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Dual-wield Roxas ability list[edit]

I think there should be a list of Support abilities that Dual-wielding Roxas (Axel boss fight) has as a playable character, maybe even give the playable DW it's own dedicated section. --Adventuretime1 (talk) 16:59, 6 December 2017 (UTC)


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Roxas is the final boss of Coded?! :O

Oh wait I take that back. Its on the Data-Roxas page. TheFifteenthMember 19:10, 27 March 2012 (UTC)


Didn't Roxas have his hood up when he fought Sora? Then why is his image with his hood down? SeanWheeler 00:11, September 13, 2010 (UTC)

As far as I know there aren't any official artwork for him wearing a hood. Besides, we all know who he is, he even took off his hood after the battle 17master 14:47, September 21, 2010 (UTC)

Roxas's attacks[edit]

Shouldn't we note his attacks? some of them includes the spinning air slash, a ground combo, an air combo (he spins in the air and strikes downwards) and teleporting behind Sora and spins both of his keyblades in front of him, hurting Sora. After about half of his life bar is gone, he'll use the same combos but with some added... "lasers" which makes it more difficult to dodge his attacks. 17master 11:51, September 21, 2010 (UTC)

Roxas Data Battle Vid[edit]

Okay maybe you guys didn't notice but the video for Roxas's Data Battle is removed. So, I propose another video: Check that out, that guy can beat all data battles and the Lingering Sentiment without taking any damage. 17master 15:10, September 21, 2010 (UTC)

Late, but done. Heartless Emblem.png You can observe a lot just by watching Heartless Emblem.png

Official Attack Names[edit]

Taken from the Final Mix+ Ultimania.

  連続振り		Renzoku Furi			Continuous Swing
   · 連続攻撃		 · Renzoku Kougeki		 · Continuous Attack
   · 直進		 · Chokushin			 · Straight Ahead
   · 衝撃波		 · Shougekiha			 · Shockwave
  旋風振り		Senpuu Furi			Whirlwind Swing
  空中回転振り		Kuuchuu Kaiten Furi 		Aerial Rotating Swing
   · 回転		 · Kaiten			 · Rotation
   · 着地時		 · Chakuchi Toki		 · Instant Landing
  キーブレード投げ		Kiibureedo Nage 		Keyblade Throw
   · 武器		 · Buki				 · Weapons
   · 闇の力		 · Yami no Chikara		 · Dark Power
   · 闇の力トドメ		 · Yami no Chikara Todome	 · Dark Power Finisher
  カウンター攻撃		Kauntaa Kougeki			Counter Attack
  デュエル攻撃		Dyueru Kougeki			Duel Attack
  奪還時攻撃		Dakkan Toki Kougeki		Instant Recapture Attack
   · ビームの柱		 · Biimu no Hashira		 · Beam Pillar
   · 武器		 · Buki				 · Weapons
  スポットビーム		Supotto Biimu			Spot Beam
  配置ビーム		Haichi Biimu 			Arranged Beam
  キーブレード解放		Kiibureedo Kaihou 		Keyblade Release

In the Ultimania, each attack and attack sequence is listed with a description and properties. It also gives a lengthy overview of his attack patterns, which change at 40% health (also at 75% health, from my own observations).

I'll include some descriptions, but these are not direct translations of the Ultimania. They're my own descriptions.

Continuous Swing
· Continuous Attack: Roxas performs a series of attacks with his Keyblades.
· Straight Ahead: Roxas hops back and performs a dashing attack.
· Shockwave: As Roxas performs the dash, it leaves a damaging shockwave in his trail.

Whirlwind Swing
· Roxas quickly swipes his Keyblades and then stalls for a moment before throwing his arms out, releasing a whirlwind
  of slashes around himself, striking multiple times.

Aerial Rotating Swing
· Rotation: When airborne, Roxas somersaults and dives while spinning his keyblades, striking multiple times.
· Instant Landing: Roxas strikes the ground as he lands.

Keyblade Throw
· Weapons: Roxas performs a double attack with his Keyblades that can launch Sora into the air.
· Dark Power: Roxas then teleports twice (five times after 40% health), throwing both Keyblades each time.
· Dark Power Finisher: Finally, Roxas performs a flurry of slashes and then release a sphere of energy around
  himself which will draw Sora in if nearby.

Duel Attack
· Roxas dashes past Sora as the game slows down, and you enter a Duel Bout. Quickly selecting "The End" when
  it appears on the command menu will allow Sora to win the duel, stealing Roxas' keyblades and entering
  Special Mode. Losing the duel will result in Roxas dealing a heavy blow to Sora.

Instant Recapture Attack
· Beam Pillar: Roxas surrounds himself and Sora with Nobody emblems that release pillars of light into the
  ground, then recaptures his Keyblades, while giving Sora a chance to perform Slide Turn.
· Weapons: If Sora fails to perform Slide Turn, Roxas performs Weapons, knocking Sora away.

Spot Beam
· Roxas creates Beam Pillars as he attacks, sending them in several different directions at high speed.

Arranged Beam
· Roxas creates a number of Beam Pillars in various patterns and launches them in many directions.

Keyblade Release
· Roxas circles himself with a rotating array of Beam Pillars and hovers in midair, releasing streams of
  light from his Keyblade, which arc over the horizon and change the scenery. Roxas then begins to spin his
  Keyblades, generating two spheres of light which release a series of fourteen homing energy spheres,
  alternating from left to right.

Battle Notes:
· Roxas has three modes of movement, the most common of which is to dash. While dashing, Roxas is enveloped in
  a lens flare effect and becomes invulnerable; if Roxas meets Sora head-on during mid-dash, there is a good
  chance that he will perform Duel Attack. Roxas' other types of movement are a quick leap, which is always
  followed with an Aerial Rotating Swing, and rarely to advance slowly for a moment. He uses these throughout
  all stages of the battle, though a great deal of his mobility simply comes from his various attacks.
· At the start of the battle, Roxas will immediately perform Whirlwind Swing. During this phase, he will use
  Continuous Swing, Whirlwind Swing, Aerial Rotating Swing, Counter Attack, and Duel Attack.
· At 75% health, Roxas will begin to also perform Keyblade Throw, Spot Beam, and Keyblade Release, and will
  stop performing Duel Attack.
· At 40% health, Roxas' attacks become faster and he begins using Duel Attack again. During Keyblade Throw,
  Dark Power will also be performed five times instead of two, followed by Dark Power Finisher.
· If Sora enters Special Mode, Roxas will only be able to attack with Arranged Beam until he performs Instant
  Recapture Attack and recovers his Keyblades.

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