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Golden Herc Figure

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Golden Herc Figure
The Golden Herc Figure sprite
"An action figure shaped like Hercules. Small enough for non-heroes to throw."
Japanese 黄金のヘラクレス人形
Rōmaji Kogane no Herakuresu Ningyō

Translation Golden Heracles Figure
Item Rank Buy Sell
Golden Herc Figure

The Golden Herc Figure is a key item that appears in Kingdom Hearts III. Five of them are scattered across Thebes in Olympus.

A child collecting hero figures appears on the plaza in the Agora, after the world is cleared. He rewards Sora with the Hero's Belt after finding and delivering all golden figures of Hercules.


  • On a bench directly opposite to the save point
  • On the shield of the giant statue
  • On a bench in a storage building
  • In one of the holes dug in the ground
  • Near the scaffolding at the back of the large temple


The Golden Herc Figure, as the name implies, is a golden statue of Hercules with his muscles flexed.

Silver and painted varieties are also part of the child's collection, alongside gold, silver, and painted statues of Philoctetes.