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Duplicate RECO Talk Sprites[edit]

  • RECO Chip talk normal 2.png (see RECO Chip talk normal.png)
  • RECO Dale talk normal 2.png (see RECO Dale talk normal.png)
  • RECO Donald talk normal 2.png (see RECO Donald talk normal.png)
  • RECO Donald talk stunned 2.png (see RECO Donald talk stunned.png)
  • RECO Goofy talk normal 2.png (see RECO Goofy talk normal.png)
  • RECO Goofy talk stunned 2.png (see RECO Goofy talk stunned.png)
  • RECO Hooded Roxas talk normal 2.png (see RECO Hooded Roxas talk normal.png)
  • RECO Jiminy talk happy 2.png (see RECO Jiminy talk happy.png)
  • RECO Jiminy talk normal 2.png (see RECO Jiminy talk normal 2.png)
  • RECO Mickey talk angry 2.png (see RECO Mickey talk angry.png)
  • RECO Mickey talk happy 2.png (see RECO Mickey talk happy.png)
  • RECO Mickey talk normal 2.png (see RECO Mickey talk normal.png)
  • RECO Mickey talk stunned 2.png (see RECO Mickey talk stunned.png)
  • RECO Selphie talk happy 2.png (see RECO Selphie talk happy.png)
  • RECO Selphie talk normal 2.png (see RECO Selphie talk normal.png)
  • RECO Sora talk happy 2.png (see RECO Sora talk happy.png)
  • RECO Sora talk normal 2.png (see RECO Sora talk normal.png)
  • RECO Sora talk sad 2.png (see RECO Sora talk sad.png)
  • RECO Sora talk stunned 2.png (see RECO Sora talk stunned.png)
  • RECO Tidus talk happy 2.png (see RECO Tidus talk happy.png)
  • RECO Tidus talk normal 2.png (see RECO Tidus talk normal.png)
  • RECO Wakka talk happy 2.png (see RECO Wakka talk happy.png)
  • RECO Wakka talk normal 2.png (see RECO Wakka talk normal.png)

--Xion4ever 15:15, 1 July 2012 (UTC)

  • File:The Gathering 04 KHBBS.png (see File:The Gathering 04 KHII.png) - JTD95 (talk) 19:57, 11 July 2012 (UTC)