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Autoconfirmed users are defined as users who have had an account on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki for at least three (3) days and have made at least five (5) edits. New users gain certain rights upon becoming autoconfirmed.

The rights that are gained upon being autoconfirmed are:

  • Creating non-discussion pages
  • Moving pages and files
  • Editing semi-protected pages
  • Uploading files from a URL
  • Uploading new versions of existing files

Autoconfirmed FAQ

Q. What rights do new users have?
A. New users have all the same rights as autoconfirmed users except for those listed above.
Q. What is the purpose of autoconfirmation?
A. We restrict these abilities for the purposes of security against vandalism and spam.
Q. Can users bypass the autoconfirmation process?
A. No. All users must pass both parts of the autoconfirm criteria with no exceptions.