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This page contains a list of quotes said by Ienzo during the course of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom Hearts III, and Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

  • "I highly doubt it. When someone who's lost their heart is recompleted, they should return to the place where it happened. And if that world is unavailable for whatever reason, a refuge is made for them in the realm between—a world called "Traverse Town." They would be sent there. Or perhaps..."
    before Lea interrupts him.
  • "I agree, it is strange."
    agreeing with Lea.
  • "Well you see—"
    before Lea interrupts him again.
  • "Huh? How, exactly?"
    asking Lea on how to find Braig and Isa.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "The data has been encrypted, so we've only deciphered some of it."
    informing Sora of Ansem's Code through the Gummiphone.
  • "Oh... I guess we haven't spoken since the castle. I'm Ienzo. Aeleus is here too."
    introducing himself to Sora.
  • "Aeleus, whatever's between you and Roxas, it's in the past."
    when Aeleus is reluctant to talk to Sora.
  • "Sora, the reason we're here is because you and your friends defeated our Nobodies, thereby "recompleting" us. We cast off our hearts by choice, make no mistake, but we didn't know that Xemnas—or rather, Xehanort—was deceiving us."
    explaining his and other apprentices' history.
  • "Not anymore. Xemnas and Xehanort have no hold over us now. We're just students of the heart, exactly the same as we were before all of this began."
    when Goofy says that he is with the Organization.
  • "We have friends we want to bring back to this world, just the same as you. To do that, we have to work together. In that spirit, Sora...we found some intriguing data in the bit of code we deciphered."
    convincing Sora and his gang.
  • "Yes. In order to piece your memories back together, our teacher, Ansem the Wise, took a close look at your heart. And what he found...is that your heart doesn't belong just to you."
    explaining what he deciphered from Ansem's Code.
  • "Interesting... Well, no one knows your heart better than you. To be honest, we still have a plethora of questions on our side, but...the idea has merit. It's incredible enough that you and your Nobody are able to coexist. If you share a heart...no wonder someone as remarkable as you caught Ansem the Wise's eye. We'll keep investigating based on your hypothesis. I'll be in touch."
    when Sora thinks Roxas's heart is also inside his heart.
  • "Hello, Sora. You wouldn't happen to be in front of a computer?"
    calling Sora through the Gummiphone.
  • "I was tinkering with Ansem's computer—you know, to decrypt the Code that was left in it? And I noticed that someone had logged in from another terminal. I figured it might be you."
    explaining to Sora.
  • "Then, uhh...who was it that logged in?"
    while Sora and his gang are arguing.
  • "Good. As long as it's a user that we know we can trust."
    when Pence introduces himself.
  • "Another Twilight Town? And a "transporter"? Okay... A virtual town inside the computer, made of data."
    figuring out what Hayner said.
  • "Maybe I can do something. Pence, let's get a network set up. My address here is..."
    to Pence.
  • "Okay, sharing is enabled."
    successfully networking the two computers.
  • "Now that our two computers have been successfully networked together, I can take control of the terminal there and change the privileges..."
    to Sora.
  • "Yes. For the virtual world to be completely realized, Ansem the Wise would've included Roxas's full data in the construction. Meaning, somewhere on your machine there's a log of that data that— Uhh...basically, we can decipher Ansem's Code more quickly, and we can analyze the virtual Twilight Town while we're at it."
    explaining Roxas's data.
  • "Glad you're following along. Don't worry, we'll handle it. Chip and Dale will be helping me out here on this end. I'll call you back as soon as we know anything more."
    to Sora.
  • "Oh, before I forget—a bit of troubling news. It's about one of the Organization's former members. You knew him as Vexen—but to us he was Ansem's apprentice Even. He was recompleted like the rest of us, but hadn't regained consciousness yet. Then, sometime after Lea left, Even vanished. Aeleus and Dilan—the two you knew as Lexaeus and Xaldin—they went out looking for him, but...he's just gone. And I'm starting to worry."
    about Even.
  • "I think it's a real possibility. He's a devious researcher. You should be careful."
    warning Sora.
  • "Yes. Even would know all about the replicas from his time as Vexen in the Organization. He was recompleted like the rest of us, but he didn't regain consciousness. After Lea left, he must have woken and taken his leave. Aeleus here and Dilan went out and turned the whole town upside down to try and find him. But no Even."
    informing Mickey and Riku.
  • "Unfortunately, his work on the replicas was incomplete. There may still be documents around, but all of them from well before he made any significant progress."
    on Even's research.
  • "There's no place that he could go now that he's human. He has no means of leaving this world."
    to Mickey.
  • "Are beyond his faculties and mine now."
    on the dark corridors regarding Even.
  • "So, I have some news about Ansem's Code and the replica we need for Roxas's heart."
    calling Sora through the Gummiphone again.
  • "First, the replica. Even is still missing, but we found some of his research. I'll see what I can learn from it."
    to Sora.
  • "As for Ansem the Wise's data, we've discovered a very interesting passage. I'll read you exactly what he wrote. "I have discovered three unique hearts inside of Sora's. One is Roxas. The second has been with Sora for nearly as long. And a third has resided in Sora's heart for even longer—most of his life, in fact. This is a truly astonishing discovery. While these hearts have now melded with Sora—grown silent and indistinct—Sora retains the memories of all three. The memories have been compartmentalized—each placed in its own 'box,' so to speak. I surmise the hearts can be awoken, provided that each of them is returned to the box that contains the correct memories. Unite the heart with its memories, and provide it a suitable body within which it may flourish, and I believe any or all three of these people can be made real again.""
    reading what Ansem wrote.
  • "We've come a long way toward reconstructing Roxas's heart. But a vessel... Without that... Yeah, right. Bodies don't grow on trees, Ienzo. It's the backup plan or nothing now. But...the backup plan isn't a true solution."
    talking to himself while trying to think of a solution.
  • "Demyx? Is that you?!"
    shocked at seeing Demyx.
  • "Whoa, back up. What?"
    being cautious of Demyx.
  • "Master Ansem!"
    meeting his master again.
  • "They told me you'd gone mad. That you abandoned us. I was just a boy, but I should have known better. I am truly, deeply sorry."
    apologizing to Ansem.
  • "A vessel!"
    at the vessel Demyx brought.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory[edit]

  • "And just when things were going well."
    when Kairi arrives at the Final World.
  • "I've never heard of a place like that..."
    figuring out Xehanort's message of "a world that's neither of light nor darkness".
  • "You would assume that he's referring to the realm of darkness, but...that clearly isn't the case here, wouldn't you say?"
    figuring out Xehanort's message.
  • "Yes. We performed an examination of Kairi's heart and obtained an important clue from the lost memories it contains, which is that...there's another world on the other side of ours that's not of darkness or light."
    to Riku and the Fairy Godmother.
  • "Maybe that's what Xehanort was talking about. A fictional world..."
    about Riku's dreams.