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FinalRest - "I floop the pig!"
TALK - 09:27, 30 August 2012 (UTC)
tumblr_osh37pJ7Q21tlnss6o4_75sq.png Hello everyone! Over at the Keyhole, my lovely fellow admin LA has been working with me on a new idea for our site. We are hoping to create a special wiki magazine that showcases the many happenings of the Keyhole and the many talents of our users. However, since our two sites work as one entity, we are hoping that we could expand the magazine to include .net as well. Our plan is to have the magazine cover various aspects of Kingdom Hearts, as well as information about the goings on of the Keyhole and .net. The magazine will be created by users of both sites and overseen by LA and I. However, before we go ahead with any of our plans, we want to know the .net community's thoughts on this idea. How would you guys feel about becoming involved in this project? Do you want to be involved in this magazine at all? Would anyone be willing to help out?

I also want to let it be known that the magazine has already been set out, and is definitely going ahead regardless of whether it is a collaborative effort between our two sites or not. I say this because I don't want any "You should work on other things" or "It sounds dumb" comments. After a consensus on this idea has been reached in this forum, LA and I will open up another forum to start gathering volunteers and planning articles etc. But of course, before we do that, we want to see if .net wants to be involved in our exciting project!

So, to summarise, would your community like to be involved in our up and coming wiki magazine? We would really love the magazine to showcase everything there is about both of our sites, so we hope you are open to the idea! We're looking forward to the response! tumblr_osh37pJ7Q21tlnss6o4_75sq.png

LightRoxas - "It was the sound of books... pages being turned. So, that's just what I was doing, just reading, uh... books. So not a moron."
TALK - "Apparently when you scream at a marshmallow, all you get is a scared marshmallow."
Sounds like a great idea, and should be very helpful in differentiating the Keyhole as a fansite rather than a standard encyclopedia. Also, I really think .net should participate, as it would really help us be a part of that community, and we promised we'd help with the fansite transition - a promise we haven't really held up. Additionally, it would likely lead to more traffic to .net. So it seems like a win-win situation.

Heck, we have the reviews we did on KH3D and Kryten's write-up on the launch event. Obviously, those writings are property of their respective authors, but I think those types of things would be perfect for a magazine. At the very least, you have permission to use my review.

KrytenKoro - "Because I knew something he didn't. I knew that I was lying. Seriously, sir. 'No silicon heaven'? Where would all of the calculators go?"
I would appreciate some kind of section that updated people on the Projects or other initiatives, but yeah, this sounds fine. I'm not going to be able to help in any manner, though, I'm insanely busy.

FinalRest - Clap your hands if you believe.
TALK - 00:34, 31 August 2012 (UTC)
tumblr_osh33wBPHU1tlnss6o2_75sq.png Yep Kryten, we definitely want focus to be on encouraging work among the users, as well as including fun articles. So far we have plans for one page dedicated to updating everyone about the current events of the Keyhole, and another page that does the same for .net. We also have an idea for some smaller to do lists that'll hopefully encourage more work as well. :) tumblr_osh33wBPHU1tlnss6o3_75sq.png

FinalRest - Is a guinea pig bad? Do you consider a guinea pig the representation of all that is evil?
TALK - Maybe... if it's an evil guinea pig. – 01:53, 30 September 2012 (UTC)
Hello again everyone! LA and I have finished setting up the basic plan for the magazine and now we have opened up a forum for volunteers to sign up, as well as add some suggestions for the magazine pages. Please take a look at the forum and add in as much input as you can. There are lots of volunteer spaces available, so please sign up for as much or as little as you think you can handle. We think this magazine could be something really fantastic if we can pull it off, but if we don't have enough volunteer support, we'll have to throw this plan in the bin. :( Anyway, we'd like as much input as possible, so if this idea interests you in even the slightest, please check it out!