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Groundshaker (ability)

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This article is about Simba's ability.
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(アースシェイカー Āsu Sheikā?, lit. "Earth Shaker")
Attacks surrounding enemies with an earth-shaking battle cry. MP Cost: 10
Attack Element Power Drive Value Deflect Finishing
Groundshaker Magic Command Neutral x0.01
Hit 5: x5.0
AP Cost 2 MP Cost 10

Groundshaker is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. It allows the user to damage surrounding enemies with an earth-shaking battle cry.


In Kingdom Hearts II, Groundshaker is an action ability exclusive to Simba. It costs 2 AP to equip and 10 MP to use.

Learning Groundshaker[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • Simba has Groundshaker as a default ability.