as we pursued the man to the mountain's peak.

Sora felt something as he came face to face with the man. Could it be Riku? He ran away before Sora could find out. A giant Heartless showed up instead, and it was headed for the Imperial City!

We ran toward the Imperial City, but everything was fine. A black-cloaked man had been spotted nearby.

We hurried to the palace.

The doors were shut tight, but Mulan's quick thinking got us inside, where we found the man in black...

"Riku?" The man revealed his identity after Sora called out to him. It was Xigbar from Organization XIII. We held off the enemies Xigbar sent after us.

We went to make sure the Emperor and the Captain were safe. They both said they had met a black-cloaked man earlier - and it wasn't Xigbar. Was it Riku? Just then a huge tremor shook the palace.

The giant Heartless we saw on the summit had arrived. We all worked together to defeat it and protect the Imperial City. Mulan's brave feats were recognized as she was asked to serve alongside the Captain. Sora was confident that Riku was all right.

7. 100 ACRE WOOD

Story: Sora was back in the Hundred Acre Wood once again.

Pooh was in front of his house, thinking hard about something or other.

When Sora spoke with Pooh, a strange force blew him back out of the book, which was about to be stolen by Heartless. Sora got it back and went inside, only to find that Pooh's house was all that was left.

Sora was relieved to learn that Pooh was safe and sound.

But something was wrong. The pages the Heartless had torn out had affected Pooh's memory. He could hardly remember a thing.

When Sora arrived with the torn page, a tree with a tiny door appeared.

Sora spotted Piglet being blown around by the wind.

Piglet was finally rescued, but was so stunned that Pooh had forgotten him that he was carried off by the wind yet again.

Sora tried to help Piglet, who had to jump down from a high perch. This courageous act jogged Pooh's memory a little: he remembered Piglet, but still didn't recognize Sora.

When Sora arrived with the torn page, a tree surrounded by a garden appeared.

Pooh didn't remember Eeyore, either. The donkey suspected Pooh's memory would improve with a full stomach, so he led him to a stash of honey.

But the honey didn't seem to help Pooh remember a thing. Rabbit, whose honey Pooh was eating, thought the bear might need even more of the sweet and gooey treat.

That didn't help, either. Watching Rabbit rack his brain, Pooh remembered both Rabbit and Eeyore, although Sora was still a stranger to him.

When Sora arrived with the torn page, a tree full of packages appeared.

Worried about Pooh, Kanga and Roo brought over some medicine for him, but Tigger bounced away with it.

Tigger suggested that Pooh's memory might return if everyone bounced together.

But Pooh's mind remained as blank as ever. Seeing the downhearted Tigger brought back Pooh's memories of the rest of his friends. Then, in a dream, Pooh seemed about to remember something else...

When Sora arrived with the torn page, a spooky-looking cave appeared.

It looked like Pooh had gone into the cave all by himself.

He had been looking for someone who'd made him a very special promise. That turned out to be Sora. Pooh and Sora took each other's hand and headed back happy, surrounded by their friends.

When Sora arrived with the torn page, a hill surrounded by a starry sky appeared.

Pooh had gotten his head stuck in a honey pot. Silly bear!

Pooh was looking for a way to keep Sora from leaving. "What should I do so you won't go far away?" he asked. Sora pointed to Pooh's heart and told him he'll always be right there.



We arrived in a gorge, only to be threatened by hyenas. We had to practice moving around so Sora, Donald, and Goofy could get used to their new jungle "attire."

Then they met Nala, a lioness cornered by Heartless. She told us about the sad state of her homeland, and Sora agreed to help make things right.

But according to the prophet, Rafiki, whoever saved the Pride Lands would be king. Sora just wasn't qualified.

As we started to leave the Pride Lands, we were surrounded by King Scar and his hyena henchmen, but Nala helped us escape. When Sora asked her if there was anyone else who could be king, she muttered, "If only Simba were here..."

Simba had fought alongside Sora a year earlier. Nala was thrilled to hear this news!

Scar had told Nala that Simba had died along with Mufasa, their last king. Just then, Rafiki appeared and pointed toward the oasis.

That's where Simba was.

Nala asked him to come back to the Pride Lands, but Simba declined, saying it was better to forget the past and live for today - "hakuna matata."

Simba had been blaming himself for his father's death when he saw a vision of his father, who gave him the courage to return to the Pride Lands.

Simba challenged Scar to a fight, during which he learned the truth: Scar had killed his father Mufasa. Simba roared with anger!

Simba defeated Scar and let out a roar of triumph from the Pride Rock overlook. The lionesses responded to his call as their new king ascended to his throne.

Simba is king of the Pride Lands.

We met up with the hyenas on the savannah. They could only laugh at the very mention of Simba, the new king. Thinking this was strange, we set off to see Simba when Scar's ghost appeared.

Although this may have been a sign that the kingdom was in decline, Simba seemed unwilling to take any action. His choice caused great unease among his subjects.

But Simba had a reason for his inability to act - he was tied up in thinking "What would my father have done?" We helped him realize that his own decisions were more important, and Simba regained his confidence as a leader.

According to Rafiki, Scar's ghost was a manifestation of Simba's weakness.

We headed for the elephant graveyard to learn just what the mystic mandrill meant by these words. We asked the hyenas about Scar's ghost, who suddenly reappeared. Simba ran away.

We gave Simba some much-needed encouragement, and he in turn realized how his many friends were there for him. Simba defeated Scar's ghost at last.

Simba rescued Nala from the hands of a giant Heartless, and peace reigned over sthe Pride Lands once again.



Sora and friends paid a visit to Atlantica, the kingdom under the sea, and got to see Ariel again.

Everyone was gearing up for a big musical, but Ariel just couldn't stay focused on rehearsals. Sebastian asked Sora, Donald, and Goofy to perform, but even then Ariel's mind seemed to be somewhere else.

It turned out she was curious about the human world. Flounder suggested showing her a statue he found, thinking it would cheer her up, since Ariel loves things from the surface.

Ariel was spellbound by Flounder's gift. It turned out to be a statue of the man she'd had her eyes on.

Ariel was in love with a human prince.

But he lived in the human world, and Ariel would have to become a human to be with him. Ursula convinced her to trade her voice for a chance to do so.

Ariel and Eric had a lovely time together... but Ursula had other plans. Sora stopped her from using Ariel's voice to steal Eric away, but King Tritan was transformed when trying to stand up for his daughter. Thankfully, Eric came to the rescue! He joined forces with Sora and his friends, and they defeated the sea witch.

Eric learned that Ariel is a mermaid, but that didn't change his feelings for her. They were meant to be together. Sebastian's musical was a big hit, with Sora, Donald, and Goofy playing major roles. Thus land and sea came together as one.



We stopped by Disney Castle, but something wasn't quite right.

Heartless had appeared in the peaceful castle. We got the specifics from Queen Minnie, then split up to get to the bottom of things.

Sora and Queen Minnie headed for the audience chamber, mowing down Heartless along the way.

The reason for the crisis was revealed in the Hall of the Cornerstone, hidden beneath the throne. The Cornerstone of Light that kept the castle peaceful was being overgrown by thorns. This was Maleficent's doing!

We took Queen Minnie's advice and headed for Hollow Bastion. Merlin created a mysterious door for us. He said we could restore the castle by closing another door beyond this one.

We stepped into the world beyond the mysterious door, where we came face to face with a rather nostalgic black-and-white world.

The door was connected to the past. Maleficent and Pete wanted to change the past and make the castle their own, but we put an end to their devious plans, and the castle was peaceful once more.



We made our way through Merlin's door and into a black-and-white world on a quest to save the castle.

We ran into Pete, but he was a completely different person. Maybe he wasn't the one who fooled with the castle. While searching for another mysterious door, we discovered a suspicious window. We tugged on the pull cord and saw what had happened in this world moments before we arrived.

We knocked on another window and saw Maleficent angrily scolding... someone.

Yet another window showed a door identical to the one Merlin had made. It must lead to the same black-and-white world.

Finally we learned the truth: these mysterious doors were connected with the past - and that's exactly where we were.

The final window showed Pete not as he was when we first met him in this world, but as old Pete the villain.

We brought Pete's boat to a halt and kept the Cornerstone of Light safe from harm.

Sora's Keyblade sealed the door shut, so Pete wouldn't be able to come back to the past. The Cornerstone of Light was returned to its rightful home, banishing darkness from the castle for good.



When we arrived at Port Royal, there was some kind of disturbance down at the harbor.

There we found Pete and a crew of undead pirates. They said something about a medallion and headed into town.

We followed them just in time to see the governor's daughter Elizabeth get kidnapped by the pirates. We went after them along with a young man named Will.

But the pirates had already set sail. We managed to persuade Jack Sparrow, a lone pirate we met at the harbor, to take the Royal Navy's Interceptor and go after the pirate's ship, the Black Pearl.

Meanwhile Barbossa was divulging his secret: because they stole certain Aztec medallions, he and his crew were put under a horrible curse. To break the curse, all the medallions must be restored to their chest and the blood repaid...

It turned out the Black Pearl was Jack's boat, which Barbossa had stolen. The reason Jack helped us was so he could get his boat back. With compass in hand, Jack guided the Interceptor across the seas... We arrived at Isla de la Muerta, the resting place for the cursed gold. We were told to watch the boat while Will and Jack set off to rescue Elizabeth, but when no one returned, we started to worry. Inside the island cave, the raucous pirates stood before all the medallions they had finally tracked down. Now the blood could be repaid, and the curse broken...

...except that Elizabeth's blood had no effect at all. While the pirates bickered over their plight, Will escaped with Elizabeth.

The truth came to light on the way back to Port Royal. The key to breaking the curse wasn't Elizabeth's blood, but that of Will's father - the blood of a pirate. The blood to be repaid ran in Will's veins. The scheming Barbossa tracked down the Interceptor, kidnapping Will and rigging the ship with gunpowder.

All of us, including Jack, were in a real pinch, but together we overcame the crisis and set off to rescue Will.

Our battle with Barbossa ended in victory, and thanks to Jack himself being cursed, no less! Will and Elizabeth were elated to be together again, and Jack set sail on the Pearl once more.

The town looked peaceful - but was it?

Our return to Port Royal was once again met with some sort of fuss down at the harbor.

The curse was supposed to be lifted, but sure enough, undead pirates were the source of the ruckus. With Jack's help we put them in line, and then Elizabeth showed up. Will, thinking the medallions might be the source of the problem, set off for Isla de Muerta.

We went out to sea per Elizabeth's wishes, and found Will drifting on a shipwreck. He said Organization XIII took the medallions.

Jack wanted nothing to do with it, but then a member of the Organization showed up. He invoked "parley" from the Pirates' Code and made off with several of the gold medallions. In all the fuss we were attacked by a monster, and the Interceptor was sunk.

We washed up in a ship graveyard. For some reason, Jack alone had fallen under the monster's curse.

"They're making pirates look like proper gents," said Jack, as we set off after the Organization and the gold. The final battle was to be in Port Royal.

We defeated the monster and removed Jack's curse. The Organization got away, but Port Royal would be at peace once the Aztec gold was at the bottom of the sea. The legendary pirate Jack Sparrow set off on the Black Pearl for another adventure.


Story: We stopped by Halloween Town, puzzled by its new appearance.

Obsessed with Christmas, Jack had decorated the town in the hopes of handling the holiday himself this year. Unaware of Sally's feeling of dread, Jack set off to see Santa Claus.

Just then, Heartless appeared in town. "How is Santa supposed to relax with all this going on?" Jack fretted, and asked us to be Santa's bodyguards.

Santa lived in Christmas Town, where a colorful scene unfolded before us as we walked through the gates.

But there were Heartless here, too. We fought as one and made our way to Santa's house.

We were happy to see that Santa was safe and sound when a loud noise came from a back room.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel were spotted running out of the toy workshop.

We followed the trio's footsteps back to Halloween Town and found the three pranksters, who said Oogie had returned - just before running away. It was then that the party learned that Maleficent had brought Oogie back to life! Sally's intuition had been right on. The newly revived Oogie kidnapped Santa!

We hurried back to Christmas Town in pursuit of Oogie.

Oogie was trying to take over the toy workshop, but we defeated him handily. With that taken care of, Jack told Santa that he'd like to deliver the presents this time. Santa reminded Jack that he had his own special role to play, so Jack returned to his post as the Pumpkin King.

Christmas was right around the corner.

We stopped by Halloween Town and found presents scattered all over the place. We returned them to Santa, who said they had been stolen. We were about to set out with Jack to find the culprit when we heard a noise come from the toy workshop.

We went into the workshop, where we found Lock, Shock, and Barrel, who said they were only looking for parts for the doctor's experiment. Sally arrived and said that Heartless had appeared in the town square. Could they have been responsible?

The Heartless didn't steal any presents. And now the doctor's experiment had been stolen, too. Who on earth could the thief be? We would have to lure them in somehow. We borrowed Santa's workshop to make decoy presents.

We used these presents to set a trap for the thief.

The plan was a great success! We caught the thief right away - and it turned out to be the doctor's experiment. It had been searching for a heart of its own in all the wrapped presents. As the snow fell, Jack recieved a precious gift from Sally, who shared her feelings with him.



When we fiddled with Ansem's computer, the MCP sucked us into the computer system. Caught by Commander Sark, we were sent to a pit cell, where we met Tron, a security program.

With Tron's help, we broke out of the cell and headed for the energy core in the canyon.

We needed it to restore power to the terminal leading back to the outside world.

With everything for our return journey in order, Tron asked us a favor.

To gain access to the dataspace known as the DTD, we needed to find Tron's user and ask him the password. And the User? None other than Ansem.

Back in the outside world, we used scribbles on a blueprint ("Door to Darkness") and the King's own hints to figure out the password: the names of the Seven Princesses that were used to open that very door.

Tron tried the password right away, unlocking the dataspace, but the MCP sent a hostile program, putting the town itself in danger.

We hurried to the I/O tower, but the program remained undisrupted.

By destroying the hostile program, we were able to save the town.

After the battle, Tron told us more about Ansem. Both Tron and the MCP were improved by Ansem, but why would the same person restore two opposing programs? The mysteries remained, but we figured we'd find the answer eventually. Having gained a special connection to Tron, we returned to the outside world.

Things should have calmed down in the computer world...

The town was facing a crisis because of the MCP, so we headed back into the computer world.

It seemed the MCP was ready to wage all-out war against the Users. Reunited with Tron, we went to download a program designed to destroy the MCP for good.

Leon was doing his part in the outside world, too.

At the I/O tower, we downloaded the program, powering up Tron and getting us access to a solar sailer in the process.

The final battle was at hand... We boarded the solar sailer and headed for the MCP's mesa.

We defeated Sark, and thwarted the MCP's plans to conquer all. We made a promise with Tron to meet again and parted ways. Tron used his control of the system to send us a gift: a view of the town in its early days.


Axel used the last of his strength to help us escape the darkness. We then found ourselves in a town bathed in eerie moonlight. It seemed Kairi was being held in the dungeon of this town's castle.

We were on our way to the castle when a man in a black coat blocked our path. He was wielding a Keyblade and bragging about how he'd defeated Riku... but Sora was the only one who saw him. "Tell me. Tell me why he picked you!" he said,and after losing his battle with Sora, disappeared - looking somehow satisfied.

Organization XIII's Saix was waiting for us in the pitch-black castle, and pointed at the moon in the night sky. But that was no moon - it was Kingdom Hearts, and it must have absorbed countless hearts to grow to that size. "The Organization doesn't need you anymore," Saix scoffed, and summoned masses of Heartless to do Sora in.

That's when we heard an old familiar voice: Kairi! But there was no time to celebrate, as the enemies kept coming in droves. Kairi stepped in to end the battle and rescue Sora. The one who had lent a hand to Kairi was the false Ansem: Xehanort, apprentice to Ansem the Wise. Sora was at a loss... and then there was the fact that Organization XIII's Xigbar called him Roxas. Defeating Xigbar, however, brought Sora no closer to the truth.

Sora finally pushed through the throngs of Heartless and made his way to Kairi. Watching over the two as they embraced in joyous reunion was Xehanort's Heartless - Riku. DiZ, who had observed the battle, told the King his true identity. DiZ was the real Ansem the Wise, and his apprentice Xehanort's Nobody was Xemnas, leader of Organization XIII. We had already defeated Xehanort's Heartless in battle once before, when he went by the name "Ansem, Seeker of Darkness." After his defeat, however, he latched on to Riku's heart and began drawing him into the darkness. Though Riku didn't give in to the darkness, he needed to use its power. "Riku chose that form so he could harness the power of darkness." Everyone agreed with Sora: "You're still Riku, no matter what!" If the battle was what was keeping the power of darkness around, it was time to finish that fight once and for all.

After taking on Luxord and Saix, we learned the truth about Roxas. "Roxas... is your Nobody, Sora." Roxas had been taken in by Xemnas and made a member of Organization XIII, but, wanting to meet Sora, had seemingly abandoned the shady group. "I wish I could've met him too," muttered Sora; Riku pointed to Sora's heart, indicating that Roxas was within. Meanwhile, the King and Ansem the Wise were using a device to try to stop Kingdom Hearts, but it began to malfunction. It seemed no one could contain the power of hearts within the massive Kingdom Hearts... Once Ansem realized the truth about the human heart, he decided to listen to what his own heart was telling him. He accepted his fate at the hands of the device, which had run amok and was going to explode. The explosion scattered the hearts that had amassed within Kingdom Hearts, raining them down on us all. When the "heartshower" had lifted, Riku had regained his true form.

Maleficent and Pete opened the path to the final battle. They, too, had chosen to do what their hearts commanded, and no one could interfere with their resolve. We joined together to battle Xemnas. When we cornered him, he extracted the power of Kingdom Hearts and vanished. The worlds would be in great danger if we just let him escape! A door appeared in a brilliant flash of light, just waiting for us. "The worlds opened this path for us. Looks like they're dependin' on us to make sure they stay safe." With strong hearts, we went on to fight our final battle, our dear friends by our side.


Twilight Town
  1. A Message: Thank Naminé.
  2. Awakening: Sora awakens from a long slumber and reunites with friends Donald and Goofy
  3. The King's Teacher: The mysterious tower was inhabited by Yen Sid, the king's teacher
  4. Kairi Arrives: Kairi arrived in Twilight Town in her search for Sora
  5. The Road Onward: Sora's Keyblade began to glow and a path to another world was opened
  6. Another World: Sora and friends had traveled to an alternate Twilight Town
  7. Into the Darkness: Axel's power revealed the path leading to Organization XIII's headquarters
  8. Recorded Data
The Radiant Garden
  1. The Committee: Leon and friends prepared for the reconstruction of Hollow Bastion
  2. Organization XIII: Members of Organization XIII stood on Sora's way
  3. The Journey Begins: The Keyblade opened a new gate between the worlds
  4. Ansem the Wise: Sora and friends hadn't defeated the real Ansem, but his apprentice Xehanort.
  5. Battle Royale: Swarms of Heartless and Nobodies descended on Hollow Bastion
  6. A King Decides: The King took a stand in the midst of a fierce battle
  7. Heartless Again: The once peaceful town was invaded by Heartless yet again
  8. Its True Name: Peace reigns anew, and all remember the town's true name: Radiant Garden

Album Reunion with Beast: Sora and his friends see the Beast again, but he's obsessed with his rose The Castle Secret: The dungeon held servants who had been transformed into household items The Beast Decieved: The Beast was misled by Organization XIII Ballroom Battle: Sora and friends fought the Heartless attacking Belle in the ballroom Dressed-Up Duo: The two dressed in their very finest for a fancy formal dance, but... The Most Precious: His rose stolen, the forlorn Beast orders Belle to leave the castle Belle's Victory: Belle seizes just the right moment to get the rose back from Xaldin Together Forever: Belle smiles at the Beast's words: "Belle, I'd like you to stay."

Album Auron vs. Hades: Auron is called from the Underworld to be an assassin, but refuses to cooperate Heroic Reunion: Sora and friends reunite with the hero Hercules at the Coliseum Megara the Captive: Sora goes to rescue Meg and fights Pete, who is in cahoots with Hades Destroyed Coliseum: The once-defeated Hydra returns to destroy the Coliseum The Hades Cup: Hades plots to put the weakened Hercules in his Hades Cup tournament Hades' Puppet: Hades was controlling Auron so he could do away with Hercules The Hero Returns: Hercules rescues Megara and feels like a real hero again Heroes at Last: Sora and friends become honorary heroes

Album The Lamp Thief: Aladdin was chasing Abu and the lamp through the streets of Agrabah Quest for Treasure: Sora and friends headed for the Cave of Wonders to get a treasure for the peddler Ordeals Overcome: The Cave of Wonders held mountains of treasure Bottled Up: The lamp Jafar was trapped in was safe deep in the palace basement Jafar Is Released: The peddler released Jafar from his lamp prison The Flying Carpet: Sora and friends ride Carpet to the ruins to face Jafar Jafar's Trap: Iago led them to the ruins, but Jafar was nowhere to be seen Working His Magic: Genie restores Agrabah after the destructive battle with Jafar

Album Mushu and Ping: The bamboo grove held Mushu and Mulan - or "Ping" - who was pretending to be a man Avalanche!: To defeat Shan-Yu, Mulan used a cannon to cause a huge avalanche Mulan Revealed: When Captain Shang discovers Mulan is a woman, he dismisses her from the army China's Bravest: The Emperor thanked Mulan for defeating Shan-Yu and saving China A Man in Black: Sora spots a man in a black coat on Tung-Shao The Earth Shakes: The Heartless that emerged from Tung-Shao flew toward the city Could It Be Riku?: The black-coated man at the palace wasn't Riku, but Xigbar from Organization XIII Good Friends: Mulan is recognized for her efforts and now serves the Emperor alongside Captain Shang

Album Memories Lost: The Heartless tore up the storybook and now Pooh can't remember a thing Memories Found: Pooh's memories of his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood started coming back Sora Remembered: Pooh suddenly remembered Sora I'm Always Here: Sora promises Pooh and friends: "I'll always be with you - right here."

Album Animal Kingdom: Sora and friends arrive at the Pride Lands, the kingdom of the animals Reunion with Simba: The three reunite with Simba Finding Yourself: Simba overcomes the past and takes a stand to save the kingdom The New King: Having defeated Scar, Simba becomes the new king of the Pride Lands Scar's Phantom: Scar's ghost was showing up throughout the kingdom Losing Yourself: Cornered by Scar's ghost, Simba loses his self-confidence Simba, Renewed: A heartened Simba resolves to rule the kingdom in his own way Giant Heartless: Scar's ghost became a giant Heartless and attacked the Pride Lands

  1. A Chance Meeting: Ariel rescues a drifting Eric on a stormy night
  2. Ariel the Human: Ariel signs a contract with Ursula, trading her beautiful voice in exchange for human form
  3. Battle with Ursula: Wielding the trident, the super-sized Ursula attacks Sora
  4. Two Worlds Now One: Ariel's wishes come true as land and sea come together at last
Disney Castle
  1. Disney Castle: Sora arrives at Disney Castle, guided by Queen Minnie's fervent wish
  2. Meeting the Queen: Sora and friends speak with the Queen about the trouble at the castle
  3. The Cornerstone: Maleficent was behind the thrones filling the Hall of the Cornerstone
  4. Peace Returns: By protecting the Cornerstone in the past, the castle grew peaceful once more
Timeless River
  1. Pete?: Pete in the black-and-white world was the Pete of the past
  2. The King?: Sora and friends fought the Heartless and rescued the King of the past
  3. Pete and RePete: Pete fought with his past self over his own steamboat
  4. All Aboard!: As thanks for recovering the steamboat, Sora got to take it for a spin
Port Royal
  1. Steadfast Friends: Sora and friends go with Will in search of the pirates who took Elizabeth
  2. The Undead Curse: Cursed treasures made the pirates horrifically skeletal in the moonlight
  3. A Close Call: Barbossa's scurvy scheming put Sora and friends in a real fix
  4. Lifting the Curse: Jack used the power of the curse to defeat his old nemesis Barbossa
  5. The Curse Returns: The curse should have been lifted, but the undead pirates were back again
  6. Parley!: Luxord of Organization XIII sees his chance to call a Heartless
  7. To Port Royal: Determined to put a stop to the Organization, Jack, Sora, and friends head for Port Royal
  8. Battle Spoils: After sinking the Aztec gold, Jack asks for the Keyblade as a reward
Halloween Town
  1. Merry... Halloween?: Jack was all fired up about bringing Christmas to Halloween Town
  2. Sandy Claws: Sora meets Santa Claus in Christmas Town
  3. Oogie's Back: Maleficent brought the malevolent Oogie Boogie back to life
  4. Santa Jack: Santa helps Jack remember what he does best
  5. The Present Thief: Accused of stealing presents, Jack goes in search of the real thief
  6. Mischievous Trio: Lock, Shock, and Barrel had nothing to do with the theft
  7. The Real Culprit: Dr. Finkelstein's experiment had pilfered the presents
  8. From the Heart: What counts isn't what's in the present, but the act of giving it
Space Paranoids
  1. Meeting Tron: Sora and friends meet Tron inisde a computer program
  2. Playing the Game: Commander Sark forces Sora and friends onto the game grid
  3. Hostile Program: The MCP extracts a program from the dataspace that will destroy the town
  4. Tron's User: Ansem the Wise produced Tron and the MCP
  5. MCP Runs Amok: The MCP churned out Heartless to invade the real-life town
  6. The Solar Sailer: Sora and friends ride the solar sailer toward the MCP's central computer core.
  7. MCP Face-Off: Sora and friends have a showdown with the MCP
  8. Farewell, Tron: Tron bids his new friends farewell
The World That Never Was
  1. A Man in Black: A man in a black coat suddenly appears. But who is he really...?
  2. Reunion: His journey over, Riku reunites with Sora and Kairi, but has taken Ansem's form
  3. What Will Happen?: When Kingdom Hearts exploded, Riku got his old look back
  4. The Final Door: Xemnas, the last member of Organization XIII, vanished through the final door

Can we change "katakana" in the template?[edit]

While most world names are written in katakana, there are a few that are not, and it would be more accurate to just have the template say "japanese" or something similar. Tursiops (talk) 20:20, 14 May 2013 (UTC)

that wouldn't reduce code length at all, so what's the point? Readers don't see the parameters anyway."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 20:45, 14 May 2013 (UTC)
It still displays "katakana" on the page though, which is what I'm asking about - see Sleeping Worlds, Realm of Darkness, etc. Does changing the display require a lot of recoding? Tursiops (talk) 05:09, 15 May 2013 (UTC)
I don't think the coding is the issue, it's the whole "fix every page to be like this one" that's the issue. Granted, we have the bot, but will it change anything else that uses a "katakana=" parameter? You have wormed your way to the very nadir of repugnance. - Erry 11:36, 15 May 2013 (UTC)
I changed the display to "Kana", but left it as "katakana" in the coding, so pages won't break. --Sove 11:37, 15 May 2013 (UTC)

Other Worlds[edit]

I have a problem with this: Land of Departure is listed under COM and not under BBS. Though technically Land of Departure is the same thing as Castle Oblivion, it's never recognised as the Land of Departure in COM so I think LoD should be moved to the BBS section. It's the same reason we list Disney Town/ Castle or Radiant Garden/ Hollow Bastion separately. TheFifteenthMember 15:51, 18 October 2013 (UTC)

But Disney Town/Castle and Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion aren't listed separatly. 20:25, 18 October 2013 (UTC)
Oh... I assumed they were. In that case, all of them should be changed to suit the game where that world was recognised. So, Timeless River (KHII), Disney Castle (KH), Disney Town (BBS), Hollow Bastion (KH), Radiant Garden (KHII). TheFifteenthMember 20:37, 18 October 2013 (UTC)
Except they're the same world. We bundle them together to make that clear."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 04:54, 22 October 2013 (UTC)
Following up on this -- Olympus presents a question -- KHUX especially treat Olympus Coliseum and the Underworld as equal halves of the world, and now Olympus in KH3 is presented as the "total" world. Also, should Mysterious Tower be treated as part of Twilight Town, or is the note that Nomura gave in the ultimania to treat that as a happenstance?"We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 15:20, 19 October 2018 (UTC)

Dark World[edit]

If this is being used for the Realm of Darkness (and not just a specific section), doesn't it technically appear in KH, on the other side of the door?"We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 18:33, 1 February 2019 (UTC)

The Final World is in the wrong tab[edit]

It shows up in Kingdom Hearts I worlds instead of III 22:46, 7 February 2020 (UTC)

KH3 implies the Dive to the Heart is part of The Final World, and that first appeared in KH1. TheSilentHero 17:29, 8 February 2020 (UTC)