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Just wanted to know what people are thinking about the US superboss. I'm thinking it's Sora so you can play the other side of the Lingering Sentiment vs Sora fight. 15:30, June 3, 2010 (UTC)

Check the BBS page, it says that there will be a US-exclusive superboss. Like Sephiroth in the US release of Kingdom Hearts.

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Interdiction KHD.png That's actually a pretty interesting idea, I never thought of it being Sora. Various ideas fly through my head, like it being Aqua's armor, one of Ansem's other apprentices, etc. What I hope it is is another Final Fantasy villain, or even another FF protagonist, we just need moar Final Fantasy in KH! What I hope it isn't is some generic "super Unversed" or Heartles like the Phantom and Kurt Zisa.

I can't wait until Sept 7 so I can get the damn game and find out for myself(but by the time I get to that point, a bet there will be a page for it on here)

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Just letting you know that the person who started this thread and the non-template replies were from me, I just made an account.