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Ever since BBS, players have been able to fight their very own way. With the introduction of the Deck Command, people have been able to customize their arsenal of techniques to their heart's content, allowing them to fight the way they want to instead of simply mashing the X button till the enemy dies. While some use a balanced deck that covers all elements and aspects of attacking and defending, some use a theme-centered deck.

My current deck right now is a darkness based one for Terra specifically to draw out his inner dark power:

Kaihedgie 01:04, November 4, 2010 (UTC)

AROS - My friends are my power!
TALK - Okay, why not? I'll go with you guys." - 17:00
Towards the end of each of the characters' stories, I compile a deck that matches their absolute allignment or points in the story.

For example: Terra: (Before Eraqus battle)

  • [Ars Solum]
  • [Dark Firaga]
  • [Curaga]
  • [Chaos Blade]
  • [Dark Haze]
  • [Zero Graviga]/[Sacrifice] (it does activate Darkness)

(After Eraqus battle)

  • [Quake]
  • [Geo Impact]
  • [Curaga]
  • [Sacrifice] (But sparingly while as Lingering Sentiment because Terra shouldn't use Darkness at that point. Before L.S. is okay, more cinematic
  • [Meteor Crash]/[Meteor] or [Limit Storm]/[Brutal Blast] & [Aerial Slam]
  • Shotlock: [Ultima Cannon]

Ventus: (Final Battle)

  • [Salvation]
  • [Faith]
  • [Curaga]
  • [Spark Raid]/[Wind Raid]
  • [Magnet Spiral]/[Magnet]
  • [Aeroga]
  • Shotlock: [Multivortex]

Aqua: (For both Final Battles)

  • [Magic Hour]
  • [Wishing Edge]
  • [Barrier Surge]
  • [Curaga]
  • Any spells or [Time Splicer]
  • Shotlock: [Lightbloom]

Occasionally I switch one panel out for a [Megalixir], so I can use D-Links (Terra, Aqua, Ventus, and Mickey or Maleficent for Terra occasionaly). I also try to activate their best Command Styles: Dark Impulse before Terra-Xehanort/Rock Breaker durring Terra-Xehanort, Wing Blade durring Vanitas-X-Blade battle, and Ghost Drive durring both of Aqua's final battles. I really try to keep all battles cinematic.