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This page contains a list of quotes said by Gula during the course of Kingdom Hearts Union χ, Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, and Kingdom Hearts III.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover[edit]

  • "Spirit?"
    asking the Master of Masters about the Spirit Chirithy.
  • "No wonder you ended up as the bear. You're scary."
    teasing Aced.
  • "Master. Um...Master? If you're busy, I can always come back later."
    greeting the Master, but was ignored.
  • "What's this?"
    being handed over the Lost Page by the Master.
  • "This is from the Book of Prophecies. But—"
    upon reading the Lost Page.
  • "And what's written here is..."
    trying to figure out the Lost Page.
  • "I get it. That's why you gave us all different roles, isn't it? If anyone deviates from the job they were given, we can easily conclude that they are the traitor. It's brilliant."
    interrupting the Master and deducing his plan.
  • "I'm...sorry? But was my logic flawed?"
    when the Master is upset.
  • "There's an easy way to solve this. If we all summon our Spirits, then we'll know."
    attempting to provide a solution to find the traitor.
  • "It's a brilliant plan. Everyone knows that all Spirits look the same, and wielders exist in spades. There's no way to tell."
    on the Power Bangle being distributed to the wielders.
  • "I think we're done here. I trust you'll keep us all updated."
    speaking to Invi and leaving the room.
  • "Of course not. His argument was unconvincing. It's like Invi said, he's just making baseless assumptions given the situation. There's no evidence to tie his accusations to anyone, let alone one of us."
    to Aced and Ava in private about Ira.
  • "I wouldn't call us "comrades"... Anyway, could you get to the point? I know you didn't call us here just to complain."
    to Aced.
  • "I knew it. I had a feeling it would come to this. So, we join forces, then confront Ira?"
    to Aced.
  • "Guess it makes sense."
    to Aced.
  • "I'm in. But let's be clear: the alliance is just between the two of us right now. I don't want my Union members involved."
    to Aced.
  • "By the way, Aced. Do Ira and Invi know?"
    to Aced.
  • "I think I'm done."
    to Aced.
  • "The alliance. I think it's time to call it quits."
    to Aced.
  • "To put it simply, I entered this alliance thinking we were preparing to fight some impending darkness, but it hasn't come. In fact, there haven't been any suspicious incidents recently, and you haven't rallied anyone else to your cause."
    to Aced.
  • "This alliance is meaningless. Even Invi agrees."
    to Aced.
  • "Uh-oh, you weren't supposed to find out."
    to Aced.
  • "Maybe. But I'm the one who decided to do it, and I've already told you why."
    to Aced on breaking the alliance.
  • "And that's exactly why. I just can't trust anyone but myself."
    to Aced about the traitor.
  • "Sorry, my mind's made up."
    to Aced.
  • "Ava, there's no time to lose!"
    to Ava about Aced.
  • "Trust no one but myself."
    to himself.
  • "Do you wanna know what my role is? The Books we were given are incomplete. There's a Lost Page. On that page, it is written that there is a traitor. The Master told me...to find and stop that person."
    to Aced.
  • "You can barely stay on your feet! Just give up already!"
    to Aced.
  • "I knew it. It's finally come to this. Everyone wants to know about the Lost Page."
    to Ava.
  • "Yeah. It's a page the Master gave me. It doesn't exist in any of our Books. It contains a passage about an inevitable betrayal. It talks about "the one who bears the sigil." That's it. So, I don't know what to make of it to be honest. My role is to find out who it is. I suspected Aced and went to confront him. And look what happened."
    to Ava.
  • "Always walking the straight and narrow. I'm a fool for basing my actions on what is written on that Lost Page. Everything in the passage is ambiguous at best. That's why I need to find out."
    to Ava.
  • "I'm going to summon Kingdom Hearts. Then he'll have no choice but to come back."
    to Ava about the Master.
  • "That's exactly why! The only way to get him back is to break the rules! If things don't change, the entire world is doomed! But, in order to go through with it, I'll need Lux. I don't have nearly enough! You always do the right thing. Help me with this."
    to Ava.
  • "May your heart be your guiding key."
    to himself.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

  • "Looking for someone?"
    to Skuld, Player, and Chirithy.
  • "A wielder who's not out collecting Lux. That must make you a Dandelion."
    to Skuld.
  • "Are you looking for Ava?"
    to Skuld, Player, and Chirithy.
  • "Why? To ask her if she can do something so we can avoid the war? Not even she has the power to do that. Or do you plan on asking her what's going on? Knowing won't change anything. There's nothing you can do."
    to Skuld, Player, and Chirithy.
  • "I can see why she chose you. You're just like her. Always doing the right thing. But doing the right thing can't save the world. Only the Master has that kind of power."
    to Skuld.
  • "Chirithy must've told you about him. The five of us foretellers were disciples of the Master of Masters. If anyone has a shot at changing anything, it's him."
    to Skuld, Player, and Chirithy.
  • "I knew you'd ask. But I don't know, he just disappeared one day. Me and Ava searched for him, but he vanished without a trace. There's only one person who might know where he is—Luxu."
    to Skuld, Player, and Chirithy.
  • "I knew that was coming too. You really are just like Ava."
    to Skuld.
  • "Looking for Luxu? Yeah. In order to find the Master."
    about Ava.
  • ""Imbalance observed, strength misplaced, a future filled with sorrow. Words of truth misunderstood as they explore the secret of tomorrow.""
    reciting the Lost Page.
  • "The Lost Page. Who could this be pointing to?"
    to Skuld, Player, and Chirithy.
  • "The traitor is the catalyst for the events that lead to the world's end. I thought I knew who it was, but I couldn't stop them. And who knows? I could've been wrong."
    to Skuld, Player, and Chirithy.
  • "There's more. "With a single strike, toll the bells and herald the end...bringing war upon us, as fate did intend.""
    reciting the Lost Page.
  • "No. But does it even matter? Knowing what I told you won't change anything."
    to Skuld, Player, and Chirithy.
  • "And there it is. You should head back. You Union leaders will probably call for an assembly."
    hearing the bells.
  • "Hey, it's you. You don't look so good. Are you okay?"
    to Player during the Keyblade War.
  • "All right. Here we go. You're on a battlefield, you gotta fight."
    to Player.
  • "You're a lot tougher than I thought! Lucky for you, I'm not in the mood for a real fight. Maybe I'll see you around."
    to Player.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "Meaning what?"
    when Xigbar, who is Luxu, says that Ava "didn't make it".
  • "And is that why you decided to exclude her?"
    when Luxu says he told Ava what it is he had to do.