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This page contains a list of quotes said by Aurora during the course of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Ventus's Story[edit]

  • "I never thought I would meet you—outside of my dreams, that is."
    talking to Prince Phillip.
  • "Hmm? Oh, my name... Why, it's... Oh, oh no, I can't... Good-bye."
    talking to Prince Phillip.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • "When the Keyhole appeared, darkness poured out of it. It swallowed Ansem, and he disappeared."
    talking about Ansem to Sora and company.
  • "I cannot forget the look on his face. As the darkness engulfed him, he was smiling."
    talking about Ansem.
  • "It's the heart of the darkness. It must be where Ansem went."
    after locking the Hollow Bastion Keyhole.
  • "Ansem has ignored us since the Keyhole appeared."
    talking about Ansem.
  • "Once the darkness is gone, all should return to its original state."
    talking about the worlds.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix[edit]

  • "I sense a presence coming from that gate... But it's not the darkness. It's another power altogether."
    talking to Sora about the portal leading to the Unknown.