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This page contains a list of quotes spoken by Honey Lemon over the course of Kingdom Hearts III.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "People like spectacle, not truth."
    talking about the news.
  • "Well, it really didn't matter. They beat us."
    talking about Big Hero 6's defeat.
  • "Hiro, you never introduced us."
    reminding Hiro to introduce the rest of the team.
  • "Very serious. We don't have any way to fight them."
    when Wasabi reminds Fred that this is serious.
  • "Sora, all you need to do is run through some courses that Hiro scripted. Like a minigame."
    talking about Hiro's Flash Tracer course.
  • "Ooh! Change the weapon, change the attack."
    inspired by Sora's Formchanges.
  • "I've got an idea! Better?"
    helping Wasabi fight the Heartless.
  • "We're here!"
    joining Keyblade Hero 3 against a Metal Troll.
  • "Your magic is amazing. Do you think I could study it sometime?"
    wanting to study Donald's magic.
  • "Time for a lesson."
    when the Darkubes arrive.
  • "So far, so good."
    fighting the Darkubes.
  • "We'll gather as much data from the Darkubes as we can."
    telling Hiro to leave the Darkubes to them.
  • "Hey, Sora? I think I'm stuck. See if you can find the residue from my chem-balls. If you hit it with fire or electricity, it might trigger a chain reaction!"
    captured by the Darkubes.
  • "Gracias, Sora! Next time I won't go so easy on them."
    when Sora rescues her from the Darkubes.
  • "But without a strategy, we'd just be wasting our strength."
    denying Fred's approach to simply destroy the Darkubes.
  • "He definitely has the vibe."
    meeting Dark Riku.
  • "And what did he mean about an experiment?"
    talking about Dark Riku.
  • "But... are you sure?"
    when Hiro contemplates destroying Dark Baymax's chip.