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Garnet Ring

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Kingdom Hearts II
Garnet Ring
Garnet Ring
"Increases strength and extremely increases maximum AP."
Japanese ガーネットリング
Rōmaji Gānetto Ringu
Strength Magic AP
+1 +0 +4
Buy Sell
Item synthesis

The Garnet Ring is an accessory found in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Garnet Ring KHII.png Garnet Ring
Requires Obtain 5 types of materials Ingredients Mythril Stone KHII.png Mythril Stone x3
Power Stone KHII.png Power Stone x1
Power Shard KHII.png Power Shard x1
Dark Shard KHII.png Dark Shard x1
Rank C
EXP 16
Diamond Ring KHII.png Diamond Ring
Requires Junior Moogle (LV3) Modifier Serenity Shard KHII.png Serenity Shard x 1


The Garnet Ring is a thick, silver ring with three, smooth, circular yellow gems set in its outer edge side-by-side the middle gem larger than the outer two. Its face is decorated by black runes on that read "Garnet".

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