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Magic Spice

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Sora performs the Magic Spice finisher - Fire
The Fire variant of Magic Spice.

Magic Spice (マジックスパイス Majikku Supaisu?) is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. It powers up the user's finishing move of magic combos.


In Kingdom Hearts II, Magic Spice is an action ability exclusive to Wisdom Form. It increases the damage of all magic finishers. Additionally, some magic finishers function differently from normal.

  • Fire adds an additional larger ring of flame, increasing the spell's effective range. Sora also charges forward/towards his target to close distance.
  • Blizzard fires five chunks of ice that initially spread outward before converging on his target, creating a shotgun-like effect against groups of enemies similar to the Kingdom Hearts version.
  • Thunder calls down three lightning bolts in rapid succession on the target area, damaging any enemies surrounding the target and increasing the total area of effect.

Learning Magic Spice[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • Wisdom Form has Magic Spice as a default ability.