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Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Battle Levels[edit]




# Item Location Notes
1 Material icon Mythril Shard Courtyard
2 Key item icon Star Recipe Courtyard
3 Tent icon AP Boost Courtyard
4 Material icon Mythril Stone Courtyard
5 Potion icon Ether[KH II]
Material icon Blazing Stone[KH II FM]
6 Potion icon Hi-Potion[KH II]
Material icon Blazing Shard[KH II FM]
7 Material icon Mythril Shard Courtyard
8 Key item icon Torn Pages Library

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

# Puzzle Piece Location Notes
1 Daylight #16 Colonnade Need LV2 High Jump, LV2 Aerial Dodge and attack.
2 Heart #2 Courtyard On top of the entrance.
3 Heart #1 Courtyard Above the bonsai of the trumpet player.
4 Duality #12 Courtyard Near the bonsai cutting of the trombone player is a tall hedge. Jump from the top of that hedge to get puzzle piece.
5 Duality #3 Gummi Hangar Above the archway. Need LV3 High Jump.


Item Location Notes
Map KHII.png Disney Castle Map Library Meet with Queen Minnie
Drive Command KHII.png Wisdom Form Hall of the Cornerstone Complete Timeless River

Bonus Levels[edit]

Objective Reward Location
Escort Minnie to the throne Sora: Accessory Slot +1, Auto Summon Audience Chamber
Defeat the Lingering Will[KH II FM] Sora: Drive Gauge +1
Donald: HP +3
Goofy: HP +4
Gathering Place