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Mage's Earring

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Kingdom Hearts II
Mage Earring
Mage's Earring
"Highly increases maximum AP and magic."
Japanese マジシャンピアス
Rōmaji Majishan Piasu
Translation Magician Earring
Strength Magic AP
+0 +2 +4
Buy Sell
Item synthesis
Kingdom Hearts III
Mage's Earring
Mage's Earring
"Grants a moderate boost in Magic and a slight boost in Strength and Maximum AP."
Japanese マジシャンピアス
Rōmaji Majishan Piasu
Translation Magician Earring
Strength Magic AP
+1 +3 +6
Magic Treasure Magnet
Buy Sell
Chest at the Wetlands; item synthesis.

The Mage's Earring, also translated as "Mage Earring", is an accessory found in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts III.


The Mage's Earring is a silver earring. Its lower half is comprised of a long, thin, blunt spike with a small, curled extension on either side of this larger one. There is a small, circular, aqua-colored gem set in the upper half of the main spike. A serpentine dragon with its wings raised is perched on the top of the largest spike.

The Mage's Earring's name reflects its high magic stats.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Mage Earring KHII.png Mage Earring
Requires Obtain 20 types of materials Ingredients Mythril Gem KHII.png Mythril Gem x3
Power Gem KHII.png Power Gem x1
Blazing Gem KHII.png Blazing Gem x1
Lightning Gem KHII.png Lightning Gem x1
Rank B
EXP 24
Slayer Earring KHII.png Slayer Earring
Requires Junior Moogle (LV3) Modifier Serenity Stone KHII.png Serenity Stone x 1

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

The Mage's Earring sprite Mage's Earring
Requires Complete Photo Mission #6
Ingredients The Mythril Stone material sprite Mythril Stone x2
The Blazing Stone material sprite Blazing Stone x3
The Lightning Stone material sprite Lightning Stone x3
The Soothing Stone material sprite Soothing Stone x3

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