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This page contains a list of quotes said by Yuna, Rikku, and Paine during the course of Kingdom Hearts II.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]


  • "Excuse me, are you with the Restoration Committee?"
    asking Sora and company.
  • "What's Leon's gang up to?"
    talking to Sora.
  • "Our leader, of course!"
    talking about Maleficent.
  • "So sorry about this!"
    before leaving.
  • "Does this Leon have any treasure?"
    wondering whether Leon has any treasure or not.
  • "Oh, we're nothing worth mentioning."
    when Sora asks them who they are.
  • "Liars!"
    after meeting Sora and company again in the Postern.
  • "We're just going to take YOUR treasure."
    bargaining with Sora and company for lying.
  • "Okay, we've decided! The Gullwings are taking all your items!"
    talking to Sora and company.
  • "So it wouldn't really be right if we took your things."
    talking to Sora and company.
  • "Bye! Good luck on your journey!"
    before they leave.


  • "Scoop!'
    Rikku about the current situation.
  • "Well, that was PRET-ty lame of her."
    conversing with Yuna and Paine.
  • "Just three treasure fanatics."
    when Sora asks them who they are.
  • "Later, taters!"
    when they disappear again.
  • "Riches! Riches! I'm so happy! ...Ah! You!?"
    singing before meeting Sora at the Postern.
  • "Leon doesn't have any treasure!"
    Rikku talking about Leon.
  • "Hmm... let's take a look!"
    when taking a look at Donald.
  • "Hey, Yunie. I took a look, and sure enough..."
    before whispering to Yuna.
  • "We'll root for you. Here, this is from us."
    before summoning the treasure chest.


  • "Don't mind her. I assure you, we come in peace."
    when covering Rikku's mouth.
  • "Okay, fine. You do the talking."
    before leaving.
  • "I guess we picked the wrong side."
    conversing with Yuna and Rikku.
  • "Hey, Rikku! Stop that singing and listen to... ...Huh? You!?"
    Paine talking to Rikku before meeting Sora at the Postern.
  • "And we fought for you guys."
    talking to Sora and company.
  • "Forget about it. Leon told us the whole story. He said your journey's been pretty rough."
    talking to Sora and company.