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Is it just me or is Xemnas not that evil. Think about it, Xemnas kidnapped someone and was using Sora/Roxas/Xion to kill heartless but is that really enought to get killed for. And in Days, to me it looks like Saix is the one giving out the missions, not Xemnas.
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As seen with the Leechgrave mission and the Organization summons of Heartless, he also helped keep the Heartless plague going - he had enough slain so that he could take the hearts, but he made sure the Heartless didn't run out of hearts, too.

I always felt bad for the Nobodies and the Organization, all they were trying to do was get hearts again so they could become whole.

do the ends justify the means? and is the intent even important with Xemnas' "True goal" that no one knew of, with his desire for a heart,not out of"incompleteness" but because "Hearts are the source of all POWER"? 00:26, October 21, 2009 (UTC)

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That's kind of the mystery of it, nobodies can't be good nor evil since they lack hearts. All they know is that they want to be complete again and they'll do anything to do so. Xemnas, from what I understand, still holds the memories of his former self, and he still wants to study the heart further and he seeks control over everything believeing hearts are power. But for motive wise, sorry, to me he's a cliche, even the final battle doesn't help, it just feels empty. (Which is ironic cause all Nobodies are practically empty XD;; )