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Oh no! The water! I'm in big trouble if I don't fetch it!
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This page contains a list of quotes said by Data-Sora during the course of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

  • "Your Highness, you ordered me yourself to look around the area."
    talking to the Queen of Hearts.
  • "Oh, yeah. There was something I wanted to ask you, Riku...You said that you and I are "data", right?"
    talking about himself and Riku.
  • "Argh, lost him... That troublemaker, what is he up to this time?"
    chasing after Pete in Agrabah.
  • "Who me? I'm perfectly fine."
    meeting Aladdin.
  • "I'm Sora! Okay Aladdin. I'll let you know if I find her."
    introducing himself to Aladdin.
  • "Uhm, are you Jasmine? I'm Sora. Aladdin asked me to look for you."
    upon meeting Jasmine.
  • "Jasmine, get back! I'll take care of this guy."
    before he fights Jafar.
  • "What happened?! He isn't moving! It's like... it's like time has stopped somehow! What do I do now?"
    after Jafar casts a spell on Agrabah.
  • "What?! Is this Jafar's magic?"
    upon seeing Jafar's Phantom.
  • "Alright! I got the lamp back! But I wonder... What was Aladdin doing with this thing? Is this what he wanted to give to Jasmine?"
    before Genie appears before him.
  • "Got it, Genie. I'll give it a shot!"
    before fighting Genie Jafar.
  • "Jafar! This is the end for you!"
    upon Jafar's defeat.
  • "For my third wish, I want the same thing as Aladdin... So I'll just let Aladdin take care of it. He made a promise with you, right Genie? For my last wish, I'll have Aladdin keep his promise."
    saying his wishes to Genie.
  • "So you're the one who blocked off the path!"
    talking to Maleficent.
  • "Riku! Ugh, it can't be..."
    before Riku and Maleficent vanishes.
  • "...huh? What? My Keyblade won't appear...!?"
    upon his keyblade being completely destroyed.
  • "Even if I don't have my Keyblade, there's gotta be something I can do. At the very least, I've got to help Riku..."
    upon Sora arriving in Hollow Bastion.
  • "Pete said he set up some traps, didn't he? I've got to keep my eyes open."
    upon entering the Hollow Bastion Waterways.
  • "Argh, if only I had my Keyblade, these guys would be nothing... No, even without it, I still have to try!"
    before Goofy appears.
  • "Donald! Wait!!"
    upon seeing Donald.
  • "Sorry...If only I hadn't gotten my keyblade broken, none of this would have happened. I'm so sorry for causing so much trouble for everybody."
    talking to Donald and Goofy about his keyblade.
  • "Hehe, it's just that with you two around, I feel like we can accomplish anything. Even though I have no memory of it, I get the feeling we've fought together like this, before..."
    talking to Donald and Goofy while in the Great Crest.
  • "Stop... Stop it..."
    before he gains his keyblade again.
  • "You're not getting away again."
    before fighting Pete.
  • "Riku! Riku... Can't you hear our voices anymore?"
    before fighting Riku.
  • "Whatever the danger, I can't leave my friend like this. I'm gonna save him, and everybody else!"
    before going into Riku's Data.
  • "You know it. Now, how do I save you, Riku?"
    talking to Riku inside his data.
  • "Alright, I made it back out. Whoah! What's that!?"
    after getting out of Riku's data.
  • "Maleficent! I can't let you get away with this!"
    before fighting Dragon Maleficent.
  • "We will. See you!"
    upon Donald, Goofy and Mickey going back to the real world.
  • "I'm going to protect them. I'll do it with the power they gave me!"
    before fighting Sora's Heartless.
  • "Pete! Maleficent! Good! Are you alright?"
    after defeating Sora's Heartless.
  • "Who are you..? It's just like when I met Mickey. I don't know you, but you seem familiar?"
    upon meeting Data-Naminé.
  • "Naminé, you made a promise with the other me, that I don't know, and you kept it, right?"
    talking to Data-Naminé about her promise.
  • "Oh, and... There's one more thing I have to tell you, Naminé. Thank you."
    before Data-Naminé disappears.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

  • "Who are you?"
    to a hooded Data-Roxas.
  • "Hmph. No sign of him."
    before some Heartless appears.
  • "Uh... Use my WHAT? How did...?"
    to Mickey.
  • "Huh? How'd I get back home?"
    before appearing in Destiny Islands.
  • "That voice again.. Who's talking to me?"
    to himself.
  • "How do you know my name? Have we met?"
    to Mickey.
  • "Well... I guess that makes sense... Sort of... No, that definitely doesn't make any sense."
    to Mickey.
  • "What do I have to do?"
    to Mickey.
  • "Well...okay. But fill me in about what's going on! I mean, you have to admit this is pretty weird. How about I explore the island, and you steer me along?"
    to Mickey.
  • "Well, that's easy. These blocks! How'd they get on the island?"
    to Mickey.
  • "All right, then. I'll try asking around."
    to Mickey.
  • "Who put 'em here?"
    talking to Selphie about the Bug Blox.
  • "It's been an interesting day. Where did these blocks come from, Wakka?"
    talking to Wakka about the Bug Blox.
  • "Huh? You again!"
    mistaking Data-Riku for Data-Roxas.
  • "Mickey, did he just..."
    to Mickey.
  • "Invisible door? Is that another glitch? Let me look around. I think I saw where that guy disappeared."
    to Mickey.
  • "This has to be where he went. Well, here goes nothing..."
    finding a strange portal.
  • "Well, I'm back in one piece. But where'd that guy in the hood go?"
    to himself.
  • "Woah! Hello, bridge. Beating the Heartless in that weird place must've...brought it back, somehow."
    to himself.
  • "The waterfall. Got it! Thanks, Tidus."
    before finding the mysterious man.
  • "I don't get it. Where'd he go? Through that door? Whoa! Wh-what's...?"
    in the Secret Place.
  • "Who said that? Not Mickey..."
    in the Secret Place.
  • "Whose voice was that?"
    in the Secret Place.
  • "Huh? Hey, I've been looking for you!"
    to Data-Riku.
  • "What "aches"? Are you talking about the blocks?"
    talking to the cloaked man.
  • "Another riddle... Hey, wait! I'm not done with you!"
    to Data-Riku.
  • "Mickey, I've got something weird here. That guy in black left behind a... Well, it looks like a keyhole."
    to Mickey.
  • "As a matter of fact... What did he say again? "To make this place whole, the Keyhole's the place." I think I need to find a way through."
    to Mickey.
  • "Of course! I'll give it a shot."
    to Mickey.
  • "For now, anyway. Any idea where this is?"
    to Mickey.
  • "And if I find the cause, I can put the island back to normal?"
    to Mickey.
  • "How did I..."
    in Traverse Town.
  • "I think so... Mickey, what happened? Where am I?"
    to Mickey.
  • "It looks like a town, or— Wait! The island! Did I fix it?"
    to Mickey.
  • "Whew. Glad to hear it. So, okay, I'm in a strange town... Why? Is this place full of glitches, too?"
    upon arriving in Traverse Town and talking to Mickey.
  • "Sure, I'm on it. Oh! There's somebody right over there. I'll ask him."
    to Mickey.
  • "The name's Sora! Nice to meet ya."
    upon meeting Cid.
  • "Something's wrong with the town?"
    to Cid.
  • "Weird blocks, huh? Sounds familiar. But I don't see any blocks right now."
    to Cid.
  • "Sure. What are their names?"
    to Cid about Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
  • "Huey, Dewey, Louie. Got it. I'll take a look."
    to Cid.
  • "Will do. See ya later, Cid!"
    to Cid.
  • "Are you okay, uh... I'm gonna guess you're Huey?"
    upon meeting Huey.
  • "You mean you and...Dewey and Louie, was it? Where are they?"
    to Huey.
  • "Get back! I'll handle this."
    before fighting more Heartless.
  • "Sure are a lot of Heartless around here... Umm... Red, red... Huey! You go back to Cid's shop. I'll find Dewey and Louie."
    to Huey.
  • "Yeah, um... Thanks! Just what I've always wanted... Anyway... Next stop, the alleyway!"
    to Huey.
  • "Huh? I think I hear someone. Better have a look around."
    in the alleyway.
  • "No problem, um... Let's see, blue... Dewey, right? I'm Sora. You okay?"
    to Dewey.
  • "Hey! Don't run off like that, it's dangerous."
    to Dewey.
  • "Dewey! Get to safety!"
    talking to Dewey.
  • "I told you it's dangerous."
    to Dewey.
  • "Dewey, go back to Cid's. I mean it!"
    to Dewey.
  • "Oh brother... All right, but stay out of trouble until I get back. If you see any Heartless, you run away. Promise?"
    to Dewey.
  • "Me? After all the trouble you went through to— Wait. Dewey, I've GOT one of these!"
    to Dewey.
  • "Actually... Yeah, if I stick this like this..."
    to Dewey.
  • "Could be... But look. We're still missing some pieces."
    to Dewey.
  • "Uh, did you forget what just happened? You're going back to Cid's shop, where it's safe."
    to Dewey.
  • "No buts. I'll bring the pieces by when I'm done. Now get those legs in gear."
    to Dewey.
  • "Not so fast! Cid's shop is the other way, buster."
    to Dewey.
  • "Uh-huh. I better go with you."
    to Dewey.
  • "Sure, I don't mind. Actually, I've got something to hunt for myself now."
    to Cid.
  • "I guess we'll find out. Let's see what I turn up while I look for Louie."
    Huey talking about the fragment.
  • "Um... Where's the door? Must be a glitch, like the bridge back on the island... I'll just have to track down the cause."
    to himself.
  • "It worked! The door's back to normal."
    to himself.
  • "Louie! Are you there? Looouieee! Hunh. No response. Ugh, great."
    upon arriving in the Third District.
  • "Hmm, still no Louie. Guess I'll check back at Cid's. Huh? Hey!"
    before a hooded Data-Riku appears.
  • "He's headed for...the First District?"
    about Data-Riku.
  • "There he is! But...where's everybody else? All right, 'fess up! These glitches are your doing!"
    to Data-Riku in the First District.
  • "Hey! I'm talkin' to you!"
    to Data-Riku.
  • "Good, everybody'd back. I hope the glitches don't get any worse than that..."
    back in the First District.
  • "Cid! Are you guys all right? The First District's gone crazy!"
    to Cid.
  • "Wait— You mean you didn't—? How could they not have noticed that?"
    to Cid, Huey, and Dewey.
  • "He wasn't in the Third District. Where else can I look?"
    to Cid, Huey, and Dewey.
  • "I'll, uh... I'll just do another sweep of the town."
    to Cid, Huey, and Dewey.
  • "Whoa! Look at all these blocks! Huh? What's going on down the street?"
    in the Second District.
  • "Whoa, what!? This building... It's flat as a pancake!"
    to himself.
  • "So when the building got distorted, Louie...vanished? I'd better fix this glitch fast, for his sake... Here goes!"
    to himself.
  • "Good. Let's get you back to Cid's. Oh! Louie... Have you seen anything like this?"
    to Louie.
  • "See if it fits with the pieces I've got."
    to Louie.
  • "Yeah. We're still missing a part."
    to Louie.
  • "Keyhole? Hey, wait a second..."
    to Louie.
  • "Oh, nothing. Sorry. Let's head back to Cid's."
    to Louie.
  • "Ah! Louie, get back! No—run! Go right to Cid's!"
    to Louie.
  • "I hope you're happy with all the trouble your glitches have caused!"
    to Data-Riku.
  • "What're you— Hey... Hmph, he's gone. That piece... If I combine it with the others..."
    after Data-Riku disappears.
  • "I knew it. It's the same as before."
    to himself.
  • "Mickey, listen to this. You remember that Keyhole from the island? I've found another one. If this all works the same as last time..."
    to Mickey.
  • "Exactly. And if I go through the Keyhole and defeat it..."
    to Mickey.
  • "We've come this far. Leave it to me!"
    to Mickey.
  • "What just happened!? I feel...flat."
    to himself.
  • "Energy spike? You think it's another giant enemy, like on the island? Either way, I guess we've found the source of the glitches."
    to Mickey.
  • "Well, whatever. I'll figure it out as I go along. Thanks, Mickey!"
    to Mickey.
  • "The blocks are getting denser..."
    to himself.
  • "Yeesh. Now I KNOW I'm not in Traverse Town."
    before fighting Guard Armor.
  • "Why are the blocks still here? Didn't I get rid of the enemy controlling them?"
    to himself.
  • "But...what about that guy in the black hood? I mean, he could be the one behind this whole mess."
    to himself.
  • "Yeesh. At least part of the scenery hasn't changed..."
    upon arriving in Wonderland.
  • "Mickey, what is going on? Where'd the town go? I was there just a second ago... Wasn't I?"
    to Mickey.
  • "Wait, so that thing I clobbered inside the Keyhole... That was a "bug"? So then...these blocks must be bugs too, right?"
    to Mickey.
  • "But if I do clean up the bugs here, I'll just get blasted off into the unknown again, right? Hmm... Sign me up! I've always wanted to see other worlds. Just point me at those bugs!"
    to Mickey.
  • "What's the matter? Right. Get back, I'll take care of 'em!"
    talking to Alice about the Heartless.
  • "Huh!? What are you saying? She has amnesia?"
    talking to the Cheshire Cat about Alice losing her memories.
  • "Bugs? That's what Mickey said... So the bugs have caused everybody's memory to go all funny? I better find the Keyhole quick."
    to the Cheshire Cat.
  • "Hey, that's great! Your memory's back! So, Alice, where did you see the Keyhole?"
    to Alice.
  • "Okay... So if I keep giving her Inklings, she'll eventually remember where she saw the Keyhole. But where can I find more Inklings?"
    talking about finding Inklings.
  • "Okay. Sit tight, Alice. I'll be back with more stuff to remind you."
    to Alice.
  • "Guess I'll have to sort it all out."
    after the Cheshire Cat disappears.
  • "Ugh, stop...showing up like that!"
    to Data-Riku.
  • "What is he after? And how do I figure into it? Meh, who cares. Right now, getting Alice's memory back is more important."
    after Data-Riku disappears.
  • "Me? Oh, I was just looking for, um... For something I lost."
    to a card soldier.
  • "Well, that's great... I'll just have to sneak by without drawing attention."
    in the Aimless Path.
  • "I bet this place is hiding all kinds of Inklings. And I'm gonna find 'em!"
    in the Tea Party Garden.
  • "What's this say? "A very merry unbirthday." Huh? There's something here."
    in the Tea Party Garden.
  • "Ack! What is going on!? I can't sneak past them when they're going this fast. I guess this is another...bug?"
    in the Aimless Path.
  • "Huh? Whoa! Um, h-hello. What were you doing under the table?"
    talking to the White Rabbit.
  • "What, the Heartless? I took care of them. It's safe now!"
    to the White Rabbit.
  • "Listen, do you know anything about a girl named Alice?"
    to the White Rabbit.
  • "I'll have to be more careful not to get caught..."
    in the Hedge Maze.
  • "Wha— What happened!? I'm tiny! It's too far down to jump. I guess I'm stuck up here..."
    to the White Rabbit.
  • "Hey! D-don't just leave! And what do you mean, "them"? Agh! Giant Heartless!"
    talking to the Cheshire Cat after he has shrunk.
  • "Whew, I'm glad that's over... But I'm still stuck up here."
    talking to the Cheshire Cat after he has shrunk.
  • "He doesn't stick around for long, does he? Well, let's see what he brought me."
    about the Cheshire Cat.
  • "Hm? What a weird-looking doorknob."
    meeting the Doorknob.
  • "Agh! I-it talks!?"
    talking to the Doorknob.
  • "Must be another bug. Don't worry, I'll find a way to put things right again."
    to the Doorknob.
  • "Yeesh. Since when were there this many of them? I don't think asking nicely will get me a pass. Could this be a bug?"
    in the Hedge Maze.
  • "Huh? How'd I wind up here? Maybe if I choose the right entrances I can get someplace new."
    in the Rose Garden.
  • "The Queen really invited you in?"
    to Alice.
  • "Hey! That's not our fault! It's the bugs that took your— Urk."
    to the Queen of Hearts.
  • "Wait, Alice. Where's the Keyhole? You said you saw it."
    to Alice.
  • "I have to get to the Keyhole, and this could be my only chance. Don't worry about me. Go on, run!"
    talking to Alice about escaping.
  • "I'll be fine. Trust me."
    to Alice.
  • "Mickey, is that you? Yeah, I'm a little weirded out, but I'll make it. The cause of the glitches is somewhere in here, right?"
    to Mickey.
  • "Cool! Thanks, Mickey. Just leave it to me."
    to Mickey.
  • "I've got you now! I want some answers! Somebody's behind these glitches. Is it you or not?"
    talking to the mysterious man.
  • "That voice... Mickey? Is that you? I was just...following that guy, and..."
    to Mickey.
  • "I don't understand it all, but...basically this means you guys can't go home, right? Okay. Then I'll go bash the bugs for you."
    to everyone.
  • "Who says we're keeping score? We're all friends, right? Right. See you."
    to everyone.
  • "Is that... Riku, is that you? So far, things have been pretty quiet."
    upon arriving in Olympus Coliseum.
  • "Yep, that's what me and Mickey figured, too. Okay, be back before you can say "bug spray.""
    to Data-Riku.
  • "You mean I can go back and visit?"
    to Data-Riku.
  • "Uh, Riku. Why would I want to do that?"
    to Data-Riku.
  • "Okay. Tell Mickey not to worry. I'll clear these bugs out and have his way home open in no time!"
    to Data-Riku.
  • "First of all, the name's Sora. Second of all, you've gotta tell somebody, right?"
    talking to Phil.
  • "This is the Keyhole. Does it lead into the Coliseum? One way to find out!"
    to Phil.
  • "This is the Coliseum? I pictured something a little more...roomy. These glitches are getting out of control. I need to find Hercules, and fast. Hey, what's this piece of paper?"
    upon arriving inside the Colosseum.
  • "Sure can, Mickey! You should see the glitches in here."
    to Mickey.
  • "Then there's no time to waste. We need to find out what's causing all this harm."
    to Mickey.
  • "Then I'll just have to improvise."
    to Mickey.
  • "Thanks, Mickey! I'll be okay. Now. Down to business!"
    to Mickey.
  • "This looks like someplace new. Well, better keep moving. I'm not gonna run into Hercules standing still!"
    in the labyrinth.
  • "Woah! How'd you do that? Let me guess... Hercules?"
    upon meeting Hercules.
  • "Finally! I-I mean Sora. It's about time I found you! Phil asked me to check up on you."
    to Hercules.
  • "Heh heh! Well, my Keyblade helped. So you're in here working solo, too?"
    to Hercules.
  • "Me too. Somebody's trying to harm this world...and I'm pretty sure the culprit's in here with us."
    to Hercules.
  • "The blocks. The maze. Everything funny going on is connected to one villain."
    to Hercules.
  • "Oh, err... It's kind of a long story. Sorry, I can't really..."
    to Hercules.
  • "Sure, if you don't mind!"
    to Hercules.
  • "Nice work, hero!"
    to Hercules.
  • "Say, Herc... Any idea who our villain is? Who would want to harm the world?"
    to Hercules.
  • "Okay. Let's go pay him a little visit!"
    about Hades.
  • "Let's find a warp point and move on to the next layer. C'mon, we need to start bashing these blocks."
    to Hercules.
  • "Hey, what did we ever do to—"
    after fighting Cloud.
  • "All right, admit it! Are you the guy who did this to the Coliseum?"
    to Hades.
  • "That doesn't explain why his attitude stinks."
    to Hercules about Cloud.
  • "Yeah, we can't get out of here until we find the real villain."
    to Hercules.
  • "Hey, isn't that... Cloud! Are you okay!? Hold on! We'll be right—"
    to Hercules about Cloud.
  • "That's nuts! Ugh, that's Cloud. Where could he have gone?"
    to Hercules.
  • "Yeesh. Would it hurt for ya to let us do you one favor?"
    to Cloud.
  • "Ugh! We're not asking if you're qualified for the job. What do you WANT to do?"
    talking to Cloud.
  • "If you're dead set against it, we won't force you. But it beats spending all your time digging around for excuses."
    talking to Cloud.
  • "If you've lost your way, just pick a direction and walk! You might just catch sight of something along the way, something that'll put you back on course."
    talking to Cloud.
  • "Whatever, tough guy."
    talking to Cloud.
  • "This door seems out of place, huh?"
    to Cloud and Hercules.
  • "I don't like the vibes I'm getting."
    to Hercules and Cloud.
  • "This is the worst I've ever seen the glitches... He's the one. He's what's messing up this world!"
    before fighting Cerberus.
  • "Wh-what, already!? But I don't know how to take down something this huge!"
    before fighting Cerberus.
  • "C'mon, let's go tell Phil the good news!"
    after defeating Cerberus.
  • "Hey, uh, Herc. I think I know another trick to making it as a hero."
    to Hercules.
  • "At the end of the day...make sure you're still standing!"
    talking to Hercules before fighting Hades.
  • "Think we're done this time?"
    after defeating Hades.
  • "Oh ye of little faith."
    to Phil.
  • "What!? He could've at least said good-bye..."
    about Cloud.
  • "Wait... Hero TO BE?"
    to Phil.
  • "Yeesh, rub it in."
    to Phil.
  • "Tempting offer, but I have to go. Got friends waiting. But if ya ever need me again, I'll come running!"
    to Hercules.
  • "Thanks, Phil! Well, I'll see you guys later!"
    to Phil and Hercules.
  • "Mickey, did that do it?"
    to Mickey.
  • "Who's are you?"
    upon meeting Pete.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX[edit]

  • "Are you for real? I have tons of wishes!"
    to Genie.
  • "This would have been nothing, if only I had my Keyblade... All right! I can do this myself!"
    confronting the Heartless Pete summoned at Hollow Bastion.

Action Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]