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A bot is an account that is capable of doing many edits quickly and at a large scale. Typically, a bot account is run by a particular user, who uses scripts to log-in as the bot account and perform edits.

To ease their main task of making lots of edits quickly, bot accounts have the following powers:

  • They are always treated as autoconfirmed users.
  • They can move pages without leaving redirects behind.
  • They are allowed to skip human-confirmation processes (i.e. CAPTCHAs).
  • They can use the API, and have higher rate limits than regular users do.
  • They can edit user talk pages without triggering the "You have new messages" notice, done by marking such edits as minor.

Edits made by bots are naturally invisible on Special:RecentChanges so that their stream of fast-paced edits does not drown-out other users' edits; the "Show bots" option can be used to see them, and they are always visible in page histories.

List of bots