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Replaced JPG Images[edit]

  • Roxas - Deep Dive.jpg (see Another Side, Another Story 01 KH.png)
  • Ansem fin.jpg (see Return to Darkness 01 KH.png)
  • Jafar and Iago.jpg (see Agrabah 01 KH.png)
  • Image 6.jpg (see Pulse Bomb Gameplay (Ventus) 01 KHBBS.png)
  • Sora meets Ventus's heart.jpg (see Where the Heart Goes 01 KHBBS.png)
  • Ven cg.jpg (see Opening 09 KHBBS.png)
  • Bbs06.jpg (see Castle of Dreams (Aqua) (Removed) KHBBS.png)
  • Zexion Soul eater.jpg (See Zexion Battle 01 KHRECOM.png)
  • VentusRumbleRacing.jpg (see Rumble Racing 01 KH BBS.png)
  • Dr.F-ChOfMem.jpg (see Dr. Finklestein (Sprite) KHCOM.png)
  • Moggle-Stand.jpg (see Moogle KHCOM.png)
  • Namine.gif (see Namine-Normal.jpg)
  • Vengameplay.jpg (see Lucifer 01 KH BBS.png)
  • Cream Berrry Ice.png (see Royalberry KHBBS.png)
  • GenieSummonKH.jpg (see Genie (Summon) KH.png)
  • File:Mark of Mastery Exam 01 KH3D.jpg (see File:Mark of Mastery Exam 01 KH3D.png)
  • File:012.jpg (see 012.png-> NOTE: To be renamed once Kryten confirms Shard's translations)
  • File:013.jpg (see 013.png-> NOTE: To be renamed once Kryten confirms Shard's translations)
  • TAV LoD Day.jpg (see Flashback The Wooden Keyblade 01 KHBBS.png)

...More to be added as I run across them.--Xion4ever 22:28, 9 May 2012 (UTC)