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Ice Raid

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Ice Raid
(アイスライド Aisu Raido?, lit. "Ice Ride")
Gif of Ice Raid
Hitch a ride on Skelterwild and charge your enemies. Use Circle Pad to steer and A to breathe ice.
Attack Element Power Reaction
Status Link Gauge Use
Body Blow Attack Command Physical 1.0 2
Ice Breath Attack Command Blizzard 2.0 2 15%
Link Gauge Usage Combo Length
6.6% per second

Ice Raid is a technique in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It allows the user to ride on their Spirit's back and breathe ice.


Ice Raid is a Link Attack that drains the Link Gauge by 6.6% per second. It deals Physical damage and the direction can be controlled with Circle Pad. By pressing A, the Spirit will breathe ice, which costs 15% of the Link Gauge and deals Blizzard-elemental damage. The Spirit cannot be controlled when it breathes ice.

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