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A lot of people think Zexion is Awsume. Why is this?

Khruler - I'm going to eat u!
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Because he is!

1.Some of my favorite lines are said by him 2. his weapon 3.his name


Fluffy moogle - "Your hopes are doomed to the darkness."
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He's younger than most of the C.O team and still he goes around bossing them around!

How could he not be awesome!

Zexion's lack of being cool makes him the worst Organization member. Aside from Xion. He's such a pansy.
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Because he is adorable, has a friendship (Lexaeus), and just is.

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Not to mention he's also the brains of the organization. I bet he was a "good guy" before he became a nobody. If there will be Birth by Sleep V.-2 maybe we'll see some sort of rebellion scene when Xehanort banashes AtW/DiZ. That would only make him cooler. Unfortunately, Xehanort would win the battle because of Zexion's lack of strength. Maybe that's what BbS2 is about. Ienzo, Aqua, and Mickeys (and perhaps Riku) adventures before Kingdom Hearts. Or perhaps throughout the series.