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More Renamed Pictures[edit]

  • Cid2-ChOfMem.png (see Cid (2) KHCOM.png)
  • Donald_Normal_Assurance.png (see Donald (Assurance) KHCOM.png)
  • Donald_Normal_Chain.png (see Donald KHCOM.png)
  • Donald_Normal_Correctionneur.png (see Donald (Content) KHCOM.png)
  • Donald_Normal_Enrage.png (see Donald (Angry) KHCOM.png)
  • Donald_Normal_Fatigue.png (see Donald (Fatigue) KHCOM.png)
  • Donald_Normal_Mefiance.png (see Donald (Defiant) KHCOM.png)
  • Donald_Normal_Surpris.png (see Donald (Surprised) KHCOM.png)
  • Donald_Normal_Triste.png (see Donald (Sad) KHCOM.png)
  • Donald_Armour_Assurance.png (see Donald Armour (Assurance) KHCOM.png)
  • Donald_Armour_Correctionneur.png (see Donald Armour (Content) KHCOM.png)
  • Donald_Armour_Enrage.png (see Donald Armour (Angry) KHCOM.png)
  • Donald_Armour_Extremement_Enrage.png (see Donald Armour (Enraged) KHCOM.png)
  • Donald_Armour_Fatigue.png (see Donald Armour (Fatigue) KHCOM.png)
  • Donald_Armour_Mefiance.png (see Donald Armour (Defiant) KHCOM.png)
  • Donald_Armour_Surpris.png (see Donald Armour (Surprised) KHCOM.png)
  • Donald_Armour_Triste.png (see Donald Armour (Sad) KHCOM.png)
  • Christoph Colere.PNG (see Marluxia (Enraged) KHCOM.png)
  • Christoph Degoute.png (see Marluxia (Disgusted) KHCOM.png)
  • Christoph Delire.PNG (see Marluxia (Content) KHCOM.png)
  • Christoph Desole.PNG (see Marluxia (Amused) KHCOM.png)
  • Christoph Ennuie.PNG (see Marluxia (Annoyed) KHCOM.png)
  • Christoph Euh.PNG (see Marluxia (Talking) KHCOM.png)
  • Christoph Parler2.PNG (see Marluxia2-ChofMem.png)
  • Marluxia-Angry.png (see Marluxia (Angry) KHCOM.png)
  • Marluxia-Angry2.png (see Marluxia (Enraged) KHCOM.png)
  • Eeyore-Sad.jpg (see Eeyore (Sad) KHCOM.png)
  • Eeyore-Normal.jpg (see Eeyore (Normal) KHCOM.png)
  • Eeyore-Merci.jpg (see Eeyore (Content) KHCOM.png)
  • DiZ2-ChofMem.png (see DiZ KHCOM.png)
  • FinkelsteinAngry ChofMem.png (see Dr. Finkelstein (Angry) KHCOM.png)

With added links per request of Sir Neumannz. I already changed all the file names on the pages linked to the old pages to the new file names, there shouldn't be any broken image links. I will have another batch (hopefully) later today! I'm back... yAgIogp.pngANX219 19:37, 14 June 2014 (UTC)

Good work! :) I have deleted the linked images. But you know, you didn't have to copy the URLs to link them. ^__^;--NinjaSheik 20:04, 14 June 2014 (UTC)