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Nobody.pngEternal Nothingness XIIINobody.png Kind of weird that we can feel anything at all. Without having hearts to feel with. — 20:48, 25 February 2019 (UTC)
Kingdom Key KHD.png What is our policy on the characters we include in these? It is incredibly inconsistent across the Wiki; some pages list only residents, while others list every character who visits. I am of the opinion that we only list the former...
TheSilentHero — 21:19, 25 February 2019 (UTC)
I think we should list all characters. Listing residents only might be the easier option for Disney worlds, but what about original ones? Do the Organization members at Castle Oblivion count as residents or visitors? And what about in KH3? What is considered their residence there? And it makes sense that when Xaldin is a major character and boss in a Disney world, he is considered one of the characters in that world. On the other hand, it seems unnecessary to put Sora, Donald, and Goofy on almost all world pages.

Nobody.pngEternal Nothingness XIIINobody.png Cast away your useless fear. Open your heart. Embrace the darkness. — 21:39, 25 February 2019 (UTC)
Skysplitter KHD.png If we must list visitors, as well, we must be sure to list them all (including Sora and company), for consistency. Some articles pick and choose which visitors to include, if any. What if we did different tabs for residents and visitors, respectively? That way, it wouldn't look like Xaldin is native to Beast's Castle, and so-on...
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Mightn't we separate these into "natives" and "visitors"/"immigrants"? And maybe we could go for a more compact arrangement, the galleries get pretty big. There's also a bit of a difference between Alice, who is from a different world than Wonderland but is fairly well settled, and Young Xehanort in Toy Box, who is just being a dick.
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I would say to start we should focus on residents, and take the perspective of what each individual would consider themselves. So for example, Sora and co. don't think of themselves as part of each world they visit, but Roxas does legitimately think he belongs in Twilight Town in KH2 and thus could be considered a resident. Same with Ansem the Wise and Namine, who live there for nearly a year.

Just my opinion though, that does require less strict guidelines and leaves more up for interpretation then the other options.

TheSilentHero — 22:50, 25 February 2019 (UTC)
If we're splitting by residents and visitors, we still have to decide what counts as resident. For example, do Leon and gang count as residents of Traverse Town? They live there for years, but their true home is Radiant Garden. Or what about Mickey in CotM? He says he's not from that world, so that would make him a visitor, but he's from the movie that the world is based on. I think it's better to not split in tabs. The characters section shouldn't be seen as people living in this world, but as people appearing in this world.

For the galleries, we could try making the images smaller.

Nobody.pngEternal Nothingness XIIINobody.png Let's see, here... "If the subject fails to respond, use aggression to liberate his true disposition"... Right. Did they ever pick the wrong guy for this one... — 23:36, 25 February 2019 (UTC)
Arpeggio KHD.png Regardless of what we decide, I only ask that it be enforced on all relevant pages, and that we stay consistent across the Wiki. Also, when making the final decision, remember we have two audiences here: people who play the games, and people who do not/are trying to get into them. It may be common knowledge that Xaldin isn't a native of Beast's Castle to us, but newcomers may see the gallery as it currently is and think, "Who is this guy, and why is he living with the Beast?" We've got some thinking to do before we move forward with an official policy, but I'm confident we will reach a verdict soon!
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Also, which images should be used? Agrabah uses the KH3 image for Pete, but uses the KHX images for Mega-Shadow and Powerwild. What's the deal here?
KrytenKoro - Click
Okay, so I'd like to advocate:
  • Characters section includes two galleries: first for natives (left unnamed), and second for visitors (labeled "Visitors"). Visitors includes both PC characters, and NPCs who are specified as not-native to that world. So, Leon would be visitor in traverse town, Alice would be visitor in Wonderland, and Boo would be visitor in Monstropolis. Not sure how Toy Box would work out. NPCs from a world are assumed to be natives unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  • Images used are to be from the latest game-release that the character appeared in that world. So, BBS Merlin would be in Radiant Garden, but KH Merlin in Traverse Town.


TheSilentHero — 16:05, 4 March 2019 (UTC)
I still think we shouldn't split between natives and visitors. It will just be easier to list all characters in the same gallery, rather than decide if they count as native or visitor. Plus, I think one single gallery looks better. I agree about using the images for the game the character appeared in.

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So, you're saying we should include sora, donald, goofy, jiminy, and org members on every world they visit?
TheSilentHero — 16:23, 4 March 2019 (UTC) KO!
Exactly. Although Jiminy is a bit of a gray area, since he isn't seen in every world.

KrytenKoro - "Space Corp Directive 195—In an emergency power situation, a hologrammatic crew member must lay down his life in order that the living crew members might survive."
 "Yes, but Rimmer Directive 271 states just as clearly: 'No chance, you metal bastard.'"

Not seen, but the journal entries would implicitly put him as a visitor, wouldn't they?

KH1 immigrants
  • Kairi: Visitor to Destiny Islands, native to Radiant Garden
  • Jiminy: Visitor to Disney Castle, native to Prankster's Paradise
  • Alice: Visitor to Wonderland
  • Simba: Visitor to Traverse Town, native to Pride Lands
  • Mushu: Visitor to Traverse Town, native to Land of Dragons
  • Bambi: Visitor to Traverse Town, native to TBD
  • Dumbo: Visitor to Traverse Town, native to TBD
  • Dalmations: Visitors to Traverse Town, native to TBD
  • Leon, Cid, Aerith, Yuffie: Visitors to Traverse Town, native to Radiant Garden
  • Merlin: calls Traverse Town home?
  • Beast: Visitor to Hollow Bastion, native to Beast's Castle
  • Cinderella: Visitor to Hollow Bastion, native to Castle of Dreams
  • Maleficent, Aurora: Visitors to Hollow Bastion, native to Enchanted Dominion
  • Snow White: Visitor to Hollow Bastion, native to Dwarf Woodlands
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Okay, so to describe what seems to be the current consensus -- we include any character that appears in a world, listed in order by natives, immigrants, visitors, and using the most recent image for the character in which they appeared there -- so xaldin would use his days render for beast's castle, while destiny islands would have xehanort from bbs in his black coat