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Swing Fling

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Swing Fling
(ジャイアントスイング Jaianto Suingu?, lit. "Giant Swing")
Gif of Swing Fling
Attack foes while your Spirit swings you around. Use Circle Pad to steer.
Attack Element Power Reaction
Status Link Gauge Use
Swing Attack icon Physical 1.0 2 10%
Fling Attack icon Physical 4.0 4 10%
Link Gauge Usage Combo Length

Swing Fling is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It allows the user to grab onto their Spirit and spin around.


Swing Fling is a Link Attack that drains the Link Gauge by 10% for every rotation. It deals Physical damage and the direction can be controlled with Circle Pad. After 10 rotations or when pressing the A, the Spirit will fling Sora toward the enemy, dealing Physical damage, and ending the Link Attack.

Learning Swing Fling[edit]

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]