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Wall Street Ninja
Wall Street Ninja Logo.png
U~ōrusutorīto ninja
Developer(s) Square Enix
Quantic Dream
Publisher(s) Square Enix
Release date(s) TBA 2021
Genre Action, stealth, financing-simulator
Game modes Single-player, multi-player
Ratings TBA
Platform(s) Playstation 5, Xbox Series X
"The trials of single fatherhood in a cutthroat world of bankers and stock market yuppies."

Wall Street Ninja is an upcoming game set in the Kingdom Hearts series. It will be released on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, set to be released sometime in 2021. It was extensively teased through Kingdom Hearts III before officially being announced on April 1st. The game contains many “firsts” for the series: It is the first “true” spin-off in the series, featuring a completely self-contained storyline that connects to the series in small ways; It is the first game in the series not to be directed or written by Tetsuya Nomura - the game is directed by Motomu Toriyama and written by David Cage; lastly, it is the first major entry in the series not to use its signature action-RPG combat.


The game takes place entirely in the world of New Shark City. The game’s titular anti-hero and single father, Ōkami, is a part-time day trader and nightly assassin who uncovers a plot by the Black Mages Corporation to short-sell its stocks while orchestrating a financial war between two of the largest banks, Clover United and Moody National, by manipulating their star yuppies into a fierce rivalry. Once Ōkami discovers this plot, BM Co. target him and his son. Meanwhile, the mysterious Master of Masters shows up and begins purchasing stocks from a food company known for its mediocre canned soup towards unknown purposes.


  • Ōkami, the game’s protagonist and anti-hero, a respected day trader who unknowingly moonlights as an assassin, taking out various targets and marks in order to manipulate the stock market for his clients. He is voiced by Tadanobu Asaso in both English and Japanese.
  • Koinu, Ōkami’s toddler son. He is being trained in the art of stock market trading at a young age, however his father wants him to know nothing of his other, more violent life.
  • Magnus Olafssen, the squeaky-voiced CEO of the Black Mages Corporation and main villain. A greedy business man who wants to orchestrate a stock market crash for his own benefit. Voiced by Alex Fernandez in English and Shigeru Chiba in Japanese.
  • Cosmo Powers, Okami’s best friend and a food-truck owner.
  • Sam Morgan, the star yuppie of Clover United. He is in his 20’s but curiously sounds and talks like an old man. Voiced by Martin Sheen in English and Binbin Takaoka in Japanese.
  • Mark P. Rico, the star yuppie representing Moody National. He is a mute and has no voice actors.
  • Pimp’d Full ‘O Led, a mysterious overweight street hustler.
  • The Master of Masters, a figure cloaked in black. He goes by the alias “Chippy Chalmers.” He has made investments in a company called Cent General, known for its crappy canned soup. Voiced by Ray Chase in English and Tomokazu Sugita in Japanese.
  • Yozora, a broody and moody teenager shrouded in mystery. He is out on a crusade to “save” Koinu and repeatedly attempts to kill the child. Voiced by Dylan Sprouse in English and Tasuku Hatakana in Japanese.


The game is described as a “unique combination of action-stealth gameplay blended with a financing simulator.” It features the series’ first open-world setting, with New Shark City as its only playable world. The game features a live weather and day-night cycle.

During the day, the game plays primarily as a financing-simulator. Ōkami must traverse the lively city and interact with locals in order to improve his trading prospects and negotiation skills. It includes many mini-games, such as filing paperwork, signature-forging and learning various complicated and convoluted finance jargon against unsuspecting punk fools.

At nighttime, the game turns into a stealth-action experience. Players will hop and jump across rooftops, taking on various assassination and theft jobs from clients. By using various stealth techniques and disguises, players will be able to assassinate their targets instantly without causing a scene. If a fight breaks out, the game switches to more Kingdom Hearts-traditional combat, featuring a shuriken-stylized command menu.

Randomly at times, the player will be attacked by IRS Agents during the daytime. If the player is unable to sign and file their paperwork correctly, they will engage the agents in combat.


The game was first hinted in Kingdom Hearts III via various posters and adverts in the Toy Box world. It was officially announced on April 1st 2020, to no one’s surprise. The action-oriented gameplay is being developed by the original Osaka studio while the financing-simulator gameplay is being handled by Quantic Dream.

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