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This page contains a list of quotes said by Vexen during the course of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts III.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix[edit]

  • "Zexion! Zexion!"
    rushing towards Zexion.
  • "Where is Lord Xemnas?"
    asking Zexion on Xemnas's whereabouts.
  • "The Chamber of Repose?"
    bewildered at Zexion's answer.
  • "That isn't funny. I suppose I have no choice but to wait. But the clock is ticking. Time is running out. What to do? Why is he never around when I need him? It's almost as if he knows I'm looking for him."
    angered by Zexion's reply and contemplating on why Xemnas would never be around for him.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

  • "A Keyblade wielder... This could prove quite enlightening."
    on Day 9.
  • "Hee hee... Interesting... So much to inspect... To dissect..."
    on Day 11.
  • "Hee hee... It appears my conclusions were, once again, flawless."
    on Day 12.
  • "You're mine today, Roxas."
    when on a paired mission with Roxas.
  • "Now, listen carefully. Your mission today is to perform reconnaissance in this area."
    talking about the mission.
  • "Oh, there's far more to the Organization than that, boy. Our work wouldn't go half as smoothly if we didn't gather the needed intelligence beforehand. Fortunately, you are in good hands. I will be by your side today to help stimulate that insensate mind of yours. First, take a look around the immediate area, and report anything unusual you find. And don't go wandering too far until you've carefully examined the clues closest at hand."
    talking about reconnaissance work.
  • "You guess? Are you daft? What else would it be?"
    when Roxas guesses that a clothes shop sells clothes.
  • "Anyone can see that."
    talking about one of Roxas's observations.
  • "Fascinating... And? We'll never get anywhere with you simply stating the obvious."
    talking about one of Roxas's observations.
  • "That's your job to find out, idiot. The point isn't to wander around gawking. Analyze what you see."
    talking about one of Roxas's observations.
  • "Is that all? You should have figured out that much when you got here."
    talking about one of Roxas's observations.
  • "What, because you saw a couple of shops?"
    if Roxas says business is booming.
  • "Could be? Are you asking me or telling me?"
    talking about one of Roxas's observations.
  • "Roxas, you are looking but not seeing. Here's what I see: This whole town was built along a mountain. That's why the roads slope. Houses have been built along the terrace. And at the top is a station. The trains there are the town's primary system of transit. Up there, see that clock tower? That's the station building. Based on its location, we know the tracks are probably elevated. And this must be downtown. All these shops in one place... Now, what about this path you pointed out? Trams must run here. See, look closer. There are marks."
    talking about Twilight Town.
  • "But that's just it! I only stated what I saw. There was no "figuring" involved. That's the next step: analyzing the data you find. The clothing and jewelry shops tell us how these people live. This whole town is a blueprint of their lives."
    talking to Roxas about Twilight Town.
  • "Distressing. Very distressing. Your mind wasn't made for this, was it? Well, you're not off the hook yet, boy. If I let you quit with these results, I'll be the laughingstock of the castle."
    talking to Roxas about his mission performance.
  • "Follow this path and investigate the remainder of the area. And stay on the path, if you please! Everything you need to know about this plaza lies along it—provided you are capable of connecting the dots."
    talking about the mission.
  • "Note the number over the door. That's this gate's designation."
    talking about one of Roxas's observations.
  • "Precisely. Four, not one. Which means there are multiple gates."
    talking about one of Roxas's observations.
  • "You don't have to open every door we pass, you know. Try to remember that we run a covert operation. The town may be quiet, but it's not empty. If you allow yourself to be seen, YOU'LL become the target of investigation."
    while performing reconnaissance.
  • "Easy to get lost? Your job is to be mentally mapping this place! Think of this as a landmark. Consider it a clue."
    while performing reconnaissance.
  • "We're investigating the town now. Did they not teach you about these barricades?"
    when Roxas looks towards the woods during the mission.
  • "Then you should have already pieced together what the entrance is for."
    talking about one of Roxas's observations.
  • "All right, then, what have you learned?"
    talking about the mission.
  • "Anything else?"
    asking Roxas what he learned.
  • "Never mind. Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself. You're showing some improvement, at least, even if your natural talents do fall woefully short of my own."
    talking to Roxas after the mission.
  • "You're done, boy. Go ahead and RTC."
    talking to Roxas.
  • "Oh? Is that so? Then take all the time you like. But don't hold yourself up to my standards. Little steps for little minds."
    when Roxas says he needs more time.
  • "But why would they leave this space open? They must have a reason. It's kept clean, which means what?"
    talking about one of Roxas's observations.
  • "Precisely. Finally, a glimmer of insight!"
    talking about one of Roxas's observations.
  • "At last, a modicum of intelligence. My teaching is paying off!"
    talking about one of Roxas's observations.
  • "Hmm, not bad. You're finally starting to see the bigger picture. But while I applaud your effort, you need to be able to see these things at first glance."
    talking about the mission.
  • " Your goal should be to gather the maximum amount of data in the minimum amount of time. Spend too much dallying, and you risk being seen. Sometimes the locals will be wary. You need to be warier."
    talking about reconaissance work.
  • "Today's mission was just an exercise. I am satisfied. Let's return."
    talking to Roxas when he fully completes his mission.
  • "That concludes today's mission. Any questions or concerns?"
    talking to Roxas when he fully completes his mission.
  • "Whenever the Organization needs to know more about a world, naturally. Every world is unique, with its own terrain, values, Heartless population--any number of variables that could be turned to our advantage in the missions ahead."
    talking about worlds.
  • "Yes, boy. You didn't think you'd be mulling about here forever, did you? You will visit many worlds for many reasons...but our ultimate goal remains the same."
    talking to Roxas about other worlds.
  • "That's right. Now come along."
    before leaving the mission.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

  • "Axel is right. That was an ungainly performance, Larxene. Humbled by someone of such limited significance. You shame yourself and the Organization."
    to Larxene.
  • "I came to lend a hand. I remain unconvinced of any potential in this "hero" you've been coddling. Perhaps an experiment would put my doubts to rest."
    to Axel and Larxene.
  • "I'm a scientist. Experimentation is what I do."
    to Larxene.
  • "Follower? I'll have you know he's the product of much research."
    to Axel about Riku Replica.
  • "Hmph. I see I'm wasting my time."
    to Larxene and Axel.
  • "Hold your tongue!"
    to Larxene.
  • "You're hardly one to talk, you conniving little—"
    to Larxene.
  • "Disappoint YOU? You presume too much, No. 11. I am No. 4, and I will not stand for your snide remarks!"
    talking to Marluxia.
  • "No... Please, don't! I beg of you! Leave him out of this!"
    talking to Marluxia about Xemnas.
  • "No...I mean...but... Why would you want that?"
    to Marluxia about eliminating Sora.
  • "That's no way to greet a stranger, Sora. I am Vexen. I've come to collect your debt."
    upon meeting Sora and company.
  • "Oh, but you do. You owe me for reuniting you with your former friend."
    to Sora.
  • "Yes. I am the one who brought Riku to you."
    to Sora.
  • "I see no need to tell you. Why trouble you in your final moments?"
    before battling him for the first time.
  • "Splendid! As expected, you don't die so easily."
    to Sora.
  • "You'll yet have your chance. As we fought, I delved deep into your memory...and look what I found. This is a card crafted from memories locked in the other side of your heart. If you want to fight me for real, then step into the world within this card!"
    before vanishing.
  • "Does it, now? A question, then, Sora... Which is more real to you: your memories of Naminé, or the familiarity you feel here?"
    to Sora.
  • "Ha ha ha... The memory's wiles are cruel. In its silence, we forget. And in its perversion, it binds our hearts firmly."
    to Sora.
  • "Then recall that this place was made from another side of your memory. Yes, the other side of your heart knows this place. The other side remembers."
    to Sora.
  • "If you remain bound by the chains of memory, and refuse to believe your heart...then you may as well throw your heart away. You're no Keyblade master, no master of anything—just a slave to twisted memories. Just like my Riku. You're not fit to exist."
    before fighting him for the second time.
  • "Urrgh... Such strength, even at the mercy of your memory... You ARE dangerous! You must be exterminated!"
    to Sora.
  • "Put him back? Fool of a boy! Even now you understand nothing. The Riku you speak of has but one fate—to sink into the emptiness of darkness. And you will share that fate, Sora! If you continue to seek the girl Naminé, the shackles will tighten... You'll lose your heart and become Marluxia's pawn!"
    talking to Sora after he is defeated.
  • "Unnngh... Axel, wh...why...?"
    after being struck by Axel.
  • "No... Don't do it...!"
    to Axel.
  • "M-Mercy, Axel! I don't want to...go yet..."
    before Axel slashes and kills him.


  • "What's going on, Zexion? I demand an explanation."
    upon talking to Zexion after arriving.
  • "Absurd. The witch is gone. She cannot return from the realm of darkness of her own volition."
    doubting Zexion's findings.
  • "Riku? But Riku is gone! He and that king were lost when they ventured beyond the door to darkness. How could he have escaped?"
    to Zexion.
  • "And that's why you mistook him for the Superior. Fascinating... The dark power given to Riku facilitated his escape from the realm of darkness. One with ties to both the Keyblade and the powers of darkness... This merits further research."
    talking to Zexion about Riku.
  • "Ha! That's simple. His existence resonates with that of another hero. Sora came, so Riku followed."
    to Zexion.
  • "Yes, he and his companions arrived earlier. By now that dog Marluxia is already using Naminé to meddle with Sora's heart."
    talking about the Organization's plans to Zexion.
  • "I don't think Marluxia plans to hand Sora over, but...he can play his little game. If he gets Sora, then we need only acquire Riku. If he truly is like the Superior, then we will be untouchable!"
    to Zexion.
  • "You are half correct. Let us say that it's not the Ansem you know. He is Ansem and he is not—which is to say he is nobody."
    after being asked whether he's "with Ansem".
  • "He belongs to neither the light nor the dark, but walks the twilight between. As do I. And for that matter— Ha ha, that's right. We have much in common."
    to Riku about Xemnas.
  • "Oh ho, so it's a fight you want. Very well—a fight you shall get!"
    before fighting Riku.
  • "Ha ha ha... This battle has made it clear. The darkness coursing through you is a tremendous power. All you needed was the right provocation."
    to Riku.
  • "Precisely. Your fiery reaction provided just the data I needed. You have my thanks, Riku!"
    before vanishing.
  • "How did it feel to fight the real Riku?"
    to Riku Replica.
  • "Before that, wouldn't you like to meet another hero?"
    to Riku Replica about Sora.
  • "Nothing's definite, but yes, it may come to that. I intend to make good use of you."
    to Riku Replica.
  • "Didn't I say I intended to make good use of you?"
    to Riku Replica.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories[edit]

  • "An ungainly effort. How could you be humbled by someone of such limited significance? You shame the Organization."
  • "I came to lend you a hand. You obviously believe this Sora has much potential, but I remain unconvinced he is truly worth such coddling. I think an experiment would show if he really is of any value to us."
  • "I'm a scientist. Experiments are what I do, yes."
  • "Valet? He's the product of pure research"
  • "Hmph. You should just learn to be quiet."
    to Larxene
  • "You're one to talk. As if you have such a heart to speak of yourself."
  • "Disappoint YOU? You go too far! In this Organization, you're No. 11! I'm No. 4 and I will not have you—"
    to Marluxia
  • "Pity to be so ignorant. As you're only able to see the surface of things, I should not expect you to appreciate my true might."
  • "Your insincerity is comforting."
    to Marluxia
  • "I am Vexen. I have come to collect your debt, Sora."
    to Sora
  • "Oh, but you do. You owe me for reuniting you with your former friend."
  • "Indeed, I do. I'm the one who brought Riku to you."
  • "I see no need to give you information about where Riku is. After all—Why trouble you in your final hour?"
    before fighting Sora
  • "As I expected, you weren't one to die very easily."
  • "I wouldn't be so sure. Did you even notice? I was delving deep into your memory as we fought. And here... Look what I found. A card crafted from all the memories that are locked in the other side of your heart."
  • "So, feeling nostalgic?"
    encountering Sora in Twilight Town
  • "Sora...a question, then, for you... Your memories of Naminé or your feelings here—which of the two of these is more real, I wonder."
  • "The memory's wiles can be cruel. In its silence, we forget. In its obsession, it binds our hearts."
  • "I told you—This place was created solely from another side of your memory. It is on the other side of your heart that the memory of this place exists. It is your heart that remembers."
  • "If you remain bound by the chain of memories and refuse to believe what is truly found inside your heart... then throw it away. You are not a Keyblade master—just a slave to twisted memories. Yes... Exactly like my Riku. Your existence is worth nothing!"
  • "Urrgh... You have such strength, even at the mercy of your memory—"
    after fighting Sora
  • "Just put him back? The Riku you speak of...has but one fate, to sink into the darkness—and you will share that fate, Sora! If you continue to seek the girl, Naminé, the shackles will tighten, you'll lose your heart... and end up becoming Marluxia's pawn!"
  • "No... Please don't! I don't want to—"
    before Axel incinerates him


  • "What is going on here, Zexion? I want an explanation."
    upon talking to Zexion after arriving.
  • "You're only number 6! How dare you—"
    disgusted by Zexion's musings.
  • "Don't be absurd. The witch is gone. She cannot return from the realm of darkness of her own volition."
    doubting Zexion's findings.
  • "You are half correct. Let us say that he is not the Ansem with which you are familiar. He is Ansem and he is not Ansem. Perhaps a "Nobody" best conveys the idea."
    after being asked whether he's "with Ansem".
  • "He belongs to neither the light nor the dark but walks the twilight between. Catching on now? Oh yes, you also stand in between the light and the darkness. It appears we have much in common."
  • "Oh ho! So it's a fight you want. Very good—I shall take you on!"
    before fighting Riku.
  • "I find, coursing through you, there is a darkness of formidable power growing! Well worth the trouble of aggravating you. All this excitement has provided me with invaluable data. Many thanks, Riku!"
  • "So, how was the real thing?"
    to Riku Replica.
  • "In the meantime, would you be interested in meeting another who's considered a hero?"
  • "We'll see... Yes... I intend to make good use of you."
  • "I told you I would make good use of you, didn't I?"

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "Oh, yes...of course. One eradication at Axel's hands was enough to learn where not to place my trust."
    speaking with Saïx.
  • "He ripped me away from the one thing I care about. I don't require humanity. Give me my research. I must see it to fruition, no matter the cost."
    when Saïx says Axel gave him a second lease on life.
  • "Yes. Soon they will replace, not just replicate. Given a heart, they can become just as real as any human."
    about the replicas.
  • "Oh, how does he do it? A creature absent a heart and yet somehow able to keep existing... Not even my finest replica can claim that achievement. The secret must be in that box. I have to know what mysteries it contains."
    about Davy Jones.
  • "Always so shortsighted. Why would the Organization seek me out just as soon as I was recompleted—if not to affirm my intellectual prowess and invest in my research? Every stride I make is a stride for all of us."
    speaking with Luxord.
  • "Luxord, do I detect...a hint of treachery in your words?"
    when Luxord seems unsure of the Organization's goal.
  • "All I desire is the freedom to continue my research. Ansem the Wise refused to nurture my talents. So I cast my lot with Xemnas—with Xehanort, rather. Simple as that."
    when Luxord accuses him of pleasing Xemnas.
  • "Not in the slightest. All that concerns me is that I complete the perfect human vessel."
    when Luxord asks whether he cares how his research is being used.
  • "Oh, of course. Considering those pests have shown up, I'd hardly get anything done."
    when Luxord tells him to stay out of the way.
  • "Ah, that's my boy. I'll be watching from the shadows, then."
    before leaving.
  • "How disappointing. So this is all they meant when they said "heart." We've been chasing the wrong box this whole time."
    upon realizing the contents of Davy Jones' box.
  • "My dear master. You are safe."
    after using Nobodies to save his master, Ansem the Wise.
  • "I have been waiting for this. Gave up a normal life in order to plant myself in the Organization. And when I heard Xehanort had gone looking for you, I realized it was my chance to find you as well. For you see, I, too, wish to atone."
    announcing his real plans to Ansem the Wise.
  • "Quiet, you dunce! I cannot let the chosen catch wind of this, understand?"
    informing Demyx of his plans.
  • "I got "benched" too!"
    getting agitated by Demyx.
  • "Forgiveness."
    to Demyx.
  • "Men like us—in the pursuit of science, we sometimes make terrible mistakes. Lose sight of our mission to help people. But now I can help someone with my research. Now, I can atone."
    explaining his intention.
  • "It's true. The whole thing was his idea. He wants to atone too. But, he is one of the chosen, so his hands are tied. Hence my actions on his behalf, hence my need for you to act on my behalf should all go awry. As you said, we are far from friends. No one would ever suspect you."
    telling Demyx that it is Saïx's idea.
  • "Correct. And more importantly, no benchwarming."
    before leaving Demyx to his task.

Battle Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories[edit]

  • "I've had enough of this!"
    using Freeze.
  • "I shall freeze you!"
    using Freeze.
  • "Shatter!"
    when attacking after using Freeze and finishing Slide Break.
  • "No good!"
    when blocking attacks with his shield.
  • "You're too much trouble!"
    when using an Item Card.
  • "Here you go!"
    when using Blizzara and in the middle of Slide Break.
  • "Taste this!"
    when using Shield Blow and after using Freeze.
  • "You are just an experiment!"
    when his HP is dwindling.
  • "You imbecile!"
    using Ice Needles.
  • "You're pushing it!"
    using Ice Needles and using an Item Card.
  • "You don't know a thing!"
    when defeated by Sora for the first battle.
  • "Come to me, ice blade!"
    starting Slide Break.
  • "Away you go!"
    finishing Slide Break.
  • "Now, feel the piercing chill."
    using Diamond Dust.
  • "How do you like this?"
    using Diamond Dust.
  • "The final touch."
    finishing Diamond Dust.
  • "Gloat while you still can!"
    when defeated by Riku.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

  • "I've had enough of this!"
    Vexen when activating his Limit Break.
  • "You're too much trouble!"
    Vexen when activating his Final Limit.